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  1. I really enjoy playing with the operator and Excalibur umbra in 2 man team especially since Fortuna has come out, it make the gameplay really fun. Sometimes they are spy objectives missions but since Excalibur Umbra always follow me, it is not very practical. So having the option that you can't make it hold his position like syndicate follower during mission or specter.
  2. Omaryx

    Dojo Snow and Sand patch

    Hello, I've been playing Warframe for more than a year and one thing I do love is spending time decorating my dojo. SInce the patch that added natural decorations I made my dojo fully lush with vegetation. I realized they was also grass patch which is amazing but also Venusian rock and Martian rock but no patch that would fit those decorations. So a snow patch and sand patch would match a make a really good diversities to decorate the dojo with different natural environments. I don't see this as a priority, just that would be a nice addition.