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  1. Yeah that's the big issue with it it would eliminate that issue of trying to balance out mods to make the best out of your warframe which is a major part of the modding gameplay mechanic.
  2. So in the wiki discussion forum someone made a post suggesting that warframe mods might be modded separately. Perhaps obviously this would result in some really overpowered warframes. Nova with a basic slow build and her nuke build combined would be incredibly strong. Excalibur with a high range and duration radial blind aswell as a higher power strength exalted blade would be incredibly strong. But it got me thinking. Instead of giving all abilities the eight slots how about spltting it out, 6-2 or 4-4 with the Warframe continuing to have mods which will continue to affect all abilities aswell as themselves and then having specific slots for abilities. So for example below is how I might wind up splitting up my mods. If it went 4-4 I might mod like this: Base: Corrosive Projection, P Sure Footed, 3x Umbral Mods, P Flow 1: Overextended, Fleeting Expertise, Transient Fortitude, Stretch 2: Overextended, P Continuity, Stretch, Streamline 3: Stretch, Transient Fortitude, Augur Secrets, Augur Reach 4: Fleeting Expertise, Transient Fortitude, Blind Rage r5-7, Streamline Alternatively, if I went 6-2 it might look like: Base: Corrosive P, Power Drift, 3x Umbral Mods, P Flow, Streamline, P Continuity 1: Overextended, Transient Fortitude 2: Overextended, Stretch 3: Transient Fortitude, Stretch 4: Fleeting Expertise, Blind Rage r5-7 Obviously either way the warframe is functionally much stronger as a result of this change. Some Warframes would see a significant improvement ot their effectiveness or utility such as Excalibur. Other warframes like Chroma or Hydroid would see limited improvements either because their abilities generally benefit from similar mod setups or because you wouldn't need or want to mod them for other abilities regardless. If this were implimented it would have to be an upgrade on par with Aura Forma's rarity and cost to impliment and the new ability mods would either have to share a polarity or be formaed separately again like with exalted weaponry. I'd probably imagine it would have to be limited to a 6-2 arrangement or maybe even a 7-1 split, requiring two of the upgrade to grant the 6-2 split. Yes, it'd be expensive as hell, but the potential increase in effectiveness should really reflect the clost. Thoughts? It's a bit mad isn't it? Could be an interesting idea though.
  3. Normally when entering the plains directly in front of the player is a pond and on the opposite side of the pond some Kuaka might spawn. I have noticed that beyond that point, slightly to the right facing away from cetus there is a single Condroc that spawns sat on some rocks. This condroc cannot be captured but can be shot. Assuming its an oversight from when conservation was added to the Plains.
  4. It's not competence, it's numbers though innit? If you don't want to cause offense you should have said "your clan" to begin with. Either way its still a rude and childish comment to have made. Yes of course I am salty, if I was not there wouldn't have been a point to this post would there? Because my effort is wasted and others gain better benefits from inferior work. It's not rocket science to say that isn't fair. The whole point of this post was to highlight that Solo clans get shafted by the point system of this event. Whereas previously there was added grind which was functionally harder to do but possible to achieve, this time the skillcap required to achieve the gold tier is unreasonably above what is fair and possible for 99% of players. Solo clan players have to invest far more effort to achieve this unreasonably high goal. I'm not just speaking for myself, I'm speaking for all solo clans that struggle with this, why wouldn't I be? There are other discussions on this same issue already. My example was that the other runners get to race 100m while one other one has to run 200m in the same race. Is that fair? Think Usein Bolt could have managed a win under those conditions? No of course not. He would have lost because the effort he has to put in is double that of the other runners. What if the points were taken as an average of the top 50% of a clan's best scores? Wouldn't that have made much more sense if the point was to demonstrate a clan's skill level? It wouldn't even be that hard to do. Taking the average of a group requires barely any extra coding in excel which certainly wouldn't be that challenging for DE's statistic hungry servers to manage. Every collective of players would be shown exactly where they are in comparison to each other.
  5. Lacking competence isn't the issue when the point is that the inherent balance is unfair. By your logic everyone should actually be expected to hit 20k points each instead, after all they're incompetent aswell right? Therefore their contributions shouldn't be included because it's unfair to the clans with tryhards in them. Those clans dont deserve the trophies, the same as myself. This may surprise you, but videogames aren't just meant for tryharding. Let's tell one of the runners at the next olypmics that they have to run 200m instead of 100m like everyone else and see how they feel about that. If they complain it's unfair we can tell them they're just not trying hard enough.
  6. I started a solo clan a few months ago, with the goal of building it myself, researching everything (except hema for the meantime, because damn) and then eventually beginning to recruit players and make a proper community. Then Hostile Mergers came around. So here I am at the start of the event thinkimg cool, I'll get some sweet trophies I can stick in a few rooms. Plague star too, awesome I can finally get that 100th cystolyst that's been bothering me. I checked the page describing the clan event, spotted ghost clans, yep 20k points to get gold tier rewards, piece of cake. I'd already acquired 5.2k points in one run, how hard can it be? So I do another run, getting 4.3k points. Then I go to check my statistics. Oh no, I find the new points have not shown up. I'm slightly miffed at this and immediately create a support ticket. Shortly after that I read the event details again. I go into the ticket and apologise in a comment below. I learn that total score is added up to create the total clan points. The total derived from the sum of all clan members' TOP scores. it's not additive like previous events. So what am I to do? I guess I'll need to manage 20k points in one run which is apparently the only solution. Having experienced demolysts at 4k points and higher... Yeah this is gonna be a doozy huh? CC is useless, the gamemode freaks out and glitches regularly and I'm simply not Tavier bloody Corsair. Hell even as I look at vids of people who have achieved 20k points or even higher solo I learn that half the tricks and methods they used are redundant now, having been fixed or removed. (Trying Magus Lockdown and seeing the sleeping enemy moonwalk their way to a console was entertaining at least, still not sure if that was a glitch or part of a patch but hey does it really matter at this point?). At first glance the best score points system isn't a problem regardless. Most clans could manage with their members hitting 5k points or a bit higher to make up for some slack. However with the lowest group clans being ghost clans requiring this many points, solo clans (being counted as ghost clans) have a much higher threshhold to reach. It's really not fair on those players and hurts their enjoyment of the event as they will now feel obligated to leave their dojos that they built themselves with blood sweat and tears (forty forma, along with tens of thousands of different resources is nothing to laugh at) or lose out. This problem needs addressing. If events are going to work like this in the future then either Solo clans need to be acknowledged as separate entities from Ghost clans or the points system needs to be adjusted for solo clans in mind. I appreciate that DE may wish to encourage players to play together and with Railjack coming that makes sense, but many players have personal or important reasons to create solo clans and depriving them of that is unnecessary. in addition, alliances provide that group communication aswell. I'll finish with this comment, the beast that is solo clans has beeen here too long to be brought low without a certain level of player push back. There is little to gain in terms of player engagement and alot to gain in terms of player dissatisfaction by trying to make players give them up.
  7. Really struggling with my solo clan. How are you supposed to get that 20k total points? I know its possible and the leaderboards show some awesome numbers but I'm simply not that hardcore. In previous events points stacked so it was just a matter of grinding more (in fact I'd have that 20k by now if it worked that way) which was less of a problem for those determinned players. Is it possible that solo clans could please get a dispensation or a reduction in the ponits needed? (seeing as the system already logs players joining clans this should be fairly easy) (say 3/4k for terracotta to 8k points for gold?) Because managing 20k as a solo player or somehow finding a group of players competent enough to work to 20k is nigh impossible right now. Hell, I haven't even managed teracotta rewards (8k) on my own yet in the current system! The difference in the levels of difficulty between solo clans and grouped up Ghost clans is just too great to be reasonable.
  8. I love all of these changes. But there is one I would definitely like to see. Nezha's ultimate is still very much akin to a rhino stomp. It's a great ability but hampered significantly by the low range and superior build options available. Nezha previously was designed with maneueverability in mind and to an extent still is. I'd like to see the blazing spears appear as a channelled or duration based ability with spears being produced at intervals not unlike how World on fire does now. As an ability it makes a great deal more sense in my mind for it to operate that way, encouraging Nezha to move around to proc the ability on a large number of enemies, as opposed to jumping amongst them then casting. Nezha should be all about movement and darting in and out of combat.
  9. That's what people are upset about... It's about people being able to acquire something so early on that others have had to wait literal years to get. It's not the time spent to acquire everything that people care about, it's the time spent to acquire the later rewards. I honestly am less bothered myself because i willget Sigma in a few days but I understand the issue for some people though. The porposed changes would make the relative work spent by others meaningless. Imagine if DE said that suddenly they're making only half of weapons give affinity, but that those that will will give double making it so that people can achieve master rank 25 twice as easily.
  10. How about having sets of three weapons being available first, i.e. azima, zenistar, zenith being available for the first three rotations of weapon reward. So you pick between the three at first, then the remaining two then get the last one at the third time round. Then you see the next three weapons in the next rotation. It'd make the issue of time invested vs weapon received more appreciable and still allow newer players some flexibility in their rewards and earlier access to some weapons than they might have seen with the current system. The same could easily apply with the mods, with Fury etc being available at first and eventually whittling down to the last available reward at that rotation. In addition, for those players who need to reacquire a weapon perhaps have tiers of login rewards only available after completing the previous one or playing so many days. For example with my system as described above. I complete the first three rotations of weapons and mods. Then I find I want to reacquire Azima (for example) or get a second primed fury. I could then opt into a 50/100 day login series that would give me said reward again after it has been done. It'd make it relatively easy to reacquire things that have been lost with a relatively small penalty that is appropriate to it. Then after I have finished the 50/100 days I would return to my previous login position. Think of it as going back to run a level (which is now much easier) in a more old school game with chapters or levels in it.
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