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  1. Thanks for the hotfix ! Would be nice to fix the new challenges and steam successes too
  2. Fixed by purchasing the bp again
  3. As the title sais, I can't trade those two rarest gems. When I search for them in trade, they don't appear.
  4. Same for me, Got 3 maxed ranked new pets and it says that I have none (Pc)
  5. My zymos just finished crafting and I can't retreave it. In game (pc) i cant see it anywhere, nor in the foundry nor in my inventory and on the iOS app, I see it finished in my foundry but can't retreave it because "insufficient weapon slots!" but, I have two open slots. Edit: I also see the image on the foundry (pc) without touching it and the icon saying an item in the foundry is finished is there too Help pls
  6. I can't unlock the Orb Vallis node in Steel Path
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