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  1. (PS4)ziom2600

    PS4 The Sacrifice: Update 23 (LIVE!)

    Good morning, I have a question about the upcoming updates to the PS4 console. When it comes down to just asking, please answer me please
  2. (PS4)ziom2600

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    thanks for information sry not good talk english
  3. (PS4)ziom2600

    Dev Workshop: Virtual Cursor Action Plan

    this uptade is last uptade scarafice end game ???
  4. (PS4)ziom2600

    PS4 Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0 + Hotfixes

    Plase talk me date plains of eidolon plase
  5. (PS4)ziom2600

    PS4 Oberon Prime: Update 20.6.4

    is today chains of harrow
  6. (PS4)ziom2600

    PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    next week chains of harrow ?