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  1. Uhhh what happens if we purchased it while it was available? 🤣
  2. I'm loving the new acts. But the one about transmuting 12 mods is kind of meh; would be great if the transmutation system were fixed to be a bit more consistent, less random, more useful (but that's a theme for another post); besides we're talking about an act that relies on the player spending credits, 12k to 36k each transmutation, and I can remember vividly how I struggled to get credits when I was MR 5 or so, when I needed huge quantities of money to rank up oh so many mods, build potatoes, buy blueprints and craft gear. And BOI that I cried every time I had to spend 50k credits (worth of an entire day of grind, sometimes) on a single mod rank, or a weapon or whatever. Yes, now I laugh because if I need money I just go to the Index, but I'm thinking from the perspective of a low MR player: this "challenge" hurts on the wallet and may be not worth it. Regarding the Nightwave Creds, in my humble opinion having reached rank 39 in Series 1, these are my insights: one healthier way to reward Nightwave currency could be rewarding a minimal amount of Creds for each certain quantity of standing earned (???); another one, less weird, is giving a consistent amount of creds on each NW rank, along with the "normal" reward (could be overriden by a big Creds reward on a specific rank and no one would be mad); after rank 30, the reward should be a biiit more generous this time; because if I struggled to reach the top, destroying my social life in the process, 15 Creds is a punch in the snout; is 5 ranks to get one darned potato; 2 ranks to get anything except Nitain; bruh; next time, it would be nice if you left Nora's "store" open and the Creds available until the next Series arrives, and then make them disappear; ????? Grofit. Maybe you thought something like that, maybe not, or maybe something even better; I don't know. I'm just throwing ideas like pancakes at the ceiling 😛 Anyway, I like the changes and I'm eagerly waiting for the upcoming update ❤️ Thanks a lot for your hard work. ------------- UNRELATED: Please do something with The Sergeant, he's WAY TOO IRRELEVANT :c
  3. And what happens if I pick up a resurgence burden by accident when I don't want (or the dead squadmate doesn't want) to do the revival? That is the only thing that slightly bothers me. That aside, looks nice. Good job.
  4. Thank you for the fixes. On a relevant note, mi horrendous abomination of a Mantis landing craft with the Scimitar skin is still intact. I don't want to attemp changing its skin out of fear of losing that glistening magnificence.
  5. Nooooo, mah hart XD Well, it was fun while it lasted. This will remain as the most hilarious bug I'd experienced first hand ♥
  6. Seriously. I have a lot of basic achievements that I unlocked ingame long before they were added to Steam. The only solution I know, not counting the use of a third party program like Achievement Manager, is creating a new account and grind my way through those achievements. AGAIN. Alchemist, Control Freak, Dark Sectors, Egg Timer, Hats Off To You, Into The Void, Mercenary, No Witnesses, Polarize This, Polarize That... No, thank you. An option to synchronize ingame achievements with Steam achievements would be the best thing ever. Or some automatic script that runs every so often that checks the achievements on both sides to ensure synchronization.
  7. This change makes no sense, at all. With due respect, it is just dumb. To put one animal to sleep with my Equinox I have to get pretty close, risking the animal to discover me and run. It's literally easier to shoot them with the tranq at a distance. Why am I getting a lower reward for a higher risk tactic? The logical "change" should be that a sleep ability counts as a dart; perfect catch if the animal never saw it coming, good if you caught it off guard, bad if you scared it before casting the ability. THAT makes some sort of sense. Besides, a sleep technique doesn't harm the animal in any sort of way. The dart is a needle that pierces its soft tissue, and if we see it from a realistic angle, you can really hurt an animal with a tranq dart if you are not careful. Considering this, what is the safest way to capture a beast? The magic sleeping dust that do no harm, of course. We shouldn't be punished for using the safest way :/
  8. Thanks for your hard work, guys ❤️
  9. I don't know what to think about this particular change. I really liked the challenge of having five excavators when playing with a full squad. Anyways, good patch, good work ❤️ Keep 'em coming.
  10. yES. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE. Let's see... Aye, tested. Everything is ok. Thanks a lot, devs ❤️
  11. I totally sevond this. But I think the problem is not merely their visibility, but more the fact that the track "clips" through the floor sometimes, more commonly through the snow. That's why I always end up finding the calling spot by mere brute force. Anyway, thanks a lot for the fixes, team ❤️
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