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  1. Not sure if this is the place to post this but there appears to be a texture issue associated with the right shoulder of the Aseron Sekhara emblem i was rewarded with way back when completing Nightmare Mode Liberation of retribution. Any chance at this being fixed? been an issue for months now surprised nobody else mentioned anything.Recording was taken from my stream. https://i.imgur.com/5KKFqtr.mp4
  2. no lights on the door. its a dead end door and the siphons behind it. look closely.
  3. Can you fix kuva siphon spawns behind locked doors?
  4. Hello everyone! Cephalon Army is looking for active, friendly members to join our clan. Are you a casual, tryhard, new, or veteran player? No matter the case our clan holds the door open and welcomes you! We have a fully set up discord which offers a place to make friends and chat outside of the game, Provides a chance to win plat giveaways hosted in discord only, and gives access to our huge alliance discord! Clan History: I created this clan months ago as a close knit friend community that wasn't meant to go past ghost. After some reconsideration I've opened the clan up to try and bring together great players of the community. Clan Goals: The goal of Cephalon Army is to give players a shelter away from the toxicity that currently exists within the game by: Forming lasting bonds and friendships with other positive players. Help people enjoy the game more by hosting events and providing a place they can group with others they enjoy playing with. Providing plat giveaways and ranking systems in place for their efforts to make them feel appreciated. Enforcing Strict zero tolerance bullying/harassment rules both ingame clan chat and in discord. Recruiting quality non toxic players. Housing fellow veteran/new and casual/Tryhard players. Hosting our own events to help get players through any content droughts. Reach a peak of 100 members (storm clan) no more than that. Clan Rules: Our clan doesn't have many, but a few set in place both in discord and in game.The in game rules include: No racism,sexism,political, or NSFW talk. if you choose to discuss that keep it to private messages. No toxicity between clan or alliance members. any drama between you and someone else needs to be kept out of chat. No begging clan members for items or plat. No real-life trading for items or plat ($$ --> plat). Alliance in game chat must comply with their rules. Discord Rules: Some are the same as ingame: Clan Alliance: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/1961-moonlapse-alliance/ On a final note to join the clan: Comment on this forum and include the following, I will invite within 24 hrs: Ingame name: How often you play: Thank you Tenno and stay safe out there!
  5. Thank you DE for listening to your playerbase about the Nyx and Rhino Prime vault. We never forget that you guys are always working hard "behind the scenes" and that it's hard to tend to everyone's problems within the game. The vacation for many of you was probably deffinately needed and I just want to say thank you for trying to push out frequent hotfixes to keep this game going. Not everything is perfect people need to understand that. But at the same time maybe it wouldn't hurt to take some time out of the year to fix current content within the game and make it more enjoyable instead of pushing new content and frames all the time. I understand some feel we went through a drought, which is fair. But to spend maybe 1-2 months fixing current issues in the game as it stands to make it a better experience I would be all for it. Much love!
  6. Am I the only one who feels like Gauss is a recycled Volt? Speed oriented, passive that charges while moving, Absorb ability. the AOE pictured looks pretty small too even with a 280% range build its probably going to fall short. Happy for the other new content though, thank you for the hard work DE. Edit: also freeze sounds good on paper but frozen enemies are immune to status, and fires a mediocre crowd control unless fighting fully stripped targets.
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