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  1. Danse Macabre needs to go. That's the most ridiculously unnecessary power in his kit.
  2. I'm all for it. Just don't #*!%ing touch mesmer skin, DE.
  3. Not just you, lotsa people would. Takes even longer to finish when host quits.
  4. While I'm not a programmer such as you claim yourself, I can see where your logic is coming from. But as you said it yourself, you "require further data." I'm not saying your math is wrong, but to call DE's programming "flawed" implementation of a system that has been in the game since it came out, is just downright arrogant. Especially for someone who doesn't have a complete data on how DE runs their RNG to begin with. I'm not white-knighting DE or anything here or at least I don't mean to, i just have a problem with how this post was presented. Since your post relies heavily on your math, I'm real curious, what do you consider "many" in terms of players complaining? Do you know how many active players are out there versus the people that actually are complaining? What's the percentage on that? I totally agree with some of these people here. Your entire post just defined "gambler's fallacy." What one's expectation has nothing to do with how the game runs RNG.
  5. I think we should have MORE variants of these kinda challenges. They're fun to unlock and challenging at times, makes you really think outside the box.
  6. I think that's his best attribute. Purely because in my head, whomever at DE thought of the concept of Gauss, that person was munching on Pringles one day and key in the phrase "once you pop, you can't stop." Then goes "how about we make a speed based frame that relies on kinetic energy?" Hence, Gauss was born. The evidence is there, people... Fight me! 😝
  7. I coulda sworn they added this QoL already. Because this exact same thing happened to me just recently and I was hosting with a buddy, got careless and ate it pretty early on. This was right before Saint of Altra update. Another pop up appeared on my screen once I accidentally hit "x to abort mission" that made me avoid leaving the mission. Two factors that I'm thinking might've affected my experience was either I was on PS4 and/or I was hosting a group prior to going to arbitrations. I gotta test this out tomorrow and update you guys. So I will apologize early on to the people I'll come across with tomorrow while hosting. Edit: To add, my buddy in the same match ate it as well at the end right before we got our last reward. When the last reward dropped, which was an aura forma, we extracted with him still dead. He claimed that he got forma anyway.
  8. I wanna add something positive to my posts: The boss UI. I really like that they've added a clear(er) way to see the health bar other than the norm. I suggest you mark the Prelate so you know where exactly he teleports to, though.
  9. They did say that in the past streams. It's just a matter of when. Which is Soon(TM) JackHargreav speculated that they might bring Arlo near the end of the season. So there might still be a chance to make the fight a lot more interesting. Well to me, at least.
  10. Butta-face. Got it. Lol You should try fighting him solo at least once. Just to see how the fight mechanics works.
  11. I have tried several frames to fight the wolf, each falls in the categories you listed. Mirage, Revenant, Hildryn, loki, Zephyr, nyx, nekros, just to name ones i can recall.0 But by far the best one and fastest I can take the wolf down was valkyr. My weapon of choice is either gram prime and/or catchmoon. I would purposely buy and equip mk-1 weapons alongside them just to "bait" him. I'm sure it's just a coincidence but it was always strong in my past experiences, regardless. Sounds silly as I'm typing it, but that's basically how I dealt with the random wolf. I get pretty excited whenever I hear his howl.
  12. That really sounds good. I want DE to turn my opinion the other way. Honestly, anything they do at this point and in the days coming, would turn my opinion the other way. Lol
  13. Not everyone can kill him that fast. Most struggle, so he has a valid point.
  14. Had no idea and never even noticed. But thank you for that info. Now if DE would bother with the back story...
  15. Noooooo! We don't need another aw infested boss. 1 is more than enough.
  16. He drops a unique weapon bp/parts called Pathocyst.
  17. Right? They better have a great epilogue to this season because it's really disappointing rn.
  18. Exactly. I wish they'd bring back the wolf beacon already and I'll use all my credits towards it. I'd just bring them to missions and spawn him randomly and see how my squad deals with him. Lol
  19. The thing about Warframe is that we are so over powered that almost nothing in the game can take us out. The wolf took that away from the most of us and made some of us feel inadequate. That's what i like about him. Zealoid Prelate on the other hand, is just another boss to me. Having that invulnerability phase is not really much of a challenge because they lay out everything for you, you just have to follow the bread crumbs. And the drops.. 33% is really high compared to the sledge. I got all parts in 7 runs. Talk about easy mode. Yes, the wolf is a bullet sponge, but isn't he the only one in the game? And he only becomes a bullet sponge if you're unprepared or can't take him down fast enough. Talking about "unique mechanic," almost all bosses in the game have invulnerability phase. What's so unique about that? I got my weapon. I got my scans. What reason do I have to go back to the fight?
  20. OP opinions: Episode 5 is such a disappointment. Way to conclude the season, DE. I've enjoyed fighting the wolf a lot more than the zealoids. Everything is underwhelming for the conclusion. At least season 1 has a better short story. Weapon drop pending (building). Whats your opinion?
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