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  1. You do know that operator are immune to warframe ability, right? and that lockdown deal 60% damage dealt on their max health, also the demolyst were immune to the damage so they used oberon to kill them. I think you should be the one checking the wiki here, also prolly the only "REAL" exploit are vigorous swap and shock trooper working on oberon smite, but again those 2 thing just increase flat out the damage, including the orb one.
  2. Actually, it's say from the wiki it's from all attacks, so working as intended. Get your source right.
  3. This here is what we can call true determination. Those people got called exploiters and cheaters, but they didn't stopped, they were determinated. This run right here is the work of an entire clan done by only 4 man that were determinated to prove that they were not exploiting and that the clan was not filled of exploiter. Honestly I am speechless to this by how amazing this is, congrats!
  4. I never said I know it, but I'm just telling that's probably how they did it. (Since DE doing stuff cleanly is near impossible, loki script for example only wiped score above a certain treshold and didn't care under that, -CD riven exact same thing). Honestly, you would understand how it could actually work if you were a programmer. Now stop arguing on the script, it's useless.
  5. His whole point is that there was score with 30k point that got removed because of that bug (which is a low amount) just because of the fact they were struggling and somehow got to round 41. The script DE used tough is probably just a simple for loop that look like this.
  6. Actually, the abuser are not suspended, they just can't score.
  7. The problem is that for the one that want to score, of course they won't stop. It's a competition after all, people want to get the best score and this was a hole in DE coding that people saw and probably did think it was normal (since DE never fixed the scaling in this game and probably REALLY should now as it show it have it's flaw). Basically blame DE on that one, not the people that played like if it was normal (and there were A LOT of people that got affected by that one). On a final word, I think this event is terribly managed, the rule are changing and there are constant wipe, I remember DE wiping score in the past but never did ban and such. However, this one especially show terrible flaw in how DE manage stuff (which is basically, get too many complain, crack on the pressure and take quick decision that can affect everyone). If this is what's going to happen in the future, then it's just better to not do event at all. Honestly, I hope DE will learn from their mistake.
  8. The problem is not the ToS, the int overflow was a major oversight from DE and should have been tested, not like you could avoid it or anything, you were forced to deal with it once you reached round 41. ToS or not, this one cannot possibly fall under exploit. Loki and neg crit damage on the other hand are exploit, but not the health overflow.
  9. I'm sorry but that one is 100% your fault DE, if you would have tested a minimum your game mode you would have seen that there was an overflow past a certain point. Those run shouldn't be cleared as it was a forced bug and not something that player do.
  10. If you don't care why do you still take time to report them without proof? And then do this whole conversation just to say you don't care.
  11. You are basically trying to get the strats in the most toxic way. If they were exploiting it would have been exploiting, maybe they used hydroid to pull ouyt stuff but as far as I remember it was patched with loki? Idk Worst case, DE will analyze it today and if it's not legit they'll wipe, otherwise you are just salty for not being able to get in the top score.
  12. Idk, give me proof and I'll believe you, for now they are innocent until the contrary is proven. God this event bring the worst of the community, it's just a game, not life.
  13. it's called get gud, those top score was also done post patch so it's impossible they abused of an exploit.
  14. High score doesn't mean cheating, if they did not get wiped, that mean they are not exploiting.
  15. Could have at least said that anyone in those exploited run had score frozen too, instead of saying only the heavy abuser. I'm now froze at 16k (tough I won't be mad and accept it, but precising could have been nice)
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