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  1. These are some of the oldest guns in the game, and they really stand out in comparison to the new weapons. Not only do they look nearly indistinguishable from each other, they're blocky simplistic design can confuse you into thinking they're a corpus weapons. On top of that the boar is still unavailable from the market, it should be readded, being dropped by grinneer of all things. The strun then also having a wraith, all leads to the genealogy of these Tenno made weapons coming into question. The braton and bo received a graphical update so why not these two old timers, so they can be brought
  2. I much prefer the regular Fangs look, a far more elegant Orokin looking weapon as compared to the rough archaic daggers look of its prime. The prime stats also seem more fitting to the regular skin, being primarily puncture whereas the primes have more curved blades that would impede something like that as opposed to the regular's straight blades. Would much appreciate a swap of their skins, or atleast finally being able to use the regular skins on variants.
  3. I've long built everything that requires it, it's just that it'll be a constant issue for others with nightwave being the only reliable source. It would also be a more logistical place for its farm as opposed to void sabotage and ghoul bounties. Nitains forced scarcity is very baffling to me and would make more sense to me in the case of something like argon crystals.
  4. I'd just like to know, what prime weapon contributed to the seers creation.
  5. I still don't like the look of the new bo, I think the old skin could have merely had some detailing added in comparison to the old smooth pole. The current stats still contradict with the new weapon appearance. It looks a lot more serrated now, but did not receive any added slash damage. It just in all is very confusing and appears like more of a corpus weapon, and does not gel with its prime appearance either.
  6. I always remember the image they showed on stream of the condroc lifting your frame. Was really disappointed to see that they just ended up as static ship decorations along with the kuaka. Would be better if they atlest have them run/fly around the orbiter. Hopefully they'd be implemented with Pets X.0, if that ever comes out...
  7. Oh the image doesn't appear for me.
  8. With the end of Nightwave season 3 is it not finally time to and at least the small chance to farm it normally.
  9. I just want to able traverse, while doing my sick tricks, rebelling against the man, and asserting my dominance on the lame corpus. It's just not practical or optimal at current.
  10. An idea I had was converting landslide into a mixture of frosts icewave and wisps 2. I find that it's hard to gauge the distance to an enemy and and have to spam click his one. This change would have you launch a slow fissure of jagged rocks with a chance of slash on hit. This would be on tap, however if held it would go out and at the end of the duration, Atlas would be teleported at the end jumping out of the ground with an uppercut dealing slash and impact damage in a radius. Multiple hold cast would have you teleporting at the end of each sequence, like a whackamole. His augment along with
  11. I do, just your speed will be a bit hindered when faced with literal mountains! Its especially disappointing with K-drives having been an initial selling point for Fortuna, even having an entire syndicate tied to them. They just fall to the wayside now against archwings.
  12. oh I like the Oh I like that idea, unleashing an expanding flood similar to old sound quake. This biblical flood as your begins to stack damage in your pool, and the shortened range your tentacles receive wile in your pool is less of downside as it expands out.
  13. I really just think his 4 should have an added whirlpool effect that pushes enemies into his tentacles, (something similar should also be added to Zephyr's tornadoes). It's very annoying when enemies just walk inbetween the tentacles like they're not even there. Also he shouldn't have to charge for forever to regain the stats of his abilities. Their range needs to be reverted, and buffed in the case of his 1. His one needs to last longer as having cast it constantly, let alone charging it, is tedious. I would also enjoy a small visual change converting it into water jets that punch thro
  14. I always thought a small passive energy regen should just have been inplace something like 0.5-1/s. the early game energy economy has always been atrocious. So much so you that you rarely get to experience your abilities, and have to rely on unloading your unmodded guns into enemies. A progressing energy regen passive could also be a nice way to milestone your progression, and could be placed as a reward for the main quest like the second dream and war within. As you learn about your operator and thus gain access to the store of your power the rate could increase, with 3/s after the second dre
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