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  1. Today I ran a solo T1 Capture mission in the void on my mag prime. Shortly after capturing the last target I got a message from a Excalibur that was meditating, he continued to meditate and didn't say anything. It didn't seem like a bug because the lotus said the objective was completed and then 30 some seconds later in the same spot where all video communications appear while on a mission this random Excalibur messaged me. Has anyone else had this happen to them? And if so what do you guys think? Is it a hint at what is to come or is it a bug?
  2. What about the unnecessary cruelty of just having a kubrow? For some odd reason the advanced tenno seem to have problems with the Kubrow's DNA so they die slowly, modern scientists are able to fully clone a sheep but the Tenno can't modify a few traits in an egg and have it be stable? Sorry this random DNA decay just doesn't make any sense.
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