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  1. man i know this. Problem is when I use Borderless Windowed Mode , menu cursor is picking up Windows setting and camera is picking GHUB setting. Only in Fullscreen Cursor and camera reads GHUB
  2. I run 3840x1600 on 38" monitor. i dont need windows scaling. I'm using logitech g903 hero set to 12k DPI on my desktop. Just installed warframe after 3 years and set "Look sensitivity" to "0" and camera rotates crazy fast. That is poor support over those years.
  3. Hello. I'm currently using Logitech g903 Hero capable of 16k DPI but I use 12k DPI on 3840x1600 resolution monitor (Mouse Cursor is set to miniumum in Windows 10 settings). Now. The cursor on Warframe Menu is the same like i have in my desktop (because of Borderless Windowed mode) but camera is god damn to fast and i have set Look Sensitivity to "0" in Warframe. I know this game have 7 years and back in days it was fine when we had 3k, 5k DPI mice but not anymore. Please fix this and let me come back to warframe after 3 years of absence.
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