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  1. I Started to use Ivara for some conservation in the plains but i encountered at least 2 bugs. Some enemies fall through the floor when I hit them with the sleep arrow, they do reappear after a while but each time this happens the grade of the Capture decreases (eg,. Perfect to good to bad capture etc),. the other bug is that the standing gained from this seems weird I would say gain 1k standing but the the bar that shows your total standing for that faction doubles that standing, visually at least it does not actually give you double. This might also be a problem in Orb Vallis, haven't tested it yet
  2. Shield Pillage only seems to affect enemies that are somewhat the same height of you, meaning if you are standing on an object that lifts you a meter or two from the ground enemies below you won't be affected and that makes the ability feel like its lacking. Maybe increase its vertical range or make it act like a sphere?
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