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  1. I really want to get on a soap box and proselytize. This is 2020. More successful companies make it standard practice to build APIs for everything, and to use those APIs themselves. Drink the cool-aid, as it were. If every piece of information is developed as an API to begin with, then giving the players access to that data becomes trivial, and future development becomes easier.
  2. I'll just leave this here-- this is from the quote above: If you read the article, it goes on to say specifically: These were requests. They have not been fulfilled. This is what's there: https://docs.warframestat.us/ I've joined the WFCD and Genesis discords. Semlar is a sorcerer. I give him props. But his methods are not universally accessible, and even when DE did recently release a riven market API, they didn't do anything remotely close to what Semlar does as far as detail level. I do appreciate the intent to help though. Thank you.
  3. I applaud semlar and the creators of Cephalon Arby. I am curious if DE has any plans to expose this information via API so that non-sorcerers are able to access the information? (I mean, I can program a discord bot to scrape the APIs if they exist-- but decompiling the game's chat messaging or scraping a twitch stream feed and OCRing text... not so much.) https://semlar.com/arbys Figure 1.0 - Abitrations & Kuva locations Figure 2.0 - Discord redtext chatbot Figure 3.0 - Discord Arbitration bot
  4. Do more of these types of posts.
  5. Nothing a la nothing. I was there the entire hour. twitch account is linked. (I've received the "free prime with twitch prime", so I know it's linked correctly.) No drops.
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