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  1. Hmmm.... Predictions time. Gara Prime will come with a mainline update that will play this song when the game is loading Grendel Prime will come with a special "Mobility scooter" syandana which you'll be able to ride when you play him:
  2. I'm very reluctant to say Grineer tiles need an update as I dislike passionately the Corpus fleet retrofit tiles. It's like the Corpus aesthetic is very different now and I cannot possibly get used to it - I'm simply not having fun with these maps. My worst fear for an updated Grineer visual style would be changing the Hydron defense map into a convoluted, unlikeable and broken mess like what the Corpus ship defense map has become. I'm much more fond of the Jupiter Gas City improvements, but I see this whole process as rather hit-n-miss. We might end up with good new Grineer tiles or awfu
  3. Hema Prime will be the first prime weapon introduced to the Dojo lab research. Only 500,000 mutagen sample for Ghost clans!😬
  4. I understand part of the sentiment, the story in Warframe is not spelled out to the player and can be iften confusing... but saying that you don't know who Ordis is... that shows that you don't really pay much attention.
  5. Solo clans are perfectly viable, but if there is a single piece of advice I could give is to exercise patience while building one. It takes plenty of time and plenty of resources and some of the blueprints or other items you research/build can be frustrating. It is a long-term project, but one that I see as very rewarding.
  6. You can also get them as rewards from Invasions by helping factions (such as Corpus for complete Fieldrons). I think this is the easiest way to do it. You can get some pretty fast.
  7. Meanwhile, in the Loki Prime Systems countryside...
  8. OP, you raise lots of interesting points and it's good seeing that perspective of someone coming back to the game after a long break. My one true gripe with the game is the unresolved situation with Lotus after so many years which, quite frankly, I find annoying. But I do understand how convoluted the story must seem with stuff like Jupiter and Ropalolyst, or the Corpus fleet retrofit with the Parvos storyline or the addition of the Deimos backstory. I have really no idea which is the correct order of things now. And yes, the game demands "studying" to get the most out of it, at the very
  9. To me it's Inaros, no question about it. We are talking about being boring, not functionality or effectiveness in tasks. Inaros is someone hard to kill without too much effort from the player and all his skills look and play dull. Sure, Hydroid is the current king of least desirable frames, but hey, the kraken looks nice with the tentacles and everything. Grendel might also be not very good in the order of things, but he eats others and makes belly noises (which is awesome.)
  10. Necro-ing is a thing that happens all over the internet in such types of forums. I think a large number of them is simply by people new to the system of discussion, enter the forums, search for a particular topic or term, and then click on whatever comes as a result not noticing the date of creation or last post. There are intentional cases of course.
  11. You propose an over-complicated solution to a problem that does not really exist. You might say "griefing", but please consider this: there are plenty of times where you run a random mission with random people that capture your simaris target, providing you a benefit. I have had this happen to me plenty of times, often with targets I did not notice at all. I'd say the times I have been offered a free scan on my target (never mind free scans of other people's target, i.e. free standing) far exceed the number of times I have been the victim of intentional target killing.
  12. The Second Dream is probably the best gaming moment this game has to offer but sorry to say, this review is yet another limited journalistic view about a game. Someone spent some hours to play the story quests in Warframe and comes to the conclusion... It's not good versus evil, light versus dark but the young and impoverished versus empire and wealth. Who-the-what-now? A review, even one the focuses solely on the plot, without mentioning the Orokin and Lotus is completely out of focus.
  13. A large part of the problem is that this is "buried" behind Railjack defense missions. Typically people who are interested in Railjack won't go for rotation C in defense because it's the space combat they are interested in, and in general players tend to do long defense missions for relics where there is a certain motivation per round of 5 waves. On top of that, this particular defense mission is one of the worst possible because of the map design. Even people who like the map for their own reasons can't deny that enemies tend to get stuck often in distant corridors or corners making the whole
  14. Ha... I must admit that even though the Railjack update has been hit or miss in many respects, the upgraded planetary/environmental visuals are definitely a hit. I must also admit that I totally missed Charon while doing those new Pluto missions. Guesses? I suppose the mining one is the most reasonable, seeing what the factions do with minor planets and asteroids in general in the Sol system. Or maybe poor Charon served as target practice for whatever weaponry was invented. Or a collision with a large object might be at fault.
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