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  1. I talked a friend in to getting in to Warframe at the beginning of this. I told him to at least set up an account, link it, and keep a stream going because he could get Nidus, and that would be a great frame for him to get started with. I just called and apologized to him, and explained that twitch drops have always been better from DE. The funniest thing is that the credits weren't even enough to excite a brand new player.
  2. So any time spent playing the game, or watching streams during this event, is wasted? If you want anything in the game, you could farm it, or just get a second job and buy it. Ninjas play free.
  3. Says the carnival worker as he hands you your plastic whistle from under the counter.
  4. First, that was a completely legitimate post by Arekin. This campaign was bait. I'm sure the Marketing department would have another word for it, but they put it out there to draw people, so it was bait. To Arekin's second point, they have not commented on a 32 page thread. If you are going to disagree with someone, at least disagree with them. Your comment doesn't even speak to anything from the comment that you quoted. As to your question, yes. We are paying to "receive" drops. Those of us not using internet service and power provided by our parents are in fact paying something. I don't understand how it is relevant, but there is some non-zero cost. People are unhappy with this campaign. A lot of people are getting few or no drops. Granted, the announcement says "a chance," but that's just CYA. This system has always been unreliable, so they were smart enough to know better than to promise anything. A lot of us who are getting drops reliably are unhappy with the drop table. If you are happy with it, that's great, but you can't dismiss the vast majority (and we are the vast majority) who are disappointed with them. Looking at the infographic from the release, you see that the most prominent items are the frames. Argue, if you wish, that they are most prominent because they are the "best," but don't ignore that they are placed there to draw people to the event. Given that they are the "bait," it isn't unfounded that people are expecting them to drop with some regularity. I have had a partner stream up nearly the entire time that the event has been going, and I have noticed 3 people announcing that they got a frame drop, and 1 person with a riven. Given the number of complaints about no drops and disappointing drop tables, it is unlike DE to completely ignore this thread.
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