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  1. If you enable "Content Creator" mode in options it hides certain story spoilers, I believe this also switches back to old lotus. It would be nice if that option were more granular so you could select the other things it hides, since it will also change some other stuff like Operator transmissions and Fortuna NPCs, but it should stop hologram Lotus.
  2. Here are some of my comments after getting Xaku and ranking up to 30. Neat dodge animation. I kind of like the look of the 3 armor styles and how they color, although I'd bet the asymmetry isn't appealing to everyone. Acquisition: The component blueprints are easy enough to get from the quest and bounties, The 5 scintillant was maddening and DE should replace every stupid amber ayatan star reward in bounties with scintillant instead. Not really a Xaku issue but nothing in Deimos irritates me quite as much as the scintillant hunt. Cast times for all the abilities seem a bit sl
  3. Haven't tried using a slowdown ability like Nova or the Amesha's 3, but it might slow down the pod enough to get a scan. There's also an effect that can happen on some of the broken obelisk things around the map that slows down enemies, and those things tend to spawn a bunch of pods when activated.
  4. Anyone found a transcription or video with the conversation? I also had subtitles disabled and it just growled at me.
  5. Had a bug in the isolation vault where Glassmaker enemies spawned at the same time the Necromech went invulnerable. We were not able to damage the necromech at all (grey HP bar for several minutes) until we found the glassed enemies and broke them.
  6. hotfix didn't really seem to help much and I've found 0 scintillant in vaults and got 1 as a bounty reward. At the rate it's found, some of the recipes that require more than 1 scintillant are just dumb.
  7. Does it even make a difference in the Cambion Drift to get a "perfect capture" vs. "bad capture"? In Orb Vallis there's a reputation bonus, but I'm not sure how it makes any difference on Deimos.
  8. Is there a way to re-watch the Entrati Rank up scenes? And if not, can that be added to the Codex or Reputation console?
  9. Fixed the Helminth not having any collision (and apparently a poor dental plan). This was the only reason I was able to recover some of my decorations that were previously in the spot where Helminth is now. I hope you've accounted for that. Think of the Noggles!
  10. Might want to automatically return some of the decorations that were previously around the warframe cyropod that has now been replaced by the Helminth mouth. I was able to find some of mine inside of Wally before he digested them, but if players had a bunch of little stuff like noggles there, it might be difficult to recover them all from within the altered geometry.
  11. TYPE: In-Game, Index Missions DESCRIPTION: Energy Orbs stop spawning for frames that can produce energy orbs from abilities VISUAL: The energy orb spawner will be empty REPRODUCTION: Take a team into high-risk Index including Protea with energy Dispenser, Nezha with reaping Chakram, and maybe Nekros to test if it happens to health orbs. Keep doing Index rounds and repeatedly use the abilities that create new energy orbs, as well as picking up the spawned orbs, until they stop respawning. EXPECTED RESULT: I expect the Energy Orbs to respawn every minute or so, but they
  12. I was doing the Steel Path Venus to Mercury junction and the spectre and I killed each other at the same time, I didn't respawn or get a prompt, my game got stuck on a blinking white screen. I was able to press ESC and return to the orbiter, it did the "to mercury" animation but the first node was locked and the junction still flashed blue. I was using Ash Prime.
  13. TYPE: In-game Mission DESCRIPTION: During the Deadlock Protocol quest, mission on Venus to learn the fate of the 'volunteers' I became unable to move or bring up the pause menu. This happened during the phase immdediately following the part where you defend the 2nd console and it switches to a cutscene of the jockey's visuals, then switches back to the mission. REPRODUCTION: I believe this happened due to some conflict with operator transference. I was in operator form when the cutscene triggered, I may have entered transference just when the cutscene started. I saw the granum
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