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  1. Run around in circles - that's how I did it. It does suck when your sentinel's weapon is powerful enough to kill you, though.
  2. This is likely the closest to an actual explanation we'll ever get. It's sorta like Overwatch's lore - the game isn't necessarily reflective of the story, but there are segments where they do intersect every so often. And those segments are the story quests, which are intended to be taken solo (like with TSD and TWW). The story is basically parallel universes where each player controls the Operator who was present in that event, under the assumption that the others were either awakened to the fact at the same time or shortly afterward.
  3. I remember there being a tweet back in 2015 by Steve that said something along the lines of being "94% sure" that Excalibur Umbra will look the same as he does in the Chinaframe build, but with PBR. Here's a followup tweet to that one. As for other Umbra frames - if I was going to speculate that any frames were receiving the Umbra treatment, it'd be the original 3 and that's it. The info on there being possibly multiple Umbras is even older than this tweet. Much may have changed.
  4. The lighting was bad in my screenshots, but the standard circular Grineer door is present in the first screenshot, at the bottom. So, yes, it's a door, and there's definitely a "room".
  5. After visiting the tile containing the sealed entrance to the Queen's chamber, I can confirm they are not the same tile. The tears are missing on both sides, and the overall entrance is not the same as the door in the back of the actual Queen's chamber in the quest.
  6. Plausible, but it's a bit strange that it would appear twice in a precreated, constant mission. The tile is there on subsequent visits to the Fortress.
  7. Here goes, I suppose.
  8. After returning to the chamber a second time, I found two tears in the wall - one on the left side and one on the right side of the door. I can't post screenshots here due to possibly violating the forum rules (not sure if looking through geometry errors counts as exploitation), but it appears to just be empty grayspace with a bit of textured floor, though it appears something is standing or sitting on that textured floor. It's not like an untextured surface, but more of a washed-out gray box extending out endlessly.
  9. If it were merely a wall, I don't think the minimap would be displaying a room behind it.
  10. I'd been running back through TWW to finish some scans (namely the Kuva Hellion and Kuva Baliff), when I'd come across this door at the back of the Queens' chamber. It's somewhat strange to have a door back here leading to seemingly nothing. I also checked during the ending fight to make sure Kuva Guardians weren't spawning inside and running out (like some of the other dead-end rooms on Grineer tilesets). Looking through the wall w/ the Synthesis Scanner didn't reveal any containers (nor did Animal Instinct on my Wyrm P). So.. what is it? A holdover from an earlier version of the chamber? Maybe it was going to be used for a now-scrapped part of the quest's storyline? Or is it just a spawn room necessary for mechanics to function correctly? Or maybe Umbra's back there, waiting for us Apologies for the Discord overlay popping up in the Screenshot. Didn't expect it to capture that via Steam.
  11. I vaguely remember something along the lines of "there will probably be more than one Umbra, but not every frame will have one and they'll be extremely limited". But, that was going on a year ago and plans have likely changed due to the upcoming cinematic quest.
  12. Glaive Prime isn't really a crit weapon, so Blood Rush is probably a mod you could replace.
  13. I suppose I should actually finish leveling Oberon now. >.> and stop crashing the party when i please
  14. Goodnight, sweet prince. '~'7
  15. Barring Umbra the well-known topic of the next cinematic quest: -Sentient targeting of Cephalons specifically. Why the Cephalons? There are many other machines the Sentients could twist to their control (as is evidenced by several accounts of the Old War and Excalibur Prime's codex entry). I don't think making the Tenno data-blind was the only objective. After all, we don't know of many Cephalons (We've got Ordis, Simaris, Suda, and Samodeus. Jordas doesn't count as he's gone). There's probably some other reason for Hunhow to choose the Cephalons specifically. -More insight as to the nature of Teshin's oath and the rest of the Dax. Related stories about the Old War would also be nice. -Shadow Stalker's fate. Maybe this will be touched upon by the next cinematic quest, but clearly, Stalker is still active, and during the Acolyte event, we know he's enlisting new servants. I think it's interesting that these Acolytes do not appear to have Sentient influence, however. Did Hunhow disavow Stalker after the events of the Second Dream? -Hunhow's knowledge of the events that happened at the Terminus. Wasn't Hunhow defeated by the time this occurred? How could he have known about the naga drums (unless Stalker told him)?