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  1. well they cant release new war related things now..... and they cant release corpus themed things either because those are getting a rework.
  2. im very certain that the new war will bring an expansion to railjack too as well as plains and vallis
  3. i like it when ppl have these roles: captain driving and shooting guy at sideturrtets shooting, repairing the ship, taking care of boarders, flushing resources and crafting an other guy taking out crewships 4th guy doing the base objectives
  4. u know league of legens requires a lot of teamwork and people are famously toxic there. the more teamwork is required the more toxic ppl can get
  5. no need to make a thread about it. we dont even know u exist
  6. op is talkng about polarity of the slot. some weapons and frames have no polarity on their slots, some have like 3-4. u can add as many as u want with formas. also mods can be leveled up... idk why all ppl seem to not realise this. all they know is get het, scattered justice and rhino.
  7. why would u play low base status weapons anyway? also status chance is a great stat to get on rivens
  8. they are much more compact. i always use them and never weeping. u get +120% status chance and 2 elements for just 2 slots. try that using weeping wounds
  9. we need damage 3.0 that would include a rework on status too. the time is ticking and the flaws of dmg 2.0 are killing the game. they keep adding more layers on it and that will only make it harder to develop dmg 3.0. tbh i dont think they will ever do it. they will just add more layers and tweak to a flawed system that eventually kills the game by making it boring
  10. at the end of the year we will see how much less gifts were given. we dont need DE to donate, but DE can make us by giving us rewards.
  11. depends on the situation really but the best dps frames are: mesa, saryn, octavia. foolproof no-skill frames that will make your squad question why they logged in
  12. you probably misunderstood the question. im sorry
  13. how does railjack connect to the rest of the game if it needs all new resources like the open worlds that are the "islands" in the game?
  14. the idea of this and that there are this kind of people who want it is absolutely sickening
  15. idk with 14% base crit u get 215,6%(+14) crit at 10x combo counter. the game works right.
  16. 再用不好法购有些, 再用中 有些组合包段位
  17. know most of the mods that exist and from there get good at modding i guess. most things are lategame-viable so its all about modding. (dont look up builds and tutorials. they wont teach you, they will just show u what to build and keep u a mindless zombie)
  18. id say late february or early march, depending on how much new stuff the new war brings that needs to be taylored
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