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  1. When the juggernaut charges he VERY often (at least for me) gets stuck and then I can't kill him, happens all the time :\ and there's rare bugs I'm sure, because I'm pretty sure they haven't touched the boss fight in years.
  2. Oh look, more cosmetics that I can wear while doing....what exactly? I swear if they bring back the pumpkin juggernaut I am done. That fight is so bugged, had it glitch out on me 8 times out of 10
  3. reeeeeeeee my fulmin and catchmoon rivens are screaming right now, shoulda known this was coming and just sold them while they were still decently valuable....
  4. wat seriously? no atlas tweak or rework? but he's so.....ehh right now....
  5. " Endo rewards will be reduced to roughly 75%. " Please no....the chance of endo even dropping is bad enough, now you make it so we'll only get 800 or so if it DOES? I can understand 25-45% but...75% endo nerf? yikes.
  6. "With great hype, comes great nerfs" ~A Catchmoon and Rubico user
  7. When will we be able to actually activate abilities while hildryns 4 is active? it's stupid that you can deactivate abilities while your 4 is active but not activate them....
  8. Yo DE! where's my new mesa helmet!? Why is it not listed here!? I bought it, where is it?
  9. "We’ve touched upon shaders, particle system, weather, and more!" For players like me who don't have a good gaming PC ( i have a GT 730 which is decent at running warframe but when it comes to the open worlds....big oof) we have a hard time sometimes running the game properly, this "touch up" on particles, and weather stuff is pretty counter intuitive to the optimizations, I've lost about 5-10 FPS because of it in OV, I'd like to ask to fix this for me, but I know DE doesn't really care about players like myself, cause we're not the majority. However, I'll ask anyway cause this is very annoying for me right now, I got about 35-40 FPS in OV previous to the update, not it's about 28-33. Could you please do some more optimizations for lower end systems? Thank You.
  10. That is NOT 400MB worth of changes an fixes....what'd you add? -_-
  11. Does this mean races are pointles? just like dojo parkour? Man....that's pretty pointless....bad move DE bad move.
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