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  1. Hydroid was referred to by Rahetalius recently as needing a rework. At the time I was surprised, I thought he was in a good state at the moment, but it got me thinking. So here's a potential reworked Hydroid concept. Passive: Circulation 1: Water Bullet (sue me, he's an actual water ninja, Krigakure ftw) 2: Water Form 3: Storm Front/Rain Dance (sue me) 4: Tentacle Swarm * This was just a few random thoughts I've had over the last few days. I'm pretty sure I proposed some of these ideas back when he was "reworked" last time.
  2. I think the idea of making him a more pacifist like warframe is good. However I agree with other comments that this isn't feasible in a game which is primarily about killing.
  3. Over the last few months we've had alot of complaints. Particularly the Lich system and Railjack have come under fire, admittedly with good reason. There are issues with both, whether mechanical issues or design flaws that make both systems unenjoyable in their current states. These two updates and a few videos (in particular Rahetalius let's not deny it) have really made me think about this. Now i've already made a post about the Lich system and beyond some improvements that have already been commented elsewhere for Railjack there isn't much for me to say there. Instead this post is going to be part recomendation for a change in the way DE develops the game (at least for 2020) aswell as a list of small things I would like to see come about. The Ninja system Runescape is an MMO built around fairly passive grinding and combat. It's admittedly a very simple game, not at all like Warframe in almost any respect. However, there is one lesson that could be taken from Jagex (Runescape's devs) which I think would really benefit DE going forward. I'm talking about the Ninja team. The Ninja team are (or were) a small group of devs whose job it is to polish the game in various ways. This in the past resulted in a large number of minor but very much appreciated changes to the game, quality of life things. I'd like to give a few examples but I stopped playing Runescape when I picked up Warframe many years ago so my mind is blank right now as I write this. Having said that a small team whose job it is to manage minor balancing issues and make smaller improvements as opposed to groups working on larger projects at once would benefit the general gameplay immensely. Small updates and patches that improve some quality of Warframe, perhaps released alongside Tenno reinforcements would be an incredibly popular move. In addition it might also be a good idea to steal another idea of Jagex's but apply it differently. Jagex allowed players to vote on what content they wanted to be worked on. Players were more involved in the game as a result of this and I believe that it also resulted in more engagement and awareness of the game's development. So alongside this Ninja dev system for Warframe I have recommended I would recommend that playerbase vote on whatever this team is going to work on at any given time. Whether its a small update to the extractor system, or a retweaking of how drops work at higher level content I believe allowing the players to have an active role in this would be a fantastic community focused system that fosters the kind of goodwill that DE have historically been known to have with its playerbase. Ideas and Minor things I want to see in 2020 Content Islands Railjack and the Lich system has laid bare one of the biggest issues with Warframe currently. Content islands. Railjack, Liches and even our open worlds are almost entirely isolated from general gameplay. After grinding the rewards from any particular island there is little reason to go back to it. Particualrly Liches suffer tremendously from this as they are (at least in their current state) something of a painful grind and a commitment when active due to their stealing of resources. There NEEDS desperately to be a reason to go back to these systems after we are done with them. The Lich system for example could be improved upon in a variety of ways such as giving the player an increased return on rewards after their lich is killed (effectively increasing the res reward at the cost of reduced rewards in the meantime) or making the entire system more related to general gameplay. I'm not going to speak further on Liches here, that's what my earlier post was about, feel free to check it out via my profile (aswell as my other concepts if you like) if you're interested. Syndicate Standing I want to see regalia etc separated from the standing system. I have spoken about it before and suggested that the syndicate you support could be controlled via separate menu etc. There is nothing more annoying than realising you forgot to switch out a sigil on one of your warframes and losing standing in the syndicate you are ranking up. Equally it's incredibly annoying to have to change 30+ sigils every time you decide to switch factions for whatever reason. The proposed Ninja team could work on this realtively tiny change to the game. Extractors Something else I have mentioned on other posts. Extractors are a fairly dull mechanic which exist to provide a minor amount of resources (which I adimttedly appreciated immensely when I first started Warframe) but which are still a fairly dull system designed to make players think about the game and return to it. I'd like to either see a new extractor system like one I suggested a month or so ago or a more gameplay related idea. One idea I had was for extractors to boost resource gains on the planet you send them to. The player would effectively nominate the planet they would be playing on and the extractor would gather an extra 10% of the resources you gathered on that planet for its duration. So you'd drop one on Ceres for example and then spend an hour or so farming a given resource and when you extractor is finishe it would give you 10% more of whatever resources you had gathered. Alternatively and this is really the simplest idea regarding extractors I have had. I'd like to see an auto deploy feature. I currently rock eight of each extractor type meaning I never run risk of losing an extractor. I'd like the option of being able to press a button and deploy fresh extractors to the planets I just gathered my resources from. Going back to each planet individually and redeploying an extractor is a minor irritant I'd rather just do without and which certainly doesnt incentivise use of the system. This in particular is the sort of minor update a Ninja update team might work on but which the community would no doubt appreciate. An Active Solar System I'd like to see a new system that shows how active the system is. Minor month long semi events that thematically indicate some sort of activity. For example the ideas below: There is an increase in production on Ceres resulting in increased drops. Someone released a dangerous chemical which has inadvertently affected the wild animal poulation. Animals in plains are much more common to spawn around you and spawn rates of rarer creatures while hunting are larger. Alad V (for example) has radied a nearby planet and stolen important resources and so now you have a small chance to receive Orokin cells on Jupiter for the next few weeks. There was a mistake in production rates at the Grineer weapon manufacturing facilities and they have been producing too many flamethrowers so now there is a temporary increase in the spawn rate for Napalm and Hyeka Master units. These would be incredibly minor tweaks to some game files but they would mix things up in game and only really require a message to be sent to players in some form each time they changed. Scaling Rewards I'm sure people at DE are tired of hearing this now but a proper scaling reward system, perhaps one not unlike the current scaling endless fissure system would be encouraging but more could be done. For the sake of argument here's an example fo what I'd like to see, every 20m into a survival now you get an increasing 50% chance of an extra reward every rotation which would encourage players to play 40m intervals instead fo the usual 20 but this would be at the cost to the player of more challenging content. Our game is designed around min maxing and grinding, this system would play into that in a massive way. * Those are a few ideas I've had. Mainly minor changes or ideas. I really feel a Ninja update team would foster alot fo goodwill and improve player retention rates and engagement. Please, post some ideas below and let's get the ball rolling on this.
  4. Well your argument is nice and all, except for all the ways its wrong as can be seen here... I mean, literally none of the ability concepts I have made are derivative of Mag at all. One might argue the ultimate is similar to magnetise on the grounds it attracts bullets, but then it's far more similar to Asimmilate, Splinter Storm and Turbulence due to equally similar features taken from each, as I have already commented. I mean beyond that there's literally nothing like Pull, Magnetize, Polarize or Crush here whatsoever. It's like you've never even played Warframe, let alone Mag. Thanks for the chuckle though. If you could please follow up with an argument that Magneto should be called GRAVneto from now on because actually he manipulates gravity and not electroMAGnetism. Honestly Stan Lee, what a silly goose.
  5. Like I said when someone commented the exact same thing in the discussion forums: MAGnetism =/= Gravity Stay in school kids.
  6. If you consider lots of melee animations, in particular maces, have slam attacks included and those are often the heavier hitting parts of the animations I'd think it was subtly powerful actually.
  7. Kuva Liches are the latest mechanic in game, at least for console players like myself. I’ve killed a handful of Liches now and I feel I’m ready to provide criticism on the game relating to them. So what I’m going to do is break down what I think Liches are, I’ll talk about what we have currently and then I will give my own impressions and discuss alternatives or improvements to the Lich system. The Lich System My Problem with Liches and Comments on What Needs to be Done to Fix it Creation of a Lich and Their Resource Theft System Liches and their Allies in Missions The Lich Fight, Requiem Relics and The Requiem Mod Sequence Summary
  8. Yeah that's potentially a smarter way to go about it. I have a tendency to give all my concepts damage resistance of some sort, maybe it would be a good idea to go a different route. Perhaps making it a third ability equivalent to Zephyr but with either higher energy cost or reduced range would be a decent tradeoff, but then it'd just be turbulence with damage on top. How about this idea: 70% chance to absorb bullets fired into a 8m radius around the player (and say 20% chance on hitscan weapons that would actually hit you). Bullets form the Orbital damaging effect as before with a range of 4m and also act as a kind of Iron Skin (or possibly Warding Halo) which stacks up, but is also diminshed when you deal damage to nearby enemies and when you receive it. You'd want to avoid close contact with alot of enemies to keep the shield built up as otherwise it would deplete quickly. You couldn't just facetank because enemies would be aiming at you directly and the overall regen would not be enough to keep it charged. At the same time your defensive potential would be really high. I feel for the the effectiveness of the ability it would have to be a third or fourth ability though. You could easily make Meteor storm a 4th ability and have this as the third. Not sure of another first ability concept though. Maybe just cancel out a targetted enemy's gravity so they start floating like Titania's Lantern or increase it significantly and holding them down, but both of those would be derivative of his second ability.
  9. The passive was suposed to be 50% additional damage on slam attacks. I'll add that in.
  10. Thanks for your comments, really interesting. I was considering giving Orbital a 50% chance to avoid damage (redirecting 50% of bullets aimed at him to the orbital) and effectively adding a new level to avoid damage further, essentially reducing overall damage received to 5% statistically. Damage would indeed fall of eventually, it'd essentially remain as a short range passive stagger cc. Adding the resistance as described above might make it viable at higher levels. Bear in mind this would still be a huge defensive buff to allies that kept close enough and would protect objectives aswell. It might be better to just make the ability have a 70% chance to absorb any bullets fired through it for balancing purposes. You shouldnt see much of the WoF problem if the range is kept low (you couldn't get more than 20m at best with max range mods from 8m range, though I suppose keeping ranges similar to Gara's Shield would serve the same purpose (sticking a PS modifier to the % absorbed damage dealt aspect would also solve that issue as overextended would essentially make the damage miniscule). Low level enemies wouldnt necessarily add enough damage quickly enough to keep it going and there's no guarantee that 1.5% of the total absorbed damage would necessarily be that effective. You couldn't just run through a level until you charged the ability up by tanking bullets for a bit so either way that problem should be ameliorated to an extent.
  11. A Warframe who manipulates Gravity to fight their enemies. Can you carry his burden Tenno? Appearance: The chest of the warframe houses a large spinning core beneath where you would see chest attachments. Passive: Terminal Velocity 1: Compression (channeled) 2: Gravometric (two abilities) 3: Meteor Storm 4: Orbital (channeled) I didn't bother with alot of numbers on this one. I just wanted to show the ability concepts and theme. Gravometric would have similar range and duration to Radial Blind. Meteor Storm would have range of Soundquake and individual meteors would have say 75% more damage and 50% more splash radius than Barrage but be alot less frequent. Orbital would have a larger absorb radius then Zephyr's Turbulence but nothing too exciting, say 8m at max rank. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
  12. I'd have thought it would look similar to the orikin structures. White armour with a fleshy underside revealed on building stacks as seen in Cetus. Then there would be white crystal growing out of him like the trees the orokin use to provide or move energy. MAybe some movement effects like Ayatans and Ivara prime's shoulders.
  13. I've been thinking about a proper plant themed Warframe for a long time and already released one concept I called Flora. This concept I feel is a bit more masculine but could easily be male or female and more importantly it is significantly better than my previous concept. I have gone to the extra effort of adding actual stats for abilities. I've balanced them as best I could, wherever possible based on the stats of similar existing Warframe abilities such as Gara and Banshee who share similarities with the 1st and third abilities respectively (as well as the augment for the 2). Health: 180 Shields:50 Armour: 120 Energy: 120 Passive: Roots 1: Vines Vine Whip (sue me) Leaching Vine Augment: Multi-Vine 2: Wooden Flesh (passive with active) Bark Armour (passive) Wooden Splinters (active) Augment: Thorns 3: Lashing Roots 4: Heartwood Augment: Bloody Soil Alternative Augment: Bonsai Synergies Cast Lashing Whip to knock enemies down to be rooted by the Heartwood. Cast Leaching Whip (with the augment) or Lashing Roots to then hold enemies down and allow the Heartwood to continue dealing boosted damage. Maintain your Damage Resistance through Bark Armour/Wooden Flesh by attacking enemies with abilities. Cast lashing Roots to help feed the Heartwood tree and make it grow faster while increasing the effective spread of the ability and the player’s range on casting the ability.
  14. Clan Name: Viridian Eclipse Clan Tier: Ghost Clan Platform: PS4 Clan Role: Founding Warlord Featured image So back in February 2019 I decided that it was a completely sensible, perfectly simple idea to start and design my own solo from scratch. After receiving councelling for this obvious sign of mental instability while working on it over the last half year or so I have recently finished what I am calling part one of my Dojo. I wanted to design my Dojo as something that looked like an actual functional Tenno base with workable features. That fell down the wayside here and there but I still have a few rooms which sort of work towards that theme. Part one Features relatively simple designs with a few "special" rooms and the main features of a dojo, those being a trade hub and Research Labs and other miscellaneous things like a treasury. Art rooms will come alter, when I've had a chance to regain 90% of my gatheredresources... If by chance you find yourself visiting my dojo, there are one of each type of Ayatan sculpture hidden throughout the dojo. Can you find them all? The Spawn Area Forest Hall Recreation Hall Water Hall Garden Hall The Worship Rooms Hall of Mourning The Barracks Hallways Biome Room Trophy Hall Treasury The "Reactor" Secret Rooms The Research Labs
  15. Not much of an answer that, is it? Perhaps you should work on your own imagination then get back to us.
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