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  1. Nidus doesn’t need one and chroma ...... can’t say how I feel bout that one
  2. Dev workshop part 2 means they will have to actually aim with the Kuva bramma slightly and no damage buff so therefore thread not needed any longer in my opinion
  3. I’m more worried bout Wukong’s 1st ability kills counting as my kills when I’m not the host
  4. Some armor might be radiation shields make it magnetic health make toxin or slash I even got a few cold or heat procs going for a while so that may play a part
  5. Speaking on the directly hitting thing make sure it’s a different armor thing ....... but sometimes it do get buggy if you aren’t the host
  6. Eximus units ....... and sometimes infestation
  7. I managed to get it proc heat, and cold. Best build i have found imo is viral....... you personally go for viral and let the augment do the work and far as the status procs go... I use lull to sleep the person with the damage type I want, do a finisher on em, and then I go on bout my killing. So far in endgame runs I ain’t found an issue yet. Will try another run tomorrow tho
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