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  1. Added critical chance on slide attack used to be additive, so 10% critical became 100% with +90%. Now it's multiplicative, so its 10% * 1.9, or 19% critical chance. It's the same for rivens and maiming strike. In addition, Blood Rush used to apply to the entire critical amount, so that 100% would add 165% critical chance per combo multiplier on top of that. In effect, you could get well over 500% critical chance on a slide attack with a weapon with 0% base critical chance.
  2. Agreed, I put 55% sprint speed on her and it feels like what should be the standard movement speed. Her base speed is a total slog.
  3. Don't forget Drakgoon Prime and Drakgoon Vandal. Soon even the Eidolons will be using these babies.
  4. Agreed. I really like the Requiem System for mods, and I can deal with the RNG for figuring out which mods and order they go in. What bothers me is the run-on duplicates and random bonus damage, which are based on nothing so the player has no choice but to grind and pray.
  5. That's an even worse decision, because it opens the door for scammers who abuse player's trust.
  6. This is the real answer. They make the system grindy so you have to spend more time farming it, and more game time means more sales in plat.
  7. Ah my mistake, the guide isn't fine then.
  8. From this last update in particular: Grendel is really fun to play and unique Liches have really interesting quotes and personalities The new Titania deluxe skin is phenomenal
  9. The guide is fine, but it doesn't change the validity of my statement.
  10. Use Miter with Neutralizing Justice to pop them fast.
  11. I'm hoping for the Miter as well. Hopefully something that makes its firing mechanism easier for charge shots.
  12. Blood Rush gives +660% critical chance, and Weeping Wounds gives +440% status chance at 12x. I wouldn't say that's nothing.
  13. I used to use it on Ivara with covert lethality, it was perfect because the dagger had a lot of open slots and it gauranteed kills for basically no energy. That build is about as good as you might expect now. As for the new Dispatch Overdrive, I think it's pretty terrible. Having to give up your entire combo counter is incredibly build limiting.
  14. They need to look at shields in general if Mag is ever going to be any good. As it stands Magnetize is her only good ability, and Polarize is only good with its augment. If shields were actually any kind of defense, she would be great.
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