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  1. Basically, instead of the Titanic Rumbler (pretty bad), this augment will do this: Atlas covers himself in stone and ore, transforming into a Rumbler. Gain 150% more Health, Armor, and 25% more movement speed. Can only use melee and abilities. Drains 20/15/10/5 energy per second. Basically, it would change Rumblers into a channeling ability, and instead of creating minions, Atlas would become essentially "super powered" in this mode. Why? It fits his 'brawler' esque playstyle, while also synergizing with his other up-in-your-face abilities. About the extra health, once the ability is untoggled, it will reduce Atlas' health to the percentage he was at when Self-Fossilize is untoggled. So let's say: your Atlas has 500 health. Activate Self-Fossilize. You now have 1250 health. You take damage, reducing your health to 750. Untoggle Self-Fossilize. Atlas' health is reduced to 250, because he took 50% of his health while in Rumbler form. Same goes for shields.
  2. Just FYI, they always (at least every single time I've done them) spawn in the exact middle of the circle, on the yellow marker.
  3. I guess I worded that poorly, what I mean is having a pet active while incubation is active. That's my bad. But yes, a cancel button would honestly help a lot.
  4. As the title says. It's a long standing problem, but one nobody has addressed. (Because it's a minor issue, I know. It's still an issue regardless.) Why? Mainly the case of not being able to use any pets while incubation is in progress. Either shorten the length and add a cancel button, or allow us to use a pet mid incubation and add a cancel button. Also those who kinda fat finger the incubation and are stuck either waiting 24 hours or paying 15p. If you don't have 15p you're S#&$ outta luck.
  5. After I reread the post, I realized I worded that poorly. I mean that it adds 100% ability strength to reservoirs, not doubles the already added effect. If that changes your opinion.
  6. Simply: You do not retain buffs when you exit Reservoir's effective area, but adds 100% more ability strength to Reservoirs. Usage: For defensive objectives, or when you find that sweet spot in survivals. Edit: Maybe it would increase effective area by 50% also or something. I think the bonus power is enough, however.
  7. As the title says, I was taking a Wisp captura in the Deck 12 scene, when the Orb Mother fight dialogue started playing. It acted like I triggered the fight to begin, y'know the "WHAT WERE MY SISTER'S NAMES" and all that. Obviously, the Orb Mother never showed up, but it acted like it did. I didn't stay in there long enough to see if it played anymore than the starting bit. I was in there for a good 3/4 minutes when it started.
  8. This is exactly what we need. I can't tell you how many times I've entered the Event, and put with a squad that;s doing anything but fractures.
  9. I can't tell you how many times I've clicked on the Thermia Fracture Event, and been sent into a squad where they're doing anything but Fractures. One time I even got sent into an Orb Mother fight.
  10. Same thing happened to me 6 days ago. Hopefully this gets solved (it was hilarious to see the other team's reactions tho lmao.)
  11. So I've got this concept for a new endless gamemode titled "Enhancement". Let me know what you think. Name: Enhancement Type: Endless Arena Type Mission Difficulty: Scales up over time but would be quite difficult eventually, maybe 7/10 because it's simple. Starting level should be 26-30. Planet: Eris is my main vision, but it might fit into more than one. Faction: Infestation, but is adaptable to other factions, it just kinda fits their lore. Rewards Table Here (Google Sheets): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11f2jAhmYSgU9kZVq_2cM2Tccu29q8JnHIgf6453_iGQ/edit?usp=sharing Things like Tiers for rewards I'll make later if this gains any traction. Basics: The squad will start in a small spawn area, like any mission. Once they leave, they'll come up on a small area like the entrance to the Kela fight. once all players are in that area, the floor will cave in, and the Tenno fall into a massive area similar to the second phase of the Lephantis fight, except there are tunnels that enter into other smaller orb like arenas. Enemies will begin to spawn, falling from the ceiling, crawling out of the ground, etc. Once the spawning process starts, a kill quota will appear, similar to Extermination missions. First round will be 30 enemies, increasing by 25% per round. Enemy level will scale at the same rate as Survival and Defense missions. Their will also be a time limit, which is 5 minutes. once the quota is reached, a boss will spawn in the middle of the main arena area where the squad first dropped into. The boss will have the collective health of all enemies killed, increased by 50%. Every boss killed changes the rotation. Rotations change in order of: A, A, B, C, repeat. Also, just for a bit of fun, the boss should increase in size by 50% per round. Every full sequence of rotations finished, (meaning AABC), another wave of rooms will be created, similar to a massive ant colony. For reference: That's about all I've got.
  12. So, I've been suspecting for a while that one culprit of the so called "content drought" is the lack of common enemy units. I know I'm not one to really speak about this, considering I'm only MR 19, but I've played this game since late 2015. I know my way around. And I love this game, it hurts to see and hear these things. But it's true. Back on topic, one of those such units is Eximi. So I've taken up the task to craft some ideas for several more Eximus unit types. (Also: If you think these are unbalanced or unfair, or too complex, please read the wiki page on Eximus units before posting some hateful trash. If you have read it, and maintain the same opinion, that's fine. Just don't be rude.) Also, feel free to reply with your own Eximus ideas. 1. Reflective Eximus (Might Need Nerfs, as HP scaling is ridiculous) Ability: Has a 50% chance upon being hit to reflect 20% of the damage of that hit back at their attacker. (It can only reflect it's max health, so performing an attack that deals more damage than their max health can only do 20% of their max health.) Stats: No innate resistances, 200% health, shields, and armor. Factions: All except Infested, only ground units, not Ospreys or airborne Grineer. Appearance: Would glow white, and emit a small slash like sound when an attack is reflected. Clothing wouldn't be changed. (Maybe be a bit more reflective and metallic?) 2. Magnetic Eximus Ability: Upon hitting an enemy, the eximus has a 35% chance to apply a Magnetic proc. Additionally, allies within 15m are immune to Magnetic procs. Stats: 30% innate resistance to all damage types, 300% health and shields. Factions: Corpus only, excludes Nullifiers. Appearance: Would glow teal (Orokin esque blue hues), and have an aura of small particles like the ones that surround Magnetic Anomalies. Clothing should be changed to white and blue colors. 3. Burst Eximus Ability: Enemies affected by this ability have +100% multishot on weapons. Stats: 50% innate resistance to all damage types, 200% health, shields, and armor. Factions: All except Infested, only ranged units. (Unless their are Infested ranged units I'm not aware of?) Appearance: Would glow bright purple, and their weapons appear about 50% bigger than usual. Clothing would not be changed. 4. Visor Eximus Ability: This unit can see through invisibility (abilities only, arcanes not affected, Operator Void Mode not affected) within a 20m radius. If an invisible Tenno is more than 20m away, the Visor Eximus will act like any other enemy. (BTW, this Eximus should be quite uncommon.) Stats: 20% innate resistance to all damage types, 275% health and armor. Factions: All factions, all units. Only spawns in Exterminate and Spy missions. Appearance: Glows a faint red, and their eyes glow a brighter hue of red. Clothing should be in darker colors of default hues. 5. Chromatic Eximus Ability: Each different attack by this unit applies a different status proc. Has a 100% chance of proccing status on hit. Stats: 50% innate resistance to all damage types, 175% shields, and armor. Factions: All except Grineer, only units that can attack, excluding Mine Ospreys (and units with similar function, like Mutalist Ospreys). Appearance: Eximus glows a different color depending on which element it last applied on hit. Orange = Fire, Purple = Electric, Cyan = Ice, Green = Toxin. 6. Detonite Eximus Ability: Upon death, this unit will detonate in a 10m radial explosion, dealing Blast damage equal to 75% of it's max health. Stats: No innate resistances, 125% health. Factions: Infested and Grineer only, all units. Appearance: They do not glow, but emit sparks around them, let's say in a 2m radius. 7. Planar Eximus (POTENTIALLY BUGGY) Ability: Every 7 seconds, this unit can warp 8m in any direction, horizontally. Stats: No innate resistances, 175% health and armor. Factions: Corpus, Corrupted and Infested only, ground units only. Appearance: Part of the unit's body will appear translucent, and will emit a loud reversed "ding" sound when they warp. Similar to THIS. (It would obviously be more high quality, best I could do in 5 mins.) 8. Zealous Eximus Ability: Every 10 seconds, can trigger one of three random effects: A 10m shockwave, knocking enemies into the air (not knockdown effect), can spray toxic goo in 4 puddles within 15m around it (similar to Mutalist MOAs, puddles last 10 seconds), or nullifies the next instance of damage dealt to it. Note that multishot can bypass this last effect, because it will only stop one instance of damage. Chances are as follows: 40% for Shockwave and Spray, and 20% for Damage Nullifying. Stats: No innate resistances, 225% health and shields. Factions: All factions, all units. Appearance: Changes color depending on last effect triggered. For Shockwave, glows yellow. For toxin, glows olive green. For nullifier, glows light gray. 9. Hallowed Eximus Ability: Emits an aura very similar to Oberon's Renewal Ability, all allies within 12m regen health with this formula: (0.02 x (Eximus Unit's Maximum Health Pool)). Also grants enemies armor with this formula: (0.3 x (Eximus Unit's Current Armor)). Note that when the unit is affected by procs that reduce armor such as Corrosive, the armor formula will be affected. Stats: 50% innate resistance to all damage types, 250% health and armor. Factions: All Factions, excludes Nullifiers and Osprey units. Appearance: They glow a mixture of yellow and green, similar to dying grass. Enemies within the aura faintly glow white. Clothing is changed to shades of white. 10. Discharge Eximus Ability: This eximus is extremely weak, dealing 50% of the damage of a normal enemy unit, but doubles the damage of units in a 10m radius around it. Stats: 20% innate resistance to all damage types, no boosts to health, shields, or armor. Factions: All factions except Infested and Corrupted. Appearance: These units will often appear 20% smaller than normal units, and clothes will be inverted colors.
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