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  1. To be fair, Oberon's heal is better for high health low armor frames (like Zephyr), because it adds what they lack. It's also a lot lazier to use. Wisp's buff is more useful for anyone with Inordinate armor who would suffer diminishing return from Oberon, for example Valkyr, Chroma or Atlas.
  2. Just Plat Wisp. She is worth every plat. Anyway, not having the Nitain required is a bit ridiculous when you could have got huge stocks of it from nightwave. i have nearly 200 sitting around so ...
  3. How to get Wisp alt helm for in game creds without Nightwave?
  4. you need to activate the energy surge thing to explode it. But dang, this fight is so unintuitive I only understood it on my second run. Also, it sometimes just bugs out and refuses to use the burning laser, so you cannot charge the capacitor.
  5. Looks like there won't be getting 3 mods from the Silver Grove anymore. Kinda sucks.
  6. Not gonna wait 4 days to get Wisp and her big butt because I don't believe in rushing for plat. Basically the same for every new frame that appears because I can get the plat to buy them. If the frame is too ugly, then maybe I will consider farming it over time and treating it as MR fodder. Another one is if I am too lazy to farm. Like for Harrow, I hated defection so much, I wasn't gonna waste time on getting this ... thing.
  7. I only discovered it at MR 26 so ...
  8. Pls have you seen how the Edo Armor (not prime) goes on her? Anyway, more points: Her 2 can bypass a lot of things, so yes, this ability is very good. Yeah, the gripe about her 4's scaling being too slow, I think it should scale up faster/proc at a higher rate (If anything, decrease the damage to 1/10th the original and make it tick 10 times faster). And yes, please fix the color correction.
  9. The solution is not to buff the extra capacity the mods give, but the mods themselves. CP counters a fundamental flaw in the game, which is enemy armor scaling (TBH, health should be the only thing that scales, armor should not scale, or scale up to a much earlier hard cap). Before you say "but Infested and Corpus have no armor" ... Bursas and Oxium Ospreys are the most important things to kill, just saying. The infested ... they can get augmented armor on Sortie. Nothing else really counters such a flaw. If Energy Siphon allowed you to say, regenerate 3 energy/s, would you take it over CP? If Rejuvenation gave you 15hp/s, would you take it over CP? I really doubt it unless the frame has a spammable armor strip. 5x the values for these second tier auras may not make them attractive enough. The only way to say, make people use more auras, is to really give everything else that is not CP a large and hard buff.
  10. Pretty decent, esp the Chest Piece for almost every male frame. The shoulders work pretty good on a lot of things too. The legs are a bit trashy for most frames, though. Also, the chest plate kind of sucks on female frames (Hildryn not included. It needs the chest plate because the only thing worse than a flat chest is sag and synthol in one package) ... but then again, which chest plate does not.
  11. Ok, after playing her a bit more, I can say: 1. Reservoirs are bae AF. They can let you camp, or you can drop em when you need em. The health buff is quite good because it also regenerates HP. Coupled with Adaptation and Arcane Guardian, I never really found myself in trouble even without support from Magus Repair. The Shock reservoir is lol AF but the Speed Reservoir is also good. 2. Wisp's 2 seems more as a mobility tool that needs some preplanning or a panic invincibility. Since I never got into a life threatening situation thanks to the health reservoir and Adaptation, I have not used it as a panic button. 3. Breach Surge does blind enemies and is some minor CC. Haven't tried if it opens to finishers, though. 4. Wisp's 4 is just good. It comes full circle and turns her into the infested Warframe version of Anime Waifu. So, it gets a pass, especially because with the motes flying around the portal and the way the whole thing shoots. I know that. But QoL is QoL, even if it looks silly. Being able to jump and bullet jump would make navigation a lot easier. Have you tried holding down the left click when the Sol Gate is open and with all 3 motes? Just curious because like Revenant, Wisp CAN overcharge the beam for more DPS and higher consumption. Then again, I won't ever say no to more damage. Anyway, one gripe I do have: DE can you not burn my eyeballs? Thanks to those 2 guys for putting up with my nonsense, Kudos to them. When I get a double XP day and put in the next two Formas expect me to have a new opinion.
  12. Catchmoon with Riven, Sniper Rifles, Opticor (not Vandal) If it works on Eidolons, it works on the Demolysts.
  13. Can we be allowed to jump when the Sol Gate is open? It's quite annoying that you are stuck unable to jump when that is active while Chroma can jump when spewing Spectral Scream. I can understand being unable to jump with Revenant but FFS Sol Gate is essentially a gun you can't stop firing, not a disco laser. That being said, Reservoirs is much better than I thought it would be. Not my favourite ability, but it works well enough. Wisp's laser works fine. I wonder what the Revenant style overcharge does, I didn't notice anyone dying faster when using it. Have not needed to use the teleport when levelling Wisp, but I should try it in spy. Dunno what her 3 really does though. The effect seems so minor.
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