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  1. Just to repeat what others have already said here, Exploiter fight is not working for me. Joining others doesn't work in 100% of the cases, solo I get stuck to nothing after Phase 1 is completed. I do hope a hotfix drops soon as this is quite frustrating (and the weekend already missed). I know the event will come back at some later point, but that's not really an acceptable answer. Also, again as others stated, please do not mix events in the game with social media in such an extreme way. I do read several things on the forums and visit the wiki from time to time, but I don't think it should be expected to follow twitter, join discord(s), watch "content creators", read reddit etc. in such a way that all of a player's life revolves around Warframe just to complete, or contribute to, an event. With the Exploiter Orb + Buried Debts this is the first time I really felt like a beta tester on the PC, and that on top of the changes introduced with Melee and Nightwave.
  2. Wait, Nora is now dumping all episodes at once like Netflix?!?
  3. Does anyone have a link to an up-to-date complete list of all items, warframes, companions etc. that contribute to MR? I'm trying to figure out which items I'm missing that are not listed in the personal "Show Stats" pages and I don't really have something I can compare my items against. I check the wiki often but the page related to that topic is not really updated and I find it somewhat counter-productive to check links to each category.
  4. This is clearly a sinister plot on DE's part to sell Credit Boosters!
  5. I have mixed feelings about Nightwave. It is some sort of motivation to do some things I wouldn't normally do (getting out of a "comfort zone", so to speak) but at the same time I have done those things before, practically all of them. Repetition, and grinding, does not feel that great when what you repeat isn't to your liking in the first place. Or if there is excessive repetition. It's like when Nora says "When you've seen it all. Done it all..." ...yes, then you have to do it again and again. I'm in the for the rewards, plain and simple. With my current pace I should reach level 30 (probably around 35 by the end of it, assuming 10 weeks duration) and then I will re-assess the situation and see if I feel like doing it in the long run for more. I even thought of doing the exactly opposite for the next Nightwave series and completely ignore the objectives and do only those I'd normally do and see how much overall standing I'd get (not much, I suppose). I haven't decided yet.
  6. In this particular instance, I can tell you it is beta testing. (I know *duh* the game is in "beta" stage for 6 years now, so let's not go there with such arguments. If the game is indeed in beta as a whole, this is beta within beta) Also, I'm leaving a like for the cat picture alone.
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