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  1. Thanks so much for this. It made my dojo planning a breeze. You rock!
  2. Like several others have said, Dakra Prime + Crimson Dervish will get you the best DPS, but only for one target at a time. If you're doing a melee build, you need to be able to handle crowds so you're not hitting one target out of a clump of six or seven. For that, Orthos Prime is all you'll ever need. That said, I do like to switch out for Amphis sometimes when I'm running against Corpus. The Amphis ground slam AOE can be pretty useful.
  3. Might be related to the fix they put in that changed the old color palettes. Try checking the "Legacy color palette" option and see if that makes a difference.
  4. It'll be Derf, the new Cryotic resource will be found/harvested on the coming Ice Planet tileset, and we'll need it to make the Corpus Freeze Gun (whatever the new primary weapon is in U14.5, I can't remember the name right now). As for the Balor Fomorians, I'm guessing that's just DE's way of teasing the new Big Bad coming in U15.
  5. I have it. Got it from Transmutation. I'd never seen it before. "Oooh, Shock Absorbers? What's this do... WAT." Possibly the single most useless mod in the entire game. What a waste of four rare mods. :P
  6. The Soma is supposed to be more towards the light machine gun end of the spectrum with its spool-up time and such, so its ammo capacity is more in line with the other LMG, the Gorgon. That said, I agree that the Karak's ammo clip size seems too small and could stand to be buffed out a bit.
  7. I figure the patterns and colors will all cost plat, a small bit for them individually or you can buy groups at a discount. Like maybe, an individual pattern for 10p but all four for 30p, and maybe colors will be 5p each but you can get themed color palettes (warm colors, cool colors, Grineer colors, Corpus colors, whatever) at a bulk rate. I'm cool with that, bring it on. I'd love to have all my Kubrows color-coordinated with my frames.
  8. Nyx with Immortal skin and Vespa helmet.
  9. Like every other frame in the game, there are people that love Booben and can't live without him, and there are people that think he's a total waste of time. So, whether you fall into category A or B is irrelevant. But let's not cry about paywalls, OK? "Forced to pay?" Get a grip, man. DE_Steve isn't twisting your arm up behind your back until you cough out 300 plat. Like every other thing in the game, you can either put in the time and effort to defeat the mighty RNG and get what you want, or you can pay the plat and get it Right Now. Some things are relatively easy to get, like Obero
  10. I knew I was keeping my Miter for a reason. Sawblades ahoy!
  11. Briareos

    Add Punching

    That's weird, because when you get kidnapped by the Harvester and have to escape from Alad V, you start out running around with just your fists for fighting. It's pretty weak compared to any melee weapon, but you can still hit things. You'd think it would be easy to add that into the game.
  12. I wonder what sort of criteria people are using to declare this "easy". That they managed to finish it quickly? I don't think it was meant to take a long time. That, and the rewards aren't super duper, just a credit booster and a fancy badge. I soloed it with just my Rhino and Amphis in just under 3 hours, and I only had to revive once. There were a few times when I was getting gangbanged by a room full of Moas and multiple Hyenas and I had to pull back a room or two to let my shields recharge before I dived back in again. Sure, I finished it without any kind of real trouble, but I'd say it wa
  13. Solo Rhino using nothing but Amphis w/ Clashing Forest. I loved doing its ground slam AoE stun in a big pack of Moas and then sending them them all flying. Best run: 16 points.
  14. I want my Kubrow flying alongside me with a bubble space helmet.
  15. Did you just say you prefer plastids to formas? Noob confirmed.
  16. Hang out in the Recruiting chat window looking for Void pugs for whatever new gear I'm farming. Usually roll Rhino or Nyx, though I'll take Vauban for Defenses.
  17. Yeah, when you first claim the puppy and name it, it'll say "MALE KUBROW INCUBATED" or "FEMALE KUBROW INCUBATED" over the place you put their name. That's the only time it's ever mentioned, though. If you miss that, apparently you'll never know (at least until DE patches the Incubator and adds more info to the screen).
  18. Should be fine. DE tests Warframe on gear way lower than what you're posting. You may not be able to turn everything up to max but it should still look good and smooth.
  19. What all these guys already said: Orthos Prime, now and forever.
  20. I'm a proponent of the "Tenno are energy beings" theory. It would explain why one Tenno can inhabit all the different Warframes, male and female, big and small, while still being a single "Tenno." DE_Steve talked on a devstream a while back about plans to incorporate some sort of leveling system for your Tenno him/her/itself above and beyond the individual frames, which lends itself towards one Tenno wearing multiple frames. And finally, during the new player intro missions, Vor talks about Tenno not manipulating Warframe energy but being the energy itself. *drops mic*
  21. Are you sure you didn't get the mod? I ran that alert but the Blaze mod wasn't in with the mods I picked up during the run. It was in the left side of the rewards screen where the resources you grabbed are listed.
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