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  1. First to cross the fold? (To enter the Plains of Eidolon)

    Saryn Prime. Why? Well... I feel that this might have something to do with it. Of course, I'm not gonna bring my Tigris Prime into the Plains - seems overkill for a first impression. Rakta Cernos or Dread, instead.
  2. Sortie 3, Hyena Pack, sniper rifles only

    I duo'd it with a Mesa - I was playing Nova. I brought Vulkar Wraith and the Mesa brought Vectis Prime - turns out antimatter drop can do a lot of damage to Hyenas.
  3. Might I direct you to this screenshot: You can reproduce this for yourself by: 1. Have Ash / Ash Prime. 2. Go to the Simulacrum and activate Bladestorm. 3. Go back into the Arsenal and equip a new frame (works on anyone) 4. ??? 5. Grofit. It's purely cosmetic and opens up some Captura possibilities as well (provided the glitch works in Captura, of course).
  4. Baro Ki'Teer operator outfit...

    Ah yeah, Ki'Teer Pacifier. No wonder I forgot. x.x
  5. Baro Ki'Teer operator outfit...

    Only Ki'teer operator pieces that I'm aware of are the earrings. The Foros armor is for Warframes.
  6. PBR and Proto Excalibur: Before and After!

    I've been waiting for this moment. *squee*
  7. So, on Devstream 97, we were dropped the little hint that there's going to be a darkSector throwback event, as it were - complete with Lato, Bronco, and surely more event weapon skins straight from the original game. I guess this is what the ??? / Lasria node that was mentioned a while back when Relay Reconstruction was revealed is for. I do have one little concern, though. If this is a true event, then there's likely going to be some sort of lore attached. Warframe is pretty much already darkSector 2 / its spiritual successor by this point - we've got Nox, who's basically a Cybersuit soldier in Grineer form; the Jackal, which is a Corpus version of the Lasrian trooper's quadruped tank; everyone knows Excalibur's concept came from darkSector; and we've even got the glaive + secondary combo to boot. All that's left is lore tying it all together - possibly having to do with the Sacrifice as well. Another question of mine: Other than various weapon skins (there better be a Tekna 9mm!), can we expect more possible proto-skins for Warframes (e.g. Colossus for Rhino, and darkSector's Stalker for Chroma)? Hopefully, this ties into Steve's mention that the darkSector Stalker could become a Warframe enemy a few devstreams back. Maybe, just maybe, we'll get Howlers, Moles, and Stingers too.
  8. Yes... This is another despair post

    Broken War is the #1 straight-sword, #2 for single-handed swords overall (beat out by Nikana Prime). I disagree with the notion that Galatine Prime is the best melee weapon - the Atterax is much better for crits and slash procs, while many status melees with Condition Overload can outdo GP. As for Despair - I was underwhelmed by its stats. A potent mid-game weapon, but it loses a lot of its effectiveness at the upper ends of the Star Chart without a riven. I wouldn't mind a buff, but maybe just increasing the Riven Disposition to maximum would be better.
  9. EDITED: Loki Knave's design is similar to Maiev

    Pardon? Maiev Shadowsong is not a copypaste in the slightest of Loki or his Knave skin. If you want to argue that route, might want to try over a decade ago, when Maiev first became a character. Let alone her being a Night Elf and all, in an entirely different universe, with an entirely different motif and setting.. Besides, DE didn't come up with the concept of Loki being a trickster. I'm pretty sure ancient culture beat them to the punch.
  10. The Voiceover for your "tenno child".... ugh

    You can turn them off. There's an Operator Voice setting.
  11. Why do people use Mag's Polarize against infested?

    Polarize also restores shields to any allies it hits.
  12. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Well, dunno about you, but my pseudo-Umbra is ready.
  13. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    It begins, at long last.
  14. Umbra warframes [Discussion & Appreciation]

    Rumors regarding a playable Stalker are true. There will be one person who gets to run around in PVE missions as the Stalker for a day. Yes, the screen flicker actually works.