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  1. Datam4ss

    Energy Siphon Aura - Did it get nerfed? Please buff it!

    should be increased to like ... 1.8/S. or maybe changed to a % like 0.6% of max energy/S I dunno man.
  2. Datam4ss

    Mesa's Butt Is Broken :(

    Get her prime. They are working on the prime's butt more than the normal.
  3. I would take a loli frame over Brawn Hildrenn We already have Nova anyway
  4. Datam4ss

    Nyx rework 1.5 (More to Psychic themed)

    Somehow, I like this idea.
  5. Datam4ss

    Does -75% really exist?

    I got it 3 times ... in three years. It's completely random and super rare. There is no specific way to trigger it other than fake your IP to certain regions in the world that are facing poverty, which can get you banned.
  6. I guess DE just had to pull the Russian Muscle Woman and Big Chungus tropes into one.
  7. I somehow have to disagree when I see this, but again, that is my opinion as well. Ya know, something along the lines you are presenting would still be better.
  8. Nova? Or Razorwing Titania? Very true for the second half. Social Justice is quite the destructive force and generally does not lead to favourable outcomes in games due to the constraints it tries to place on artistic license. Quite a number of games were destroyed by such. That being said, a female Rhino caters to a certain population which does not include me. I would personally be a naysayer and just pick the frame up for mastery then never use it again. Everything has its likers and detractors. Actually it's not gone yet. The only pressing thing is that people think Hildrenn is Overwatch Zarya, not some embodiment of body positivity. As much as social justice movements are becoming a joke, it is still a very real problem. I would hope DE avoids flirting that line until it really dies down for good.
  9. Can't be, primed frames are not really worked on since all they do is make a new model and just copy everything else over. Chances are they will indeed release a new frame, or change the gender of the frame halfway through development. Ember was originally supposed to be male and Ash originally female, so yeah, it happens.
  10. Datam4ss

    Always see **** when other players typing chinese

    Nikana Prime? I don't know what is "Retsuzu ... " Tiberon Prime? Google translate gives "Accentile" when I doubled checked, but I know ofc this is wrong as there is no "Accentile Prime". It is "A Ku Shi Re To" which is a really bad transliteration of "Asktilleto" Soma Prime? "Beiteisu Prime". I assume it is "Vectis Prime" from the similarity but I really don't see the similarity Orokin Catalyst Orokin Reactor Forma. Although I thought it would be "フォルマ" ??? (Even with google translate I have no idea what this is) Prisma Skana Baro Ki Teer, Teshin Frost Prime Mag Prime Loli Prime Butt Prime Mirage Prime Limbo Prime Trinity Prime ... although I needed Translate for this to make sense. Dread, Despair, Hate, War, Stalker Hunter Munition, Argon Scope, Serration (isn't セレシオン enough?), Split Chamber Point Strike, Vital Sense, Vigilante Armaments, Hammer Shot (Isn't ハマーショト enough?) I mean my katakana reading is not that good due to not actually having formal lessons and I actually know the words more by sound and hearing, so I did have to hit up translate for some that really didn't make any sense to me. Thing is, as you would have seen, the translation is not really that good anyway so it would be better to just write everything in English. While there are some things that are easy, some things don't make sense. Japanese has no "L" sound. Also it is written in syllables not letters. Chinese has no "V". It is written in words not letters. English does not have the "u" with two dots on it I actually get it why they don't allow other languages now.
  11. Datam4ss

    Whats with all the Atlas users in Arbrittation Alerts

    Atlas excels at one thing which is not dying, mainly due to Landslide's low cost and invulnerability time. The fact he has good amount of CC through his 3, very high armor that can easily exceed 3000 (90% DR), ability to self heal through rubble (which makes rage viable), works well with all three umbral mods (due to naturally high armor, benefiting a lot from strength and health and most people already going with Steel Charge) and mook generation to distract enemies means he won't die. When you have only one revive and can't be certain of a phoenix Oberon picking you up, he comes of as a pretty good choice.
  12. Datam4ss

    Soul punch idea

    Mag's pull originally exploited level geometry to instantly delete whole chunks of enemies precisely by pulling them into geometry. You can ask very long time players of the game if this is true or not. What you are suggesting is that it be allowed for Nekros. Of course, I would not complain but a large proportion would.
  13. Datam4ss

    What's the strongest melee?

    Free Viral that complements the slash proc extravaganza from Vulpine Mask nicely. This means you can put in range without worrying about elementals
  14. Datam4ss

    Soul punch idea

    So, why are you on a soul punch thread? Go make a thread about Mag's pull wiping maps instead if you think exploits is the way to go. I mean, it's reasonable, no?
  15. Datam4ss

    Soul punch idea

    It should just one shot the main target at all levels. Killing one guy in a horde shooter still isn't very useful and you cannot use it on bosses anyway. Plus there is no need to CC that one guy if he is dead. Thematically, if the soul is punched out, something should be like ... dead.