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  1. I'm still doing a deep dive into the different weapons and stances, but so far this has been the most significant improvement to gameplay since Movement 2.0. Probably the biggest change has been to the variety of viable mod configurations - some of mine are centered around building combo for boosting mods and never letting it drop, like how many were before, but now I've also built some centered around pumping and dumping combo, and others that just rely on starting combo for spamming heavy attacks. Most of my problems have been technical, like some mods not working right and others only working if you're host. My initial thoughts and concerns regarding the current system: -I'm not entirely sure how Glaives work alongside heavy attacks. The throw is on the heavy key, but it doesn't seem to either dump the combo counter or benefit from the multiplier / heavy mods. I'm totally ready to accept that this could just be me not understanding the weapon's altered stances, though. -Heavy attack wind-ups are far too slow on the whole. I really only use them when I've modded specifically for them via either Amalgam Organ Shatter or Killing Blow, otherwise they're just too clumsy to reliably make use of, even while standing in the middle of a group that isn't getting vaporized by your teammates. -Lifting isn't a significant mechanic. It's main use seems to be to keep heavier targets teed up for follow-ups if they should survive a heavy attack or heavy slam. In practice, it's basically just another status effect - which is fine, but not something I would go out of my way to mod for or even really think about while playing. -Gunblades stances feel kind of awkward. I don't know what could be done about that aside from an entirely new, different stance, but in general they feel kind of stilted and janky. Thank you, DE, for finally getting this update through. Hopefully I'll have more detailed feedback once I've put a few dozen more hours into the new system.
  2. I'm having an issue where my rivens that have additional starting combo don't apply unless I'm the host. I've been able to reproduce it pretty consistently. Most recent example: I've got a Sibear riven that gives me 40.8 starting combo. Entering an ESO mission as a client, my melee combo counter shows no combo and using melee adds to it as normal, starting at one. Once the initial host left between rounds and the role migrated to me, my combo counter immediately perked up to 3x / 40.
  3. Can't wait for the inevitable Stevestream :D Stevestreams are the dev-iest of the devstreams - an intimate guided tour of the sausage factory
  4. Thank you for keeping us in the loop - I'd rather have it done right than have it done right now
  5. The Skana shown in the stream had a damage of 120, unmodded. Currently it's 35 on the live server. That's nearly a 3.5x boost to base damage. If those numbers hold for the rest of the arsenal, with a few maybe getting more love than others (I want the Pangolin Sword to be usable so badly), then I'm not too concerned about losing the combo counter damage bonus.
  6. The actual impact of these changes is going to depend so much on not only the final numbers for the altered mods and mechanics but the as-of-yet-unseen total overhaul to the weapons themselves (and if the primary and secondary overhauls were anything to go by, expect a full shuffling of the meta deck) that it's impossible to say one way or another if these changes will be positive or not. The most encouraging thing, though, is the willingness to make big changes to core systems. Just please, support these changes once they've been released. If certain things don't work out or there's problems with implementations, we cannot have another situation where we have to wait another seven months for them to be acknowledged and resolved.
  7. Regarding the Immolation overheat mechanic: I agree that the instant total drain is too severe - why not have the overheat for her 2 be something comparable to the current WoF? If your heat reaches maximum you start draining energy like a sieve while fires break out around you, increasing in intensity and drain the longer you're overheating. It would fulfill the want of something that jeopardizes your energy while providing area damage on overheat, but in a way that's more manageable in a busy fight and with more exploitable synergies for the player to consider.
  8. Tomorrow is the seven month anniversary of the release of Melee 2.9 -- can we please have some specific, tangible details about what changes are being considered? And how much longer will we be waiting for the necessary fixes to this basic gameplay element?
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