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  1. Helminth has never said anything to me. I didn't even realize he had voice lines until I saw his entry in the wiki. Ordis will yammer on whenever I go into Helminth's room but Helminth himself has never said a word despite my having inoculated several of my frames and even strolling through his room as Nidus. 

  2. For a while now I've had my Gear Wheel get emptied and several options under the ESC Options menu get reset whenever I log out. Sometimes if I log out and log back in they are preserved but other times when I log in they'll be all wiped clean/reset back to default when I log in again. Whenever it happens, I'll get a picture of the Grineer ships in orbit around Earth at the login screen and when I log in, I'll see the top one or two items on the News console blinking like I haven't seen them already even though I've looked at them days ago. I'll also be in orbit around Earth (can see it out the front window of my Liset) when I first log in, regardless of where I was when I logged out.

    Here's a list of the items that I have to go back and fix whenever this happens:

    • Gear Wheel is completely empty.
    • Several News items blinking like they're unviewed.
    • Display Mode was Borderless Fullscreen, bug changed it to Fullscreen.
    • Context Action includes Reload was unchecked, bug checked it back on.
    • Chat Profanity Filter was unchecked, bug checked it back on.
    • Show Player List was checked, bug unchecked it.
    • HUD Scale was turned up +25%, bug changed it back to zero.
    • Mark your Kubrow was checked, bug unchecked it.

    I don't know if any other Options are reset, these are the only ones I change from default. My custom keybindings are NOT reset by the bug as far as I can tell.

  3. Came here to post this exact thing. For weeks it wasn't giving me any notifications for the filters I had set, then this afternoon it suddenly wouldn't shut up even after I deselected all the filters. Then I tried to turn off notifications in general but then I'd get another one and when I went back into the app they were enabled again. I uninstalled the app, maybe I'll give it another try in a month or so.

  4. Did anyone get an unprompted password reset request yesterday? I got this in my email at the same time I logged into the game last night:

    [My IGN],

    A request to reset the password for your account has been made at Warframe.

    You may now log in by clicking this link or copying and pasting it to your browser:

    https://warframe.com/user/reset/[long string of alphanumerics]

    This link can only be used once to log in and will lead you to a page where you can set your password. It expires after one day and nothing will happen if it's not used.

    -- Warframe team

    Chrome resolves the link as legit when I hovered over it. Dunno if this getting sent was a glitch or what. I have 2FA turned on for both Gmail and WF anyway and I already checked for bogus Gmail logins, so I'm not too concerned with hackage. Anyone from DE want to comment on this?

  5. I haven't noticed any settings related to surround sound.  I usually do 'simulated' surround sound with my on-board audio and WarFrame still runs 60+ FPS very easily with everything maxed out on my relatively 4+ year old desktop gaming PC.


    Yeah, this would be the same "simulated" surround. Do you actually hear surround effects, like shots coming from behind you when the enemy is behind you, or is it just some fancy echo/space filters applied to regular stereo sound?

  6. Came to report this too. Happened to me on the Exterminate from Kela de Thaym's sortie. I was in the last room with about ten enemies left and some Drakh Masters and their attendant dogs spawned alllll the way back at spawn, literally at the bottom of the stairs of that Earth spawn room. Ridiculous.

  7. I had this same problem. Got to about 130 or so killed, hopped in the water, and swam for what seemed like miles without seeing anything. The Juggernaut spawned a couple of times while I was swimming, that's how long I was underwater. Of course I wasn't killing anyone so it went away. Maybe they were spawning way behind me, but I didn't see any red markers on the minimap. After I got to the extraction point and still had like 60 enemies left, I just restarted the mission. It was way less frustrating than swimming all the way back to see if there was anyone left to kill. :P It went fine on my second attempt.

  8. Because the last time I checked, the only frames who don't have guaranteed BP drops when you do their respective mission, and who's main BP isn't in the market, is prime (or clan tech for the latter).


    I don't understand how a guaranteed BP drop means anything. I've got a pile of spare Equinox and Atlas parts in my inventory after I farmed them. What's the difference between guaranteed drops that are duplicates of parts you already have and drops of something else like resources or mods? Hell, at least when the Spy missions are giving me Void keys or mods, I can use those. Spare non-Prime Warframe parts can't even be traded, they're just credit fodder.

  9. Also it use to be where claiming damaged extractors would put them at the end of the list of extractors (bottom right) and all the extractors that are 100% would be at the top of the list (top left).  So all I had to do to deploy a new extractor was the following...


    1. claim extractor (it automatically goes to end of the list)

    2. click deploy extractor (list of extractors shows)

    3. double click on the 1st extractor to deploy it

    4. rinse and repeat for each extractor I have to redeploy.


    But after the update and along with the health percentage not showing, the damaged extractors don't seem to get put at the end of the list anymore.  Last night I had to click through multiple extractors to find out which one was at 100% because in claiming the damage extractor, it seemed like it was placed in the list in random order.    So yeah, pretty annoying to say the least.


    I came here to post this exact same thing. Not seeing extractor health and the damaged extractors aren't being put at the end of the list anymore. I have to pick extractors at random until I get an undamaged one.

  10. For the Nexus app, I'm really hoping to see some sort of filtering for alerts, so I only get notifications for alert items I'm watching for. Don't need Orokin cells, but I want to know right away if a Reactor or Catalyst goes on alert, stuff like that.

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