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  1. This is my 3rd post after consistently playing warframe since around 2014. So my biggest issue with the game right now is something you have touched on but something that I feel is the final key to making warframe an A list everywhere game. So... I consistenly love my experiance with warframe. I try to share it every chance I get. Yet I am consistenly hindered by the fact that all of my years of investment into this beautiful work of art, are stuck on the xbox one. Now what stops me from enjoying the clan I have built, the warframes I've collected, and so many other facets, is that I have many friends on ps4 and even pc. But I can't simply abandon the years of work and money I have put into this. So typically I have just accepted this as the sad state of affairs that I must tolerate in order to play what has now become not only my favorite game, but also a singular point of relief for my life after going through a traumatic and abusive breakup and being a disabled U.S. Veteran. You guys have done me and I know many others a huge service by showing that games and gaming communities can be places of tremendous positivity & inspiration. The love you guys show us is something I will never have the proper words for. Yet when I saw that you guys were about to set up a switch version of warframe... I could only think about how I won't be able to utilize that either because all my hard work is on xbox. I think what I really want to ask for out of this is a chance to port my account over to PC in order to allow me to share it on my switch during the upcoming account transfer period so that I can really continue taking my love of this game and my solidarity with it wherever I go. And these days being a U.S. veteran doesn't mean what it used to to me. Infact I get more inspiration from my videogaming and sci-fi interests than I do my past life. And games like yours are what has inspired me to get my degree in Astrobiology! Infact your rare community inclusion efforts have inspired me to start drawing again! I'm a very bad drawer but I have started coming up with plans for a shield melee that fires rockets while in a defensive stance, and a spear similar to the thrown staff weapons that when thrown will launch a collection of drones to attack enemies! And those are just the ones I thought of first! It means the world to me to have this kind of light back in my heart and I want to be able to take it everywhere with me!.... I believe the ultimate goal should be to acquire cross platform play but I know asking sony for help on that right now feels daunting... But you guys have started to change this industry. And just like the change that now needs to sweep my country in order to restore our dignity, I think the final technical barrier for warframe is giving access to singular accounts across all platforms. I hope someone at DE reads this. Thanks again for being a beacon of hope when we are surrounded by sharks like EA and Activision. ... Finally please forgive any grammar or typos as I am doing this with an xbox controller. Much Ninja Love!
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