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  1. I hope you take at least a season in 2020 to just fix things. It's ok if there is no new content IF some of the numerous things that are totally broken get fixed or revised. As Rahetalius said, "2020 should be the year of fixing". As a player since The Silver Grove, I really feel that the game needs that. A time for fixing old persistent bugs (some that come from way before I started playing); to revise or rework mechanics that the team themselves had said that need to be revised; to get the game in a good, healthy shape. The game needs it. We, the community, need it.
  2. Thanks for the hotfix, team ♥ Still waiting for a fix on weapon mods (and sometimes, some warframe mods too) going offline randomly when a player boards an enemy crewship (which results in the player dealing null damage and almost certain death). And black artifacts and "walls" blocking FOV with Phantom Eye intrinsic while mounting a turret. And all railjack walls disappearing after dismounting a wing turret with the Phantom Eye intrinsic. And railjack wall sections that are ramsleds hitpoints going invisible. And always incorrect accounting of intrinsic points in the End of Mission resume.
  3. Guys, we love you, but... no more "surprise updates" if they are going to be this broken. This is one of the most broken updates I ever played in my three years here. As I said before, we don't care about waiting a bit more if that means we will get a more polished, less buggier and broken version. Empyrean may be a lot of fun, but the constant MAJOR bugs and crashes take all the joy and hype away. All of it. So pleeeeeease, next time take - more - time and test it. A hype train is nothing if it got [DE]railed after five goshdarn minutes...
  4. It's a fun update overall. If we ignore the plethora of game breaking bugs. And the fact that fighting in archwing is useless. And that the Railjack is made of paper, getting hull breaches every two seconds while one can barely scratch the paint on enemy ships. And the constant crashes and hangs and infinite loadings that forces me to Alt+F4 out... But hey! Fun! Seriously, you know us as a community. We would rather wait for a good and polished update rather than getting a half baked rushed thing. Half an hour in, after the third crash, my hype was butchered.
  5. - When in full melee mode, equiping and unequiping gear (like the Synthesis scanner) forces a switch to range weapons, instead of returning to full melee; this forces me to hold weapon swap to switch to full melee again. - I have noticed that, since 26.0.0, most "safe spots" (those nooks, cranies, holes and tunnels one could wait on until the enemies lose track of you) on various maps are not safe anymore. Enemies find their way in there, but NOT by entering, no no. THE BUG TROUGH THE WALLS AND CEILINGS and get in there. I'm seeing this a lot in Corpus ships, when enemies just appear out of nowhere in tunnels and shafts where (until now) they wouldn't (or couldn't) enter. And I say "appear" because I am watching the only entrance and they fall behind me and start shooting (???). Not to mention a horde of infested """appearing""" in a small nook (that was safe until now) in Derelict because they phase through a totally closed infestation membrane that is virtually a wall (this was not an isolated case). - Not only that. Now most enemies tend to make "jumps" that couldn't make before. But not just jumps. THEY ALMOST FRIGGIN' TELEPORT, and not short distances sometimes. I've seen a grineer lancer make a totally horizontal """jump""" from out of nowhere to a cover in another room, spanning like 20+ meters in a BLINK. I believe there may be something broken with the pathfinding in general. I really wish I could make a video, I can't 😞 This ocurrences are so bizarre that is something that can't be apropriately showcased in screenshots.
  6. Uff, excelente. La verdad era la única (gran) preocupación que he tenido con esta actualización, me alegra que estén viendo el asunto. Muchas gracias 😄
  7. Bueno, técnicamente no con el arsenal en sí, pero sí con el cuadro de info de las armas. Acabo de terminar de actualizar el juego y entré para ver los nuevos stats de las armas (mi Zenistar, en este caso), y me encuentro con este completo desastre de cuadro de estadísticas: El texto sobreponiéndose a los números. Todos los datos completamente mezclados y desorganizados. Hay que ser maestro en codificación para entender esto a primera vista. De más está decir que esto necesita un fix bastante urgente; por sobre todo, organizar los datos para que tenga al menos un mínimo de coherencia...
  8. Nooo :(( RIP Titt, nothing will be the same again
  9. Yo hablé con ella un par de veces, era una chica muy simpática y entusiasta. Realmente amaba Warframe, especialmente todo lo relacionado a criar lomitos. Ya veo por qué nunca más la vi conectada... Descansa en paz, Maki. Nombraré a mi próxima kubrow en su honor. Es lo mínimo que puedo hacer...
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