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  1. Hey, what's going on here?! why does ayanga suddenly do self damage?
  2. Whats with Split-Flights not equipping on bramma and lenz? other bow mods such as Arrow Mutation and Thunderbolt are equippable. you tell us you want us to have fun, you tell us you want to make a fun game, but when you add a really fun looking mod such as Split Flights, you instantly take away the fun via your favorite word "balance" this is a PVE F2p horde shooter. Balance is 100% unnecessary. and right after you add a terribly grindy event that just SUCKS the LIFE out of people you do more stuff like this, DE get your stuff right, we as a community want to put Split-Flgihts on Bramma and Lenz!! ~A bramma user
  3. Hey, it's riven changes, take alllll the time you want. infact don't even release it! riven changes are always bad news. I like my nukor riven! leave it ALONE!
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