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  1. True, but for the future don't ever buy into the hype until its been delivered, you've experienced it, and you yourself enjoy it. They love to hype things up then they turn out very underwhelming or changed at last minute. I commented a few days ago before this gets launched, as a player and im sure there are many like me but: I feel like there's no point trying to point things out anymore that can be done better, try to give feedback in the most respectful way i can even though these decisions make my gut wrench. Just like my last post said.. So many missed opportunities in this game and n
  2. I'm sorry... but you had the perfect opportunity to get more playtime out of your player base and not only did you bury the disgrace of what it means to be a high MR deeper than what it is, you also called MR 8 "Very Experienced". Are You scared to lock anything higher than MR 16? (current cap for rivens there's still no reason to go above mr 16.) completely missed opportunity. Sure this makes newer players miss out, but do you know whats healthy for a game? Grind, Dedication. Wanting to Achieve and earn. Other than flexing rights theres no reason to push 20+ MR why not make things higher M
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