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  1. Lots of jokes of how Grendel quickly devouring enemies and throwing them up is symbolic of the player-base that quickly devours content and then throws up in disgust,
  2. rastaban75

    Frost Rework

    I think his 3 and 4 are fine as they are now. I'm not against the changes you propose for the passive and his 1-2 skills. In general, I don't think Frost is bad in any shape or form. Yes, there are other frames that fit the defensive role of his, but to me none of them is as "clear" or "neat" as Frost in that role, I wouldn't mind if DE implemented your suggestions, they seem like an improvement and they don't change the character of the frame in any extravagant way.
  3. Grendel initial assets. He's big you know, just his left thigh weighs 80 megabytes.
  4. Oh, don't you worry, every time I pet a Kubrow it seems to stick its head right there.
  5. What I'm describing here is more of an exploit than a bug and I don't know what caused it. Yesterday, before starting the daily sortie I forma-ed Dethcube Prime - the first Forma after reaching max level if it makes any difference. Note that I did have an affinity booster active. On the first mission, Spy, it gained 6 levels by the end of it, which seems pretty normal. However, a weird thing happened during the second mission (Grineer Hijack, Ceres): once the group reached the Fomorian core (rushing of course), it started gaining levels like crazy. One or two levels were gained every few seconds, and before reaching the mid-point of the mission I had a level 30 Dethcube Prime. What I noticed at some point during the mission, Dethcube was using an ability and getting +affinity from it at an increasing pace. For example, it said "Ability +12350" and then after a while "Ability +12400" and so on, as far as I could tell. I don't know what caused this, and I seriously doubt this is an intended design.
  6. The only booster this game desperately needs is a specific one for Harrow Chassis blueprints.
  7. Like it or not, it's a business model decision. The fact that the game is 6 years old like you mention in the OP is a testament to the success of that business model. If such restrictions were removed, lots of players would gobble up the content of the game super-fast which would lead to its demise very quickly. Also I think you can learn to pace your gaming in Warframe with such restrictions in mind. I don't "like" to wait, but at the end of the day, I don't mind those times because I can do other things while waiting.
  8. What's up with those generalizations, I don't really get. "Toxic" in itself is not perfectly defined and while most people will agree with some types of behavior being that, some others lie in a grey area. Also the game is for the most part a co-op multiplayer affair, and that means that levels of in-game "toxicity" are bound to be much, much lower than other games where the focus is PvP, and that makes comparisons between Waframe and those other games meaningless as far as "toxicity" is concerned. A large portion of the content of Warframe is also very easy so that lessens the need for rude behavior between players even more (notice how complaints are more numerous for the higher difficulty of content, such as Tridolons and Arbitrations). With the online communities, I don't really know. I only visit the forums where my main complaint is not what I'd describe as "toxicity", rather more like players being way, way too serious about stuff. Of course this place is the official forums so things will definitely go into a very fine amount of detail about any aspect of the game - I just see sometimes people getting too worked up with very unimportant details. Also there is a bias in such official forums for types of behavior that can be considered as “toxicity” and that is because new topics will mostly contain some sort of problem or complaint that the player sees as something to be addressed (by the developer or the community). I don’t see the need of people posting “Everything is fine with Waframe today, just like the day before!” topics because (a) they are pointless and (b) anyone who would do that would be considered as “white knight” or “teacher’s pet” by others. In a similar sense, the replies that topics/OPs get are generally negative and confrontational, but this is not because of “toxicity” and people being a-holes, but because this is the nature of debating. If I agree with an opening post that I see, I probably won’t reply at all (“I agree, that was a good post!” is probably pointless as well), rather I’d put an upvote for whoever posted that. However, people who disagree will more than likely make their own post arguing against what was said. And the topic threads go on like that, people disagreeing (in a broad sense of the word) with previous posts. This is simply a bias seen in conversations in general, not just online ones. Keep in mind that the total number of posts in the forums is around 10 million, and that would mean 2 on average for each forum member. Just as the 50 million is not the "true" number of players, 5 millions is not the "true" number of forum users.
  9. Excalibur Prime of course. The resulting salt would be monumental. (Although I do agree with the reasoning behind Gara mentioned above)
  10. I believe they are a thing we have in Europe only. A legal issue, probably. I get those all the time.
  11. * In Void defense missions, never activate the automated laser defenses. * In high-level missions, don't bring pets that die easily and all the time. It's a distraction for everyone else. They can be leveled elsewhere. * In radiation sorties, be careful how to use your Mesa.
  12. There might have been inspiration from Warframe, but I can't be sure. The gilded/golden thing is not uncommon as a decoration or something that gives character to something like a science-fiction faction. The pet does look like a kubrow and I'd make the same connection as the OP. Then again, the factions/races in ES2 have various styles and influences, some more original than others (look at the faction called "Horatio" for example) so this could have been an idea of their own. BTW, this is a cool game. I really enjoyed my time with it.
  13. Why do you think Eidolons come out at night? For that delicious spread!
  14. It's nice to see something constructive concerning Nightwave, for a change from the usual Monday topics. Yeah, the idea is plan ahead and stock on plant scans while doing other things in various random missions. In Lua Disruptions for example, I frequently scan for Lunar Pitchers. Ruk's is very easy to spot on Mars. Same goes for Frostleaf on Corpus maps. Earth is filled with plants. I have around 5 crafted apothics, although I'm not going to be using them for this round of NW (don't need the extra Nora credits); I'm ready for next season.
  15. "Saryn" *not serious, just surprised she hasn't been mentioned yet* I'd say Vauban because he seems to have the most underwhelming set of skills for the current state of the game, most of them downright boring. He just feels wrong in many situations, although he has a clear theme that many good skill ideas can be built around. I'm hoping for a decent rework, I really want an excuse to get his deluxe skin (one of the best in the game, imo).
  16. Then, there's the problem with the names of several Warframes. Sure, female Frost and male Ember would make sense. But female Oberon? Male Titania? Female Atlas? Male Banshee? Male Valkyr? Female Loki? Many frames are direct references to characters or figures from the real world, and these have a specific genders. Or you have names like Nidus (-us alludes to male names in Latin) or Nekros (-os alludes to male names in Greek) etc. that also pose problems. Sure, you can have alternate names for each frame along with the alternate "gendered" skin, but this would pose yet another problem. Or you could stick to the current names but that would be silly imo.
  17. At the end of the day this decision doesn't affect me at all. I wasn't going to play Conclave before, I'm not going to play Conclave now. I didn't have the exclusive cosmetics before, I'm not going to get them now. Nothing changes. It would be nice if I could get them through those universal medallions, but the situation feels to me like a perfect example of "it is what it is." Having said that, I think that DE probably chose the right thing in this occasion. Many of the rewards in this game revolve around the idea of "exclusivity" which seems to be the ultimate goal for some people - well, if you took the time to grind in the Conclave, good for you. I also think that this idea of exclusivity exists mainly in the minds of individual players and ironically it affects exclusively them: let's be honest here, nobody really cares if you are wearing something very few other people have. There is so much space for customization/fashion in this game that pretty much every moderately advanced player can feel unique even with cosmetics and color palettes that are rather common (I sometimes find myself wondering what warframe my teammate plays as, it's tough to tell from appearance alone); if you add the exclusives that clan emblems are, this uniqueness goes even further. So, yeah, why do we care so much about exclusives?
  18. You will never, ever get a straight answer to this question. The official reply concerning this topic is this: which of course is not really an answer that can help you. That being said, my personal take on this is that if you get banned for something like playing an automated Shawzin you could plead your case with support much more convincingly than other stuff. It doesn't make any difference in gameplay after all.
  19. Pink Rhino with butterfly wings using the Nezha noble animation set. On a more serious note: I really like this, it's one of my favorite skins.
  20. Field of view? Try bringing this up as much as possible. I've had had problems with this particular setting, in other games, and increasing it worked for me.
  21. The most popular forum posts (number of likes/equivalent) are those that immediately follow any sort of announcement from DE. So, just "stalk" the usual DE people, have your reply ready and immediately copy-paste it below theirs. Profit!
  22. There is lots of room for improvement, but certainly Leverian is a start. It could end up being a nice resource of information on lore and a pleasant distraction. My one complaint is that it does feel disjointed right now: click on some console, select a frame, press a button. Somehow it feels that it should be more integrated into the game systems/consoles of the Orbiter (or even have a console of its own)
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