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  1. Do you realize that this game have been out since 2012, right? Sad to say this but the entirety of the game have been changed to cater the new players. If DE lost player loyalty, it would've happened a long time ago and we wouldn't be here in this forum. Totally agree. Why would any one in their right mind develop a game that has no revenue? The gaming industry is not a charity case, believe it or not. They make games to make money. Others have no shame *cough*ea*Activision*cough* in taking your money. To the OP: DE offers the game for FREE for you to try out. If you don't like it, then feel free not to play the game again. But if you like it that you see yourself playing the game everyday for years, then you have the OPTION to support them. All they're asking in return is the current wait time for foundry items that you got for free. They have been that way since day one and they will be that way until the game dies. Don't care if you're asking 30 mins off, I wouldn't have it the other way. If you don't like to wait and don't wanna pay the plat to rush your items, then you need to find another game because WF is not for you. I hear Anthem is the "closest" thing to WF rn. Go try paying money for that just to see wether you like it or not.
  2. Exactly. That's what makes you and i human. Thats what I've been saying all along! But I gotta admit, I'm not the healthiest person so I might taste "funky." Wait.. What's this thread about again? This is about some people justifying quitting WF just because some jackass toober quit, right?
  3. Exactly. But what if new posts pop up just to drown out those idiots who are quitting WF because some toobers did?
  4. Man, i wonder what it would be like if people flood GD with threads like this....
  5. I totally agree with you. But I mean how else would we figure out that cows and chicken tastes good? I wouldn't have it any other way... Because more meat, right?
  6. I'm not endorsing eating kubrow. I'm just merely stating the fact that they can be eaten. If you think about it, as humans, we're on top of the food chain (or almost at the top). And as humans, don't you think we haven't eaten anything nature has offered at least once? So why are kubrows any different from oh let's say cows or chicken?
  7. @dw3t, Are you speaking in terms of personal experience or are you just feeding all the trash posts in GD? Most of the people that complains there are nothing left for them to do are the vets that have been playing the game for years. And they have the right to, I'll give them that. But the people that cry in forums are the posers that they think they're entitled to do so just because they "put in the time" playing WF. But when you look at their WF profiles, they haven't even mastered half the content WF has to offer. And who TF cares if WF partners are leaving? Do you play with them on a daily basis? Are they your friends? Are they part of your clan/alliance that regularly plans incursions for your clan/alliance? What makes these people essential to your gameplay experience? Since you're demanding content on a regular basis, how about look at other games similar to warframe? Or at least trying to compete with warframe? You said it yourself, DE is a indie studio. Meaning they don't have the funding triple A titles have. WF thrives on content people buy with real money. If you want content, keep buying S#&$ from them.
  8. One time at work, they deep fried turkeys for Thanksgiving party and I gotta admit, it was the best damn turkey I've ever had. But then again, deep fry anything, it'll taste good. Even kubrow.
  9. But your pallette will thank you, though. Then again, if you're hungry, everything will taste better. I just can't eat turkey everyday. Probably the only one here.
  10. Damn. The new warframe dilemma... What starts the new war.
  11. How can you compare another game in a different genre without having even played it yourself? Because seriously, the few videos I've watched literally says the game is "souls with guns."
  12. Is it wrong to say I missed a troll vauban? Although, I was grouped up on an arbitration excavation with a vauban yesterday. Not a troll, but a pretty useful one. We just had to bounce as soon as they start dying.
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