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  1. I have recently started to get into dojo declarations and several of the things listed address issues I had. ex not enough wood furniture/structure (now getting cetus decorations), red zones around doors are irritating (now getting spawn pads) Also thank you @Vash for your you tube link, i was able to find your channel with dojo decorating tutorials. From my limited exposure to dojo decoration I would suggest some of the following: 1. At room console, in addition to the "Fund all" that others have mentioned, maybe provide a GUI that lists of unfunded & in progr
  2. Thanks, when I ran Ishtar, Venus again, after today's update(, but probably not related), I looked at the popups and I found 2 of the 3 caches. Specifically: Cache 1: 2500 credits Cache 2: ??? Cache 3: 2 morphics However, the 2nd cache rewards were not indicated anywhere. I'm assuming it is the second cache due to comparing the other rewards to the warframe wiki. I got 415 endo and 429 Polymer Bundles, so one of those could have included the second cache reward, but nothing was indicated in the popup text. As a side note, I would expect
  3. Completed the mission on Terminus, Mercury. This one also didn't show the identified caches.
  4. Just completed a sabotage on Cervantes, Earth. The identified items showed up.
  5. I'm completing "find all caches in a sabotage mission" for nightwave and I just noticed that there is no indication of the cache rewards in the end mission GUI. I don't know if they are even showing up. Other things to note: 1. In this sector i have an active lich that steals stuff, so i don't know if that is causing issues. The stolen items are listed correctly. 2. Node: Ishtar, Venus (i haven't checked if this occurs to other sabotage nodes yet)
  6. As soon as you return to the orbiter from a mission, the focus total on the end of mission UI returns back to the pre-mission value. Note 1: the actual focus amount is not effected. Note 2: the correct value is displayed during the loading screen Note 3: After closing the end of mission screen then clicking the "Last Mission Results" in the menu, it properly starts at the pre-mission value then increments to the end mission value.
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