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  1. Yeah, when it isn't killed in 1 hit from fully healed condition. :D
  2. And when Series 1 will end? Like... Can you tell exact date and time?
  3. 1. What's your longest arbitration? 2. What's the highest enemy levels that you've seen? 3. Were those effecient runs? At 40 excavators done infested randomly instakill garas with 90% resistance and other frames under gara's 2 with 90% resistance. Cats easily instadie with 90% resistance from gara, same happens to drones sometimes. And this happens even with few millions of damage stacked on gara's 2. The problem with Inaros is that it is completely useless. The only good thing about it - some survivability. It is somewhat useful only on survival missions.... and even there you may get lifesupport problems without nekros or pilfering khora/hydro. And survivals are one of the longest types of endless missions. Even defense with a proper setup is done faster. The problem of adaptation is that sooner or later you will loose all resistances and you'll get killed with high enough level enemies. And at levels around 300 enemies already do insane amounts of damage that can easily kill Inaros without 90% resistance to everything from adaptation. And also, if we speak about team game - we can't realy hope to use frames that got some survivability on them, because it is not shared with others and if someone dies - there is no point to continue. In a team game we can use 90% resistance from gara, and she also can protect extractors/defense target, we also can get some resistance from ancients when team remains static and doesn't move around, we can also have some armor, regen and status protection from oberon. Some resistance from trinity (though it's now only 75% so it doesn't realy do much). Also, speaking of excavation - you have to stick with setups like gara + gara + 2 other frames(and you better have at least 1 nekros) - you have to be mobile if you wanna be effectient. So it's only 90% resistance from gara. And at 40 extractors even against infested gara's resistance doesn't realy help much to protect extractors - you leave it for a few seconds to pickup another energy cell and it suddenly dies, even though it had gara's 2 on it and 4 around it... Arbitration could have more progression with rewards, which could make long runs somewhat more rewarding (100+ waves defense / 100+ min survival / 40+ extractors excavation / 20+ waves interception)... and this rewards progression could be good for all endless missions in general. Because now there isn't much point in doing the challanging long runs - you don't get anything from it, only loose effeciency.
  4. All that stuff doesn't work with highlevel enemies.
  5. The only thing that can be modded for survivability I can think of is Inaros. And it doesn't have enough mod slots and points to be completely modded for survivability. :\ Maybe chroma with hp/armor/duration/str mods and +300% str from arbitration... ...until it meets a nullifier. That's about it. Nothing else has any real survivability, only some band-aids for fighting low-level enemies. And some survivability can be achieved only by warframe powers, like gara's 2, oberon's 2+3 and such. And I totally agree with this. Though, I must say that DE already does more than most developers, but there are still many things to do. :)
  6. If these points are really similar to index points - nobody would want to carry them, when they are already in danger of permadeath. Also - sometimes arbitration drones just doesn't spawn. Reduced bleedout(maybe 10s?(UNAFFECTED BY BLEEDOUT MODS!!!)) timer would work better. Also, this may give players another reason to stick together. How about making rewards rate the same as in regular missions? 10min/reward feels unrewarding, as many people already noticed. How about an option to start a mission at lvl100-200 enemies with some bonuses for fighting against highlevel stuff? Also, the problem with highlevel things is that random stuff randomly instakills players. Like on the last infested excavation arbitration, at about 20 excavators one of squadmates suddenly died, semlar's deathlog said that he `took 1 damage at 175 health from toxic ancient`. And I saw many similar messages from other arbitrations that we did. Like `1 damage at 300 health from tar mutalist`... The other thing about arbitrations. Corpus is the worst faction on arbitrations, because it already has nullifiers and combas, and arbitration drones just make this mix completely insane, especialy when survivability is purely based on warframes abilities. Combas do their large AOE nullification, arbitration drones make everything invulnerable, and nullifiers protect arbitration drones with their shields.
  7. It is wrong, because warframe is not a hardcore/survival/horror game. It is more about massive slaughter and picking up stuff that dropped from slaughtered things. Players have to get the sledge from the wolf, or they will be missing 3k mastery. DE should try to look at the game from the players side from time to time.
  8. Sure, why not? :) These are the nice guys! Tell them to PM me.
  9. Why forcing? You don't realy loosy anything if you don't do that... You don't have to do all the weekly challanges to get max rank. This could be added as some kind of additional challenges that go for entire nightwave season.Giving you 10k points. But only once per season... Would be nice, no? Also, I don't get why people spend so much time on defense missions... I doubt that they don't know about speed nova. Maybe they are trying to do it the hard way, with unmodded MK-1 Braton and using maximum CC setups like vauban+frost+slow nova+nyx? The last time I looked at how much time defense is taking - it was like 38 minutes 40 waves arbitration defense for 2 people without nukers (speed nova + gara). Before that, few months ago, it was about 120 waves T4 orokin defense, first 80 waves took about 50-60 minutes, last 40 waves took about 50-60 minutes too (but we didn't realy try to make a fastest defense setup. we had like speed nova + mag + gara + equinox or something like that).
  10. Why not? :( It's so hard to convince people to do somewhat long endless missions... :\
  11. Please add some 100-wave defense challanges and similar stuff (like 120 minute survival).
  12. I think DE did the right thing boosting this stuff. It's a bit weird, but I can't think of a better solution. Let's think that DE activated 'sleeping tenno reserves'. 😉
  13. The thing is that 1 hour kuva challenge is 60 minutes. 3 waves onslaught is 7.5 minutes. So 60 min vs 7.5 min that's really strange.
  14. [DE]Bear I want to add my little bit to this: Many people are already bored by those game modes which are being mentioned in the Nightwave challenges. And my personal feelings about these: Survival is ok, but a bit too long. We did many long survival missions in the pas, and even 2 hours survival on the initial event, which IRL took about 3-4 hours (we had like 1 to 5 fps because of all the oxygen lying on the floor and in-game time was going really slow) with one of squad-mates having a panic attack in the middle and another going "mad" by the end of the survival (he was mumbling and doing random stuff). So the hardest thing in missions like this is to "not fall asleep". I've also got bored by syndicate missions... I did so many of them swapping syndicates and farming relics/keys... and these are just the usual missions, where you can find syndicate stuff in additional to the regular and get some syndicate standing for completing this. My profile says that I have completed 18907 missions, and most of them were the usual random missions... Doing 1-2 is OK, speedrunning few captures is OK... but 10 random syndicate missions - I even don't want to begin. I know - if I do these solo - I will be running around, looking for medallions, and opening every locker/chest or whatever and this will take A LOT of time. 😐 Invasion mission - my and my clan-mates did A LOT of invasions a long time ago on the Gradivus event, farming formas and other stuff. We did even more invasions after that. And these aren't very different from the regular missions. Speaking of Plains of Eidolons and similar Venus stuff - I just don't want to do any of these things anymore. I couldn't even force myself to properly do venus fishing/hunting/missions/k-drive_things and level-up Venus syndicates. 😐 Even understanding that I am missing a lot of mastery and some other useful things from Venus - I can't force myself to do any of these. Sorties are kinda boring too, but doing them once in a while is ok... Though I have 94/90 rivens - it won't allow me to do sortie. And I can't get rid of these rivens, becase all that are opened are useful ones, and about 20 veiled rivens can turn useful after opening them... and I don't want to waste time opening them right now... So I'll just have to wait until riven limit will be increased. 😞 Onslaught is ok, but it's weird to see that there is just 3-waves. Why not a complete rotation of 8-waves? Why not even 4 waves for 2 A-rotation rewards?...
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