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  1. I agree 100% alot of people like to say I'm shouting doom and gloom, but I'm just voicing my concerns while also hoping for the best. I love warframe I want it to be a good game. I DON'T want tencent to ruin it, but it's possible that they could. so we really just have to hope for the best, and that tencent will leave hands off as long as they get their investments worth. I really truly do hope this is how it goes. But so many companies have said this before and the next minute they're absolved or shut down. Not saying that's what will happen to DE I'm just saying this is what oth
  2. That is true, but tencent is much much MUCH worse
  3. "We will maintain our independence and vision for Warframe throughout it all" name me one company where this worked out 100%
  4. No, it's absolutely not. It's basically Chinese EA
  5. Removed the Gas Status Effect from the Deimos Jugulus shooting bone glaives. The Gas Status Effect was unintended - should only be administering Slash. I highly doubt that was "unintended"
  6. What about that when i use tempast barrage when under a door way half of it gets stuck in the doorway it self? please fix that and i'll be VERY please.
  7. no no you miss my point iam saying why not make each patch WORTH it? why not work really hard on a patch and fix a WHOLE bunch of stuff instead of a bit here and a bit there iam saying make the patchs bigger! i mean....this game is still bug filled! why not fix all the bugs in 1 month in stead of 2?
  8. seriously guys? i mean...CMON! work on a hot fix for a few days before releasing it...cause, whats the point of releasing this if theres BARLY anything in it???
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