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  1. One is for the Guandao, the other for Guandao Prime. They have different dispositions.
  2. Nice solution but doesnt work for my clan
  3. Would be nice to have a weekly cycle of Basmu, Athodai and Ceti Lacera! The last two weapons I need for MR30 :(
  4. I know exactly how you feel and can confirm this bug. Its impossible to tell if the person is just loading or ended up in the rj
  5. Must be a visual bug. Your equipment XP should be the same
  6. Hi, this is a very specific bug but here are the steps: 1.) Enter Deck 12 completely in archwing, put thermia in and spawn Exploiter Orb (still in archwing) 2.) Die (in archwing) - Revive 3.) You are now out of bounds for a few seconds; and land inbetween the two doors with the broken lift Both doors are locked and you cant get out of there except aborting mission.
  7. Tested and no, you dont keep it
  8. Max rank is 90. You are maxed if it says 60 with Crystal Creds as image. Scroll back and youll see that it starts from 1 when youre at Crystal Creds.
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