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  1. I was half-expecting Inaros' body to be 'shopped onto this too. It looks remarkably similar to Grievous'. This is hilarious anyway.
  2. There is functionally and aesthetically no difference between Excalibur Umbra and "Excalibur Umbra Prime". The "Prime" tag was just added for Star Armor founders only to signify their contribution to the game. Excalibur Umbra will use the same model, with PBR for extra tinting options, as the Star Armor warframe. TL;DR Excalibur Umbra and "Umbra Prime" are the same frame. Yes, even down to an IsPrime flag being set to 1, and being able to gain energy from Orokin Death Orbs. EDIT: I should note that the original Excalibur Prime Helmet and Body skins should still be available for founders only to use on Umbra.
  3. All the Excalibur Umbra leak did was prove that it exists. That's it. We knew it existed (and it's been in the Global Build since it released in Star Armor). But the point is that Umbra simply isn't ready. Currently, it's just another Excalibur Prime with slightly different polarities, but if previous statements are anything to go by, it will have different powers (or at least a different take on them).
  4. All we know is that Umbra will be the subject of the next cinematic quest (speculated to be U21 w/ a reveal at TennoCon).
  5. Rhino Neuroptics can't be traded to other players. Rhino Prime Neuroptics can (assuming from your mention of Lith relics that you're rather new, and wouldn't have this particular item).
  6. Why would there be salt? With Umbra comes features that an overwhelming majority of players want (whether it be in the form of Umbra itself or its scarf) - only way I can see salt resulting from this is if there still isn't a solution to whiny Operators. My hype will continue until the game is dead.
  7. I don't think it'd work all that well, especially if you're going for handheld support. The game'd be tiny. Let alone having another build to put through cert on another console.
  8. DE isn't in control of that, and the ticket vendor, Eventbrite, does not have those as payment options. If you want to voice your complaints, you should contact them.
  9. Channel-throw the Orvius. It'll home in on an enemy, float above them for 3 seconds while dealing Cold damage, and then explode, flying back to you. Works well with the Stealth multiplier.
  10. Well, it's certainly better than the stock Skana. I'd say you should go for it.
  11. Don't think so. What's happened in the past is the name strings from previous relics are copied and pasted with new drop tables - since this is an accidental leak on DE's part like with Banshee Prime, it's not farfetched.
  12. It's possible the Lith V3 we currently have has Ash Prime parts in it - since he's getting vaulted (along with Carrier Prime and Vectis Prime), it'd make sense for them to release a new Lith V3.
  13. Lith V3.
  14. I'm hoping it's a Prime Armor cosmetic set. We just got a Syandana with Banshee Prime, so short of a Kubrow/Kavat armor set, that's likely what we're getting.
  15. It's Oberon Prime. If you fool around with the URL of the glyph images you can find out what he looks like, too. But yeah, leaks have already shown that it's Oberon Prime, with Sybaris Prime and Silva & Aegis Prime. Hell, the relics with Sybaris Prime parts were accidentally released on consoles briefly.