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  1. Wisp's animations do not work while melee is active, or while archgun is deployed. She ought to be floaty all the time! [Love Wisp by the way, she's great!]
  2. I can understand this. You're right, the vagueness is a bit disappointing. But that isn't what people are complaining about here. Not the vocal ones, anyway. The fact is, that even if the updates aren't 100% new, it is content. The entire look of the plains was redone, new enemies and environments were added to Fortuna, and Nightwave was a complete redesign of an older system that included new enemies, characters, and lots of dialogue. What I'm getting at is - video games take a lot of effort to work on, and I feel that people should acknowledge that it takes time. And if the new stuff isn't the exact thing everyone wants, then that's the way it is. Their priority list differs from what the average player's might be, and I respect that.
  3. Yeah, well, y'know, that's just like uh, your opinion, man. I don't think the last months of content were bad. Even if you consider it bad content yourself, that does not mean you can argue that the entire Warframe community is "suffering from lack of content".
  4. Did you read the post? Two weeks ago - "Estimated Release. ... The Jovian Concord should arrive next week on PC. We are working hard to hit this date and will let you know progress as the days go on..." Last week: "We honestly are hoping to wrap it up and ship it this week, but we wanted to give you a status update. Next week is our more realistic launch week. You'll hear from us Tuesday." Yesterday: "We are on track for release this week. We traditionally release Wednesdays or Thursdays" Not ONCE have they said "The Jovian Concord will be released on [Insert imaginary date here]"
  5. 1. It would be a delay if they promised a release date and didn't deliver. That is not the case. 2. I have bought plat many times in the past, but nobody made you. You are paying money to get things the easy way, or to acquire cosmetic things you like. There's no shame in that, it's part of the game for a reason. I also see that purchase as a contribution to the game, because I want to support it. But again, you can progress in the game and enjoy the new content for free. You don't buy access to Jupiter. 3. See #1. The Thermia Fracture event, Plains remastered, and Nightwave are all large updates that have happened in the last two months. You expect DE to churn out a new frame, tileset, and story mission every other week? There is no lack of new content. That complaint makes no sense.
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, but many of the people complaining about the delay sound a bit ungrateful. DE never specified when the update was being released - and said last week that it might not release until this week. They ALSO did NOT say that it would be released yesterday (Tuesday), only that we would hear from them - which we did - to say that the update would come out on a normal update day (Wednesday or Thursday, as always.). Would you rather them rush and put out unfinished content? Not to mention that we're getting what any other game might consider DLC, for free. What is the issue here? No promises were made, we get regular updates, and aren't paying anything for it. DE, take your time, I am very much looking forward to the new content!
  7. Thank you for the update! I can't wait to play all the new stuff!
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