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  1. it is way too long to get to the new missions after the 3 iso vaults, alot of players will drop out or leave squad after afew iso vaults, more so when u reach the new missions. it is just too much time needed to reach the new bounties.
  2. When u stab them everytime, u get a chance to guess the mod and bypass some grind whereas if u don't stab them until u know ur mods u always have to do the full grind.
  3. Well that's what real endgame entails, only the best of the best can beat endgame. It's not called endgame for fun you know? For the exploiter orb, u do realise what their scaling back and disregarding frame and weapons mean right? Exploiter orb has been turned into a game of throwing water bombs at the boss????
  4. The difference is one requires maxed out gear and mods 10 shots (which is endgame), it disregards mods (cannot be seen as endgame, no mods or endgame equipment involved).
  5. @(PS4)CodyXSavageX just an example numbers game of course has to account the numbers for the secondary effects and so on. I'm just pulling simple math to demonstrate a point. I think what you can do is to make the endgame player feel like a beginner again even though they are fully modded. The enemies are so though that makes you feel like a newbie.
  6. Well I did put 1mil hp. The endgame is what u suggested. Make you feel like unmodded against the enemies when u are already fully modded. Example for ur scenario: enemy has 100hp, your unmodded gun deals 10hp, u need 10 hits to kill Real endgame example: enemy has 10000 hp, modded gun deals 1000 hp, still 10 hits to kill. This takes whatever equipment you have currently and makes a real endgame instead of disregarding all ur equipment and mods
  7. How is that not possible? You can surely give monsters 1mil hp and 10k attack theoretically. (disclaimer: I'm just pulling random numbers not precaluated and balanced)
  8. and thats the problem people are so attached to "gear" that challenging content cannot be made for them because everything is cheesed Disagree, enemies can still be scaled with enough HP and damage for the real endgame for players with real end game builds to challenge
  9. I feel Warframe is more and mods than MR since MR doesn't make u any bit stronger. It's just quite a pointless number
  10. if its not about that it also proves that its not possible for warframe to have endgame. As i said, if a beginner account and a maxed out account with all the mods have no advantages/ disadvantages in that mode, then it CANNOT be called an 'endgame'. Endgame is something you do after u have done all there is and have become powerful. What your suggesting does not discern between veterans or beginner accounts, hence does not constitute to endgame.
  11. if they cripple the power level and mods then where does ur time investment and resources go? these endgame maxed out mods have no purpose then. And a skilled player can take a one day old account and do the same thing. For endgame, there needs to be a resource/ time investment type of barrier to cross before u can consider endgame, it not its just another side mode or challenge mode u can call it but certainly not endgame. I also disagree with people wanting endgame but not wanting to have a meta. for all types of game when theres a end game there surely will be a best team c
  12. this is not endgame at all, endgame in most games refers to players bringing their best and maxed out equipment to challenge smth thats made to take on maxed out equipment. if the mode doesnt take into account equipment stats then even a level beginner who just started the account can participate. that wouldnt be end game would it?
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