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  1. 1) In-game name: Jacca-Knoff 2) Mastery Rank: 8 3) Region: North America 4) Type of Player: I tend to run support frames, since most of my weapons are fairly low damage. I typically run low duration Trinity Prime during sorties. I enjoy the thought of loot frames as well. I used Nekros (purchased from the market) for the majority of my time playing until I got Trinity Prime unlocked. Warframes only interest me if they fall into one of those two categories. I tend to dislike grinding, so I typically only a handful of missions a day to avoid burning myself out. I only play 2 hours a day maximum, and there are some days where I only do the sortie and log back out. I'm passionate about good aim, so I tend to stick to weapons that can make use of that skill. I tend to avoid grenade launchers and such, but recently I've started making and using all sorts of weapons to try to increase my mastery rank.
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