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  1. I'm even more convinced this is a bug or I've got some crazy streaky RNG! In the official format: TYPE: Loot DESCRIPTION: Side objective (Railjack Corpus Cache Rotation B) loot is fixed until returning to dry dock. REPRODUCTION: Do a Corpus Railjack mission. Complete the side objective (ice mine, derelict freightlinker) before completing the mission. Upon completion & when loading to another mission (or the same mission again), note the "Identified" reward. If no "identified" reward is listed, the identified reward was Endo. Do the mission again without returning to dry d
  2. I observed the same behavior tonight while attempting to farm for the last Nautilus piece that I needed - while a sample size of 6 back to back runs isn't authoritative, the odds of me getting the same 9% drop item over and over again seems crazy unlikely (Or I need to buy a lottery ticket haha). Separately from that, the "from the hidden (pre piloting 5) POI" item no longer reports on the "end of mission" popups. I'm not sure when it started but it no longer appears as one of the Bonus: [Reward] popups at the top when the mission is completed and it turns into free flight until picking
  3. Some clarification around this would be swell! I'm in the category of folks that feel like they've "finished" the current iteration of RJ (Finished the RJ star chart, maxed out all the intrinsics, all T3 parts/weapons on my railjack that have been valence fusion'd to at least 90% rolls), but I'm not sure I've actually repaired 30 wreckage since valence fusion allows you to use unrepaired components. The initial "repair the wreckage" costs versus resource acquisition had me queueing up with other folks to go straight to T3 parts and not really bother with building T1/T2 stuff. I'
  4. I'm sure Twitch probably lists this as a feature of the new system since it "helps promote active stream participation, not just idling with a stream open" heh. As an additional hurdle here, using the Twitch desktop app, after claiming the first currently awarded drop, I was unable to claim subsequent drops. If I opened Twitch in a browser (on the same machine), I could claim the drop from my inventory and progress would start incrementing again in the Twitch desktop app. Doing a refresh or restarting the Twitch desktop app did not clear up the odd "status says 100% towards the drop but I
  5. Can confirm! The challenge both incorrectly lists as 1500 standing (in the nightwave menu and on the brief "you did it!" splash after finishing the challenge), it only adds 1500 rep from comparing before/after totals.
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