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  1. For the visual effects, i think the void sinks are ok, but they are not anything special that has void like effects, just regular explosions. They should cause some interesting anomalies, like gravity distortion, slow, or even buff from the void energy, or enemies pouring in from the void sink.

    However the screen webbing effect is just bad and should be removed. It blocks on screen elements.

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  2. The problem is that regular warframe missions exists, you get to bypass all the railjack stuff and go straight into the mission.

    RailJack adds a pointless foreplay to the mission that isnt integral, wastes your time and doesnt give additional rewards. 

    Both types of missions put face to face, railjack is just longer and unecessary without bringing any noteworthy rewards to the game.

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    • TYPE: In-Game
    • DESCRIPTION: All energy effects and ephemera effects are oversized in archwing mode in railjack missions
    • VISUAL: https://imgur.com/UgANXAq (Sorry i dont know how i can insert the image)
    • REPRODUCTION: Use any ephemera/attachments with energy effects and go into archwing in any railjack mission
    • EXPECTED RESULT: The energy effects should be the same size as in normal missions
    • OBSERVED RESULT: energy effects are oversized
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: 100% since there has been archwing and this has still not be fixed. Is it finally time to address it?
  3. I know that in these archwing missions the character models are scaled down, however the ephemera and other energy effects are not scaled down together. It is very immersion breaking and the effects are scrunched together in a mess when in archwing mode. 

    This bug has been game since railjack launched, even with this new revised update this glaring bug is still not fixed....

  4. On 2021-03-09 at 4:03 AM, [DE]Rebecca said:

    We’ve taken this opportunity to streamline Railjack Matchmaking, better following the rules set out in the main game.

    Its would be even more streamlined if the railjack nodes appear on the same starchart instead of living on a seperate tab. Repeated nodes on current starchart can also be removed to make space, for example there may be multiple exterminates/ excavation on a planet, only one of each is enough.

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  5. I think aiming at the pilot seat needs to be relooked. When you are aiming downsights to locate the target, the ship moves at the same time, since the ships turns slower than the aim cursor, there is alot of turning around and counter turning required to lock onto the target.It would be better that when aiming downsights, ship movement is locked so that you can properly aim at the enemies.

  6. With Arcanes now widespread, we should categorise them and maybe allow them to be used more?
    Currently, all arcanes are equipped on warframes, but that does not really make sense as it restricts every warframe to a couple of setup if you want to use arcanes like precision, velocity, strike etc.
    I suggest and hope that we can split the different arcanes up so they can be used in the appropriate slots,
    Warframe Arcanes: Energize, Grace, Barrier, Aegis, Guardian, Elemental resistances and pakour types...
    Melee Arcanes: Arcane Strike, Trickery, Fury, Ultimatum...
    Primary Arcanes: Tempo, Rage, Primary Charger...
    Secondary Arcanes: Velocity, Pistoleer, Precision...
    Archgun Arcanes: Tanker...
    We already have arcanes on Zaws and Kitguns, I dont think that this would be drastic or out of place. It helps to encourage more flexibility and use of more arcanes.
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  7. I find it easier to join pubs than to host even though I have a fully decked out railjack. When I host, nobody goes to board crewships or just afk or nobody joins. When I join other pubs I can just blast crewships and we would be done much quicker.

  8. I wouldnt want to host now that if i host, im unsure if there will be other players joining. As railjack is designed for 4 players, if you are the host and nobody joins your session, you would be in deep trouble. This is a fundamental problem when the party is not able to be filled, especially there are so many nodes and the player base is spread thin.

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