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  1. I was recording some of my grind in another game, many years ago (Diablo 2 to be precise). It's oddly satisfying in a way, provided you are into numbers/stats and you have an easy way of recording whatever stats you want to. These days I'm kind of lazy (or normal, depending on your point of view). The only thing I keep track of is the daily login rewards since I reached 1000 days; I'm around 1025 at the moment so not many "observations" so far. I don't know if I have a purpose with those, but maybe they'll prove useful one day, to me or someone else. For example, many people complain about the rarity of 75% plat discount and I may be able to give some hard stats for that.
  2. Honest question, is there any way we can actually fail in this challenge? There are times I think the results are kind of, you know, predetermined.
  3. Strategy aside, which is not really the point here, the first part of the complaint I get and agree with: Archgun deployment simply does not work in many cases. Perhaps it has something to do with host stability, ping or the general chaos that's going on in the area in that particular moment. Selecting it often takes several attempts, and I've had cases of runs where it didn't work at all (and yes, in plenty of cases it worked on the first attempt too). In general, this is not really acceptable. The second part, about the speed of deployment: I'm not a fan of it either but at least it serves a purpose i.e. the idea that a "special" weapon takes time to land in the hands of the Warframe.
  4. I... I don't know... and finding out that I'm actually holding you in my hands when looking for gems now makes me feel uncomfortable...
  5. Well, I wasn't bored in the one time I tried the mode. I was occupied reviving players that couldn't handle that particular survival. Just to be clear, I'm not blaming them because this mode is open to pretty much everyone without really stating the conditions and everyone wants the gift of having a shot at something vaulted. Having said that, I don't think I will play this again for this weekend. Even with an affinity booster (daily reward) I barely managed to level up the secondary I had in mind and with a credit booster (sortie reward a bit earlier) I got something like 100k credits. And it's 30 minutes which is kind of a time-waste for someone who has limited gaming time on the weekdays. Overall, from my point of view, meh...
  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one keeping that snowman and holiday decorations all-year round.
  7. I'm sure the mentality behind Sorties is that they are the type of high-level mission for the wider audience, but that doesn't mean that all of them are doable by just about anybody. I'm also sure there are many players enjoying the bigger challenge when it arrives (never mind the fact that there are sortie missions that fall into the completely different edge of the spectrum i.e. ridiculously easy, and yes, I'm looking at you Sarge). When missions are tough, you have sometimes to be lucky to complete them which often means that you have to get into a group, random or not, of people that can handle them. I did that mission with a random group. There was a Revenant, an Ember, a Frost (me) and I can't remember the fourth one. Nothing special about the whole setup I guess. Judging by that, I don't think it's an impossible mission.
  8. I'm ready to POP THEIR (not-so) GLISTENING MAGNIFICENCEs! I hope there is a counter on how many we killed, individually. You know, for bragging rights, like between Legolas and Gimli.
  9. Theoretical question, and one not to be taken seriously*. If you saw someone on the street dressed in a similar way to that of the Operators in game, would you call that person a hipster? *That's obvious, but sometimes I feel everything in the forums is taken very seriously.
  10. So... let me get this clear... From now on, if someone teabags the defeated Stalker this is considered against the proper etiquette and even "toxic" because it can be a real person, with feelings?
  11. Any plans to bring the special Valentine's day arrows on a more permanent basis? (Yeah, I know, very important question but since I'm allowed to have my Liset and Kubrow in Christmas themes all-year-round why not this one?)
  12. Truth be told, you can learn almost anything about the game through the wiki. You don't really need a person to "guide" you for a very large number of questions that pop up from time to time, although I admit it's nice (sometimes) to actually talk to a real person even for trivial stuff. Apart from the wiki, there are tons of other resources on the internet to learn about the game, including the forums here, youtube, sites that list market prices, sites where you can check mods and builds on certain items and so on. What I'm trying to say is that while Guides of the Lotus might seem like a good idea for helping people to learn about the game, they are surpassed in most respects by other things you can read/watch/check at your leisure. In this sense, it wouldn't surprise me if DE didn't do anything about this initiative in the future.
  13. Mastery Rank tests are a rough equivalent of stage boss fights. In many games, in order to progress, you go through a boss which is usually some sort of fight/challenge that is supposedly there to test your abilities, your "build" and your thus far knowledge of the game and its mechanics. Sometimes these challenges force you to think in a way you haven't done before, too. Am I fond of MR tests? Not really, but I don't hate them either and in a sense I'm glad that they exist to force us try different things outside of comfort zones. They are also in agreement with the vague lore type of thing in that we are "ninjas" and gain mastery and higher ranks through tests. In many martial art movies etc. the character often learns and "levels up" through different tasks set by a teacher/master, and in many cases these seem inane or irrelevant. I see a certain analogy here. The 24-hour requirement is hated by lots of people, but the case is always that you immediately forget about it when you pass the test. The game doesn't punish you by not allowing you to get MR points, either. Your progression till the next rank is there.
  14. Also, it's not a bad idea to ask other players (if on multiplayer mode) to mark neurodes they come across so you can pick them more easily. I've seen many times people asking for Orokin Cells to be marked and, more often, Argon Crystals. If you ask politely, many players will try to help you.
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