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  1. I can already tell that I'm going to get tired of people telling me the bugs and glitches with the frame are intended features.
  2. Nova is a fairly build limiting frame for a number of reasons, mostly due to her 1st and her 4th abilities. Her first ability scales off of power duration. You need capped power duration in order to get the most orbs in order to get 90% damage reduction. Having high range makes maintaining them incredibly hard as well. Her fourth ability also scales really well with duration, having longer uptime and considerably wider range as a result. Finally, her nuking capabilities are severely limited. Her second ability does not scale off of range and has limited scaling on power strength, although it can still kill decent level targets. Her fourth just barely does any damage, even struggling to kill the tougher enemies in the star chart. As a result, Nova builds always get clogged up with every conceivable duration mod and have only one or two slots to fit in survivability, utility, and the strength desired for her 4th. Even if you did have more mod slots, her abilities have rather rigid restrictions and poor capability outside of their main functions. Nova is a great frame, but we're all playing her the same.
  3. I would say your luck is pretty average, she's just not that hard to get.
  4. High level corpus units hit like a truck. Going on against them without any kind of damage reduction, cc, or stealth is bound to be rough. I don't think any one mod is really going to change that, but I would probably go with Adaptation for your build. You really need to think about what you want to get out of Volt and work around that. If all you want is a speed boost, perhaps you'd be better suited with Gauss or Wisp who have far greater survivability along with it.
  5. People around here are really waiting to fill up their cups with tears so they can drink it like some kind of Disney Villain.
  6. We should have a wider range of detection and remove the ability to use Magus Lockdown to freeze the Demolysts. That is all.
  7. I guess 4-8 hit and then wait for the slash procs killer didn't sound as cool.
  8. This is a good statement. Generally enemies in Warframe are extremely easy to kill, therefore weapons that hit a large area will still kill enemies in one hit even if they deal less damage overall. Most people would rather shoot once and kill 5 enemies than shoot five times for the same result.
  9. If you look at the patch history for a specific weapon you can tell what's been changed, and Dread has only gotten stronger. Bows are somewhat a relic of the past; charging and shooting enemies one by one applying just one status effect is bound to feel horrible.
  10. Something that you should dispel is the notion that weapons are equal at base. Weapons have wildly inconsistent power levels with some struggling to kill at all, and some killing enemies in drones. What makes a weapon good is generally a combination an amalgamation of stats, but it can be simplified into DPS and status application. DPS is Rate of fire/attack speed * base damage * (critical chance * critical damage + non-critical chance) Status application is Rate of fire/attack speed * status chance Weapons that are high in these two categories are good. Weapons that have that and AoE, innate slash, or ease of use are meta. Also note that melee weaponry is considerable stronger than ranged weaponry.
  11. I think most people would agree that Baruuk's restraint is frustrating and counter-intuitive. Often times it's impossible to get restraint down at all because your squad is killing enemies too quickly. It also becomes immediately apparent that when you can't use Serene Storm, all of Baruuk's other abilities are purely defensive. So yeah, his restraint system could definitely use some work. I get that it's supposed to enforce his reluctant warrior theme, but desperately spamming Lull isn't particularly thematic or interesting either.
  12. The damage stacking from AoE procs like gas/lightning can indeed get pretty insane with concentration abilities that Nidus/Mag/Vauban possess. The main reason you don't really see people talking about it is because those abilities are so powerful for killing even without assistance from AoE procs. It's a lot of fun though, so give it a try.
  13. It stands for Valid. His rapper name is Valid Alad, and he's a big fan of DJ Khaled. His most popular song is a ballad about salad, and it made him so popular he became valedictorian.
  14. I think the next problem that needs to be addressed is definitely Diwata. It's not just bad, it's insultingly bad. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say it's the worst weapon in the game.
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