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  1. Fortnite players so bored of playing Fortnite they started playing warframe when? And when does a set of armor a MUST in playing warframe that you have to resort to "quit playing" just because you wouldn't pay for it at the asking price that has been in place for years?
  2. "Wanted some answers and got it" How? The update is not out for public yet. It's not even done. This is clearly a textbook definition of a conspiracy. Well done.
  3. Read the same post as the rest of the people here. How about the update hasn't even been released yet and you're already looking at the worst possible outcome? So why still bother playing WF when you already know it's going to fail anyway? Right?
  4. This type of post reminds me of watchmen. You know that dude on the streets holding a sign that says "the end is nigh"...
  5. Wisp got gigantamaxed. Niiice.
  6. Yea but convert that to kubrow years.... And voila, feels like a lifetime.
  7. Well then complain about that. Everybody else gets to do it regardless.
  8. Congratulations! Now you're entitled to legitimately complain that there's nothing else to do from this point on.
  9. It's too sustainable. I see people *@##$ about the grind they have to do now. Lol DE just can't win.
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