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  1. I smiled at the OP... Another smile I got from the event itself. First mission I did after it was implemented was an Axi relic extermination (Pluto, random group) which of course turned into the usual noisy and messy rush to the end while killing helpless Corpus. Then at the extraction I get this message: Silent Eliminator Complete an Extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without being detected Completely ridiculous but 9000 standing in the bag is 9000 standing in the bag.
  2. The vent kids are named after the people who use the forums to vent.
  3. One amusing moment which happened while I was playing, but not to me directly, was when I was in a public group doing a sortie. I can't remember if it was the second or third mission, but it was definitely a defense on Europa (the crashed ship map) with infested as enemies. At some point halfway through, one of my teammates said that he had an unveiled riven with him with the usual challenge of the defense target not taking damage, and that it was still on after several waves. Eventually, he failed the objective at the 10th wave (d'oh) for some reason. I bet the whole thing was just bugged as the moving (not to mention stupid) defense target must have taken damage long before that point. I did the challenge on a similar situation where I swear the (stationary this time) defense target got hit several times by enemy corpus units. That was on a Pluto map with the objective on top of a landing pad of sorts; there was a Frost snow globe protecting it, but there were lots of enemies that made it inside. I just don't know how it worked. I quickly chose to extract after 5 waves and smirked after it. I usually do these alone of course, got a Brakk riven yesterday (meh) from a defense challenge that required not using energy consumables. It's easy to miss the way of cheesing the challenges. I got lots of "kill X enemies while latching on a wall..." challenges that were annoying to complete... and then one day I notice the passive on Loki... oh... Rhino of course is the way to go for many other challenges that require not taking damage or getting a status effect on.
  5. Heh... Dual Ether swords had been my #1 as most used melee item for a very long time... Not that these stats were correct, but I did use it a lot back in the earlier days. And honestly, I never complain about any daily reward, no matter how "boring" or useless to me it is. I say thank you to the computer screen and move on.
  6. Banshee has one of the best passives in the game. She immediately turns into some sort of stealth frame with it, perhaps not on par with those that offer invisibility, but still very good. She's my choice when I play Corpus spy missions because she can also kill easily all security systems/cameras with her Quake which helps a lot in some data rooms. Her 2 and 3 are great skills, her 4 not so much in higher level areas. Yes, she is very weak defensively and can be killed rather easily. I would never take her into an Arbitration for that reason alone, even though that +300% buff can be tempting sometimes.
  7. I think as a good step for communicating that negative plat issue better would be for DE to send an e-mail to the player explaining the situation, and not having the player ask support to find out what happened. This can be automated, I suppose, with various set responses according to the specifics of the situation. Also advice can be added to that message as well. Here's some things to have in mind: Always check the profile of the player you are trading with, players with long hours in the game are less likely to be scammers. Also try to learn about item prices and what they are usually trading for; people who are eager to buy at whatever prices are suspicious. Always keep a reasonable plat balance on your account. Always wait for some time (a few weeks at least) to spend large amounts of plat that you obtained from any source outside of DE or DE's control. Although I have to say that six months is way too long (and scary).
  8. The time spent/reward relationship for the Wolf himself is abysmal. The best strategy is to trade for the parts in my opinion, if you really feel the need to acquire it. So many weeks in the event, near the end now, and the Wolf rarely appears and is a nightmare to fight if on that specific mission he spawned you took weapons to level up. So far I got two different parts, traded for the other two, made the sledge, maxed it quickly and forgot about it even more quickly.
  9. I find the game much more enjoyable when I have limited interaction with the community. I find that going to the forums too much or watching too many "meta" commentaries on youtube not very helpful to my personal enjoyment. Whenever possible, I will seek information in the driest way possible (i.e. wiki searches). There are times when personal views and biases, which everyone has, become too much and seem more like a barrier than help, and given that most of the comments focus inevitably on the negatives/problems it sometimes feels like I'm facing a wall of negativity, despite the fact that many of the negative comments have a core of being constructive, or at the very least, some good intentions. I believe this sense of "whining" comes from this. Notice I'm talking about limited interaction, not complete lack of it. I think it's up to the player to find a good balance of playing the game and seeking comments about it. I have taken youtube videos out of my daily diet of Warframe mainly because I don't want views from people who have skewed perspectives due to the resources and time they have available for this game; I don't really want the "meta", I'll have the regular experience first, thank you very much.
  10. Recruit chat is your friend. This is the #1 rule of random group is to come into them with no specific expectations (no matter how logical you consider them to be)
  11. I'm just glad I can keep that snowman in my lander all year round (with Uru syandana as scarf), and the Little Helper hat on my Kubrow. The bunny ears are fine for a short period of time, but playing like a Titania butterfly with bunny ears howling like a wolf makes it too much.
  12. I'd support a change of having a "downgrading" recipe of mutagen mass to samples. It's not just Hema research, it's the rarity of this resource that is absurd in the first place, while the equivalent "rare" resources from Grineer and Corpus are not hard at all to come by (in fact, it would make sense on every single mission where infested are spawned that mutagen samples would be the resource they drop and not detonite/fieldron depending on the planet). Hema I just don't care about researching, I dished out the plat almost immediately after the release after seeing the requirements. By my calculations, my solo clan will have it researched by January 1, 2035. As for the people who worked hard to get this research done... I don't know if this a reasonable argument for keeping Hema behind such a research wall. The game is technically still in beta, and whether this is enough as an argument to have such a thing changed is up for discussion. But since the beta state is often thrown around to keep everything in this game "subject to change" I don't see why not.
  13. A wolf floof would be better as a backpack/syandana.
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