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  1. I agree a minority would be thankful, but that's where one of the big problem lies: They listen to the majority that sits there crying about fashionframe and other non core game mechanics, and like a retired warframe youtuber said (which sticks in my mind..) "warframe is like dressing up in your best clothes, with nowhere exciting to go". Believe me I love looking good going into battle, but fashion frame is NOT content, which many players get confused. Not trying to get off topic here but this game would be much better if we were given a set of like 5 choices for the developers to focus their resources on and just have a massive player poll. No idea at this point but I got alot of love for this game still and something needs to happen because despite all the updates comming out it still feels stale. P.S - I'm a completionist so I've done like everything this game has to offer but the matter of fact is its just rinse and repeat missions 24/7.
  2. Also for clarification, I am NOT against PvP.. I'm currently the highest rank and enjoy it from time to time but sitting in que for 30 mins to an hour tell me the game modes pretty much dead unfortunately.. I just think railjack distracts from the game itself, I enjoy bullet jumping, parkouring, shooting things mid air and playing super fast paced, rather than playing space battle flying around in a sluggish ship. If thats the game play I wanted I would have gone and played a different game. Maybe I'm a bit salty about the update? most likely. But everyones entitled to their opinion and I stand by mine. If they were going to do anything they should fix conclave and make it more enjoyable.
  3. You literally just made the same topic yesterday and by looks of it the feedback wasn't the best https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1167893-railjack-pvp/ so can we move on from this horrible idea since archwing & railjack itself was a waste of human resources and manpower because i would never touch it other than the fact that a quest and weapon are now locked behind the final zone. AND if I wanted to play PvP I would continue playing conclave? Edit: Also by the end of the conversation you seem to have gotten toxic and disrespectful to the people in the forums when given said feedback. im surprised the topic hasn't been archived.
  4. Yep still no fix for it the shoulder is missing a texture, hopefully they see this sooner or later.
  5. Not sure if this is the place to post this but there appears to be a texture issue associated with the right shoulder of the Aseron Sekhara emblem i was rewarded with way back when completing Nightmare Mode Liberation of retribution. Any chance at this being fixed? been an issue for months now surprised nobody else mentioned anything.Recording was taken from my stream. https://i.imgur.com/5KKFqtr.mp4
  6. Hello everyone! Cephalon Army is looking for active, friendly members to join our clan. Are you a casual, tryhard, new, or veteran player? No matter the case our clan holds the door open and welcomes you! We have a fully set up discord which offers a place to make friends and chat outside of the game, Provides a chance to win plat giveaways hosted in discord only, and gives access to our huge alliance discord! Clan History: I created this clan months ago as a close knit friend community that wasn't meant to go past ghost. After some reconsideration I've opened the clan up to try and bring together great players of the community. Clan Goals: The goal of Cephalon Army is to give players a shelter away from the toxicity that currently exists within the game by: Forming lasting bonds and friendships with other positive players. Help people enjoy the game more by hosting events and providing a place they can group with others they enjoy playing with. Providing plat giveaways and ranking systems in place for their efforts to make them feel appreciated. Enforcing Strict zero tolerance bullying/harassment rules both ingame clan chat and in discord. Recruiting quality non toxic players. Housing fellow veteran/new and casual/Tryhard players. Hosting our own events to help get players through any content droughts. Reach a peak of 100 members (storm clan) no more than that. Clan Rules: Our clan doesn't have many, but a few set in place both in discord and in game.The in game rules include: No racism,sexism,political, or NSFW talk. if you choose to discuss that keep it to private messages. No toxicity between clan or alliance members. any drama between you and someone else needs to be kept out of chat. No begging clan members for items or plat. No real-life trading for items or plat ($$ --> plat). Alliance in game chat must comply with their rules. Discord Rules: Some are the same as ingame: Clan Alliance: https://forums.warframe.com/clubs/1961-moonlapse-alliance/ On a final note to join the clan: Comment on this forum and include the following, I will invite within 24 hrs: Ingame name: How often you play: Thank you Tenno and stay safe out there!
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