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  1. I just hope the next Ghoulsaw will be a hybrid like a gun-blade, consisting of a massive sawblade (double the current diameter) with the heavy attack seeing the launching of three Bramma arrows to different forward directions. Since this thing will consume so much fuel it will also need dual exhaust pipes in the form of a couple of Ignis Wraiths attached to its back which will damage enemes behind the warframe.
  2. In my theoretical statement, A is Warframe and B is Assassin's Creed (it doesn't imply anything else like which game is "superior" or anything like that). My point is that the idea of a hidden blade wasn't born with Assassin's Creed. AC was inspired by historical stuff so if Warframe is copying someone, it could as well be history and not AC. Sure, AC popularized some things. It might have served as an inspiration to Warframe in this particular instance. Or maybe not. For example, there was another instance of a hidden blade in a rather popular and highly regarded movie, Taxi Driver which certainly precedes both games. As for the coincidence part, well the similarity between WF's Parazon and the hidden blade in AC is no coincidence simply because a small blade is by necessity something small, sharp and pointy. They have to be similar one way or another. Keep also in mind that the Parazon can also be used along with a "wire" by a warframe which we see in mercy animations. In my opinion, the biggest inspiration for the Parazon is this: which also explains the hacking ability the Parazon has.
  3. The fact that a weapon that appears in game A appeared before, in a similar form, in game B doesn't mean that the idea of that weapon originated in game B.
  4. I would be very satisfied with Ghoulsaw if it produced copious amounts of blood and gore while being used on enemies. Otherwise, it's just a bit disappointing in its performance but not much.
  5. Ah, so it's a Rhapsody in Blue Credits and Yellow Ducats and it's a new one. At least Baro doesn't charge much for it.
  6. Rewards and drops in this game are designed to be scattered all over the content. If I had to guess, K-drives were never really popular with the exception of mastery rank being tied to them, but once this is done for players inclined to do so there is no real reason to play with them again. Hence, here is another reason, to get Yareli you have to go through that process of doing tricks with K-drives, topped at the end with the unreasonable (imo) requirement to build a completely new room in your dojo that has the sole purpose of providing her parts (while at the same time the lab rooms of old are ignored for a long, long time as far as additions are concerned). The game is quite obvious in this "hey guys, have you tried this?" approach and there is no better example than Nightwave which acts as a motivation to play missions like invasions, nightmare, help-Clem and so on. Yareli is simply a "hey guys, have you tried K-drive?" statement from DE. For the record, I'm probably indifferent to Yareli at this point. Merulina is a badly implemented feature and her "4" is underwhelming. Her first skill is probably the best one. With the addition of faster cast speed it's quite fun to use. But in general, I don't get motivated enough to use her.
  7. To be honest, I have absolutely no idea what Protea's theme is (no need to link the wiki or a video, I know of those). Hence, in her case at the very least, DE can model a deluxe skin after a sandwich with ham and cheese for all I care. And I'd still use her like I do now. Other cases do feel like missed or mismatched opportunities, but I do not get upset by such choices. I'm sure this deluxe-creating process has a lot to do with practical considerations: designs readily available and fully modeled in game assets will get a green light sooner than others that might fit more a particular frame but which would take more time to complete. Tennogen fills a lot of gaps as well to those who want thematic consistency, whenever a theme exists. Speaking of themes, it's evident that those are getting more and more convoluted with the release of new frames. Thematic overlap is getting more frequent and because of that alone, appearance overalp also happens. And let's not forget the overlap that occurs with the help of Helminth.
  8. The one that appears when you are in trouble is randomly selected from the ones you converted. You can also assign a single one to summon using the gear wheel. You cannot have multiples of them on the wheel. They last for a few minutes and you need to wait quite some time to re-summon them during the same mission. It'd be nice to have an army of them in theory, but realistically that will never happen. If each player on a squad had something like 10 liches running around at the same time it would be chaos. Chaos with significant lag and an even less balanced experience than we have now.
  9. They all look nice, I like the Necramech skin the most. I would love to get my hands on that but I don't think I will be paying the steep price of admission for that alone. And this doesn't really have anything to do with the main attraction itself (Nidus) not being one of my favorites - the price for prime access is really steep and I cannot justify such a purchase right now.
  10. Like many things in the game, it's an issue of balance: a few companions are really useful, most are just there to serve as MR fodder. Same thing with weapons. At the same time, the game is not difficult enough to make this an issue. What I mean is that for a large portion of the content provided, you can really choose any companion you like without losing anything important in efficiency. Hence it becomes a matter of personal taste or aesthetics for many players. Sure, some more "babysitting" might be necessary, but not too much.
  11. Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on your point of view, the alternative method of platinum exists. I mean platinum gained from trades. It's often the case that the time it takes to accumulate some platinum that way is less than it takes to do the actual direct grinding for a specific item. I tend to prefer grinding that can be "two birds with one stone" - for example, relics. You can get tons of items through them, starting from forma BPs (always useful) but more importantly lots and lots of prime parts. These can be sold for ducats for your benefit or sold to buyers; there are always some willing to purchase silver and golden drops for standard prices. Never mind those who buy the parts to complete frames and items. Same goes for requiem relics. Parazon mods are always in demand, amber stars help you fill sculptures which are also easily sold. Do I like this? Not necessarily, but at least it exists as an approach. I'd rather do a grind that builds up benefits/items even in small increments rather than a frustrating one.
  12. If it was decided by participation alone, Cetus would already have been overtaken by Vay Hek Ghouls and Fortuna would have sunk in a thermal fracture hole a long time ago. The pseudo-urgency is kind of neat, but in the end, pointless. The moment you complete your objective and collected all the weapon parts missions like the Fomorian become irrelevant. So, I collected the Potato-Catalyst in one mission, why should I do that again? Sure, Vay Hek sounding upset all the time might be a reason, but it's not strong enough imo.
  13. As far as "business model" is concerned, I try to trade individual items or sets where the desirable price is already stated by the buyer. I don't really like to haggle and such so I generally avoid messages that seem to be heading to that direction - not that they happen to me often. If someone bought a lot from me, I'd probably offer a better price/discount. I sold a primed mod a few weeks ago, and after the trade was complete, the buyer asked me if I had such and such primed mods. I had them, and figuring that it's a convenience selling quickly a couple of items that I don't (and never will) need I sold them with a heavy discount. I think the overall attitude and demeanor of the other trading party counts a lot. I'm not an avid trader (though I like to keep a healthy plat balance) and it's always nice to see people being polite and spending those extra few seconds to type "thank you" or "have a nice day."
  14. Seeing that still PoE sortie missions have problems, I'd rather they delay the addition of the other open worlds as part of sorties. When I say problems I mean from the simplest one of long loading times to failed incursions for no apparent reason, to awful spawning rates of Grineer when a certain number of them killed is needed, to weird placement of resource caches to find. Also, Lotus still wanting to start a new incursion after the whole series of 3 needed is already complete (what's up with that?) It's not entirely an unplayable mess (and I rather enjoy the open world aspects like being able to use the Necramech) but not exactly great.
  15. Oh come on. He notifies scavengers when the sector is clear of enemies so they can sweep the area and make some healthy profit for themselves. You know, for some much needed supplies.
  16. The only thing that bothers me with Wukong is that one with the elevators: One, two, three, four... I see we are all here... let me press the button to go up... Click... Oh sh** that's a Wukong! And I was kind of wondering in the back of my head why these guys looked similar. Other than that, he doesn't bother me. Players just tend to do their thing 99.9% of the time and I don't get it when people claim frequent toxicity. Even in the rare occasions of it, I don't think it's connected to a specific frame or two. Does Wukong run fast? Sure, but so does Gauss and Titania flies. Does his Cloud Walker skill sound weird? Maybe, but most of Revenant's skills sound like toilet flushing. Is he "unkilleable?" In a way, but also in a way several other frames go down very, very rarely. And so on.
  17. I'm using Vial Rush (from Lavos) on Frost instead of his "2" (Ice Wave) - it's not about efficiency or making the frame better overall, but mostly about style. This skill looks good on Frost, is related to his theme and adds some badly needed mobility to him.
  18. I would be worried if instead of barking it said "Hey kiddo"
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