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  1. Sir, Guass and Volt would like to know your location.
  2. Can we all just acknowledge the fact that the countermeasures avionic also does seemingly nothing in the way of getting target locking projectiles to stop locking onto your railjack? (which is, by the way, the intended purpose)
  3. No thats not the case either. I've tried sliding before bullet jumping and I've been playing this game for a few years now. In the few years that I've played this game, I have never once had it require me to be sliding in order to bullet jump. I have always been able to stand in one place and bullet jump even while I'm holding still. Now bullet jumping while sliding is possible, its optional, but its not required.
  4. Yesterday, the combination for "ctrl" + "space" was working just fine for me. I had no issues with bullet jumping. Now, I've just logged on this morning and have found that I can't bullet jump unless I use "ctrl" + "v" instead or unless I hold down "shift" to sprint before using the "ctrl" + "space" function. I have done some searches on the forums for threads related to this issue and the only one's I've found are ones that have no answers to the problem and are at least a year old with the oldest one dating back to November of 2018 which only had three or four posts and none of them being a solution to fix this issue. Has a fix to the issue been found yet? If so, please post it here because I'd very much like to have my bullet jump back without having to look down at my keyboard whenever I want to bullet jump.
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