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  1. You can also get progress by teaming up with other people that have a scan quest or Imprint target. This can be useful if your quest is on cooldown and you've completed all the imprints.
  2. Was there some additional Catchmoon nerf besides the range / falloff damage? I thought you could just use an exilus to run Lethal Momentum and get that back to acceptable.
  3. I agree with pretty much everything you wrote except this. Vauban is already so starved for mod space, with the need to run survivability + range + power + duration (and maybe Natural talent), and this one is so outclassed by the other augments you would Never choose it. I guess maybe it's useful if you run negative power strength , but I would still consider it Poor or Mediocre.
  4. This one is a bit tricky to learn, but once you master the technique, Gara will kill anything just by touching it. The ability shield protects from incoming damage, and the number is how much damage you will do to enemies that come too close to the shield. You can increase the damage by shattering the glass ring by hitting it with the 1st ability (from outside the ring). You can refresh the duration of the shield by casting the glass ring again. this lets you do the 'Gara dance' where you keep increasing the damage of your shield until it is doing thousands and thousands of damage. As long as you have enough energy to 'keep dancing'. So the dance is: Cast 2 for the shield. Cast 4 to make a ring. Go outside of the ring. Cast 1 to shatter the ring and add damage. Cast 4 to refresh the duration of the shield when timer gets low. You can also refresh it by casting 2 again. one last tip: Very important to stay away from Nullifier and bottomless pits so you don't lose your damage buff.
  5. I also got it by walking up to the door to donate some resources.
  6. This seems like it must be a bug: Recently they added the ability for Titania to switch to Operator while in Razorwing. However, I can only activate this ability by using my mousewheel to select my Focus school and pressing the activate ability key. I have a hotkey bound for transference, this works in all other modes, and even switches the operator back into razorwing. Why can't I just push that key to enter Operator mode from Razorwing? If it matters, I believe I have rebound the activate ability key to Mouse3 and the Transference to "E".
  7. I think it should turn Vauban into a train, with a big ol' shieldy cow-catcher, and he just steamrolls through enemies. CHOO CHOO! It is a meme skill, after all.
  8. "Tenno Scum!" "Clem!" "Get Clem!" "Which Clem?" "That Clem!" "What sort of Clem?"
  9. Yes! Please just spawn me at the door to the vault, rather than right in the middle of the laser detection field.
  10. I was able to get this completed easily with Opticor Vandal modded for magnetic. Did it on multiple fissure missions, but it was incrementing pretty reliably. I did not try using a secondary or melee (or Mag). Did you try a primary weapon?
  11. Costanzafaust


    Seems like its worse for some frames than others. Tried fishing with Hydroid Prime and it was just an irritating chore. Ivara still had some issues, but the spear animation was a lot better. I had to go to ocean for rare fish because lake bait wasn't doing squat for rare fish in hotspots. Dye was working for ok me. I was solo.
  12. Do you know if you went through a host migration when that happened? Seems like so many bugs are related to that.
  13. Tried playing Vauban in Sortie defense. Pluto I think? Corpus enemies. Something he should be well-suited for. It was miserable and took forever. None of his defensive skills could prevent the target dude from taking damage, none of his skills could heal it. Fortunately you can revive the target. Vauban frequently got downed and had to be revived. I'm sorry teammates, I needed to test Vauban in a Sortie Defense. Skills like Vortex or Tether just got enemies stuck in geometry without killing them, making it a hunt to find them and every round took longer. Teslas didn't perform well in the vertical level with all its catwalks and stairs. Bastille was great, but difficult to combo with Vortex because of the collapse mechanic. It was funny to stick a tether mine to the target dude, but it made him teleport all around once an enemy got stuck in it. Got 3rd ayatan statue in a row. 🤣
  14. I seem to recall they got taken out of sortie at some point due to a bug, and never got put back in.
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