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  1. It seems that something on warframe server bans authorization attempts from some IPs from time to time. I had this problem once for one day and another time for a whole week, but back them very many people had exactly same problem. Back then I also tried to login to my clanmates accounts and couldn't - and they could login to my account. The same thing happened in the past to my clanmates too. It seems to happen periodically with warframe... must one of their "defense systems" that is being a little too eager to ban people... :)
  2. It's fixed now. Restart launcher for micro-update and try to log!
  3. Can't login as well... Is there another hotfix deploying?
  4. So, as I said - sniper rifles are very specific. Mesa seem to work better for anything that isn't immune to abilities. For high lvl enemies you also can use other weapons with good dps. For condrinx you can use volt with redeemer or ... let's say mirage with bramma... Anyway, where sniper rifles are useful it seems that they're just a bit better than other options. Like using sniper to shoot eidolon parts could save you only few seconds comparing to opticor. And on RJ, if it's not sentient, you can use Saryn to kill stuff.... or many other frames as well. You can use melee and do stealth kills... and get a lot more exp from that!
  5. Why so? And why should that matter even if that's true? Is it better when that player "from the bottom" spends all his plat on a "good riven" and the next day that riven is getting nerfed to unusable state? What would happen to that player "from the bottom" if he gets "good riven" and that riven stays better? He will suddenly become more experienced, top player or what? How having a good riven would help him? Riven won't fix gun that is unusable, it may improve average gun. Or make good gun do it's work a little bit better... Who of those "bottom players" does long endless missions runs where they could use that damage? If we speak about starchart - you probably can do it with ANY weapons without potatoes and formas. How many of these "bottom" players have high enough rank to use rivens? What stats must be on a riven to make... let's say Mk-1 braton as good as... let's say Bramma?
  6. Is there any use for rubico except eidolons? Sniper rifles in this "SLAUGHTER THEM ALL!!!11" game suck everywhere, except some really rare cases, like Eidolons... meybe Condrix. But many other things also work *fine* for Condrix. I did try killing arbitration drones with sniper rifles - much easier to just use some AOE weapon, because they're always moving and surrounded by other mobs... and you need to hit them twice, because of the stupid shieldgating on mobs. What else could require sniper rifle? I totally don't undestand why DE nerfed all sniper rifle rivens and then also nerfed riven for certain sniper rifles... Sniper rifles have very limited use. And no matter with or without rives - they will be used there... well... maybe if snipetron rivens were +1000% cc&cd - people would switch from rubico to snipetron...
  7. Trading veiled rivens is ok. But totally agree about disabling unveiled riven trade forever!
  8. Then there is no point in farming kuva and using/buying rivens at all.
  9. And refund everyone plat they spent on buying rivens, and time ppl spent on farming kuva. Give me back dozens of hours of my life! 🙂
  10. Rivens are completely random, riven slots are limited and it takes a huge amount of time to farm kuva. Somewhat useful rivens are also extremely expensive to buy from other players. DE, if you're always "adjusting" them - then at least remove riven slots limit and increase kuva drops (like x100-x1000 would make a sense). Getting really good stats on rivens requires about 100 rolls if you don't get extremely lucky, or more if you're extremely unlucky. If you could do multiple riven rolls just by completing 1 short mission - it could be "OK". But it takes many hours to get enough kuva for 1 riven to roll something "decent" and then you release update where you nerf that riven to absolutely unusable state, where regular mods do more than that riven and there is absolutely no point in using it.
  11. I think this "different information from different people" is caused by desync. When I was playing with clanmates I almost always saw different digits on squads/score/murex defeated/top score, and sometimes I was put in a "zombie" relay... But in the end I was getting correct reward. So this is more like a "display bug". Also, in the situation mentioned above - I saw that ground squads were sending codes, and sometimes somebody was receiving them, but that was happening a lot slower than you expect from 14 ground squads.
  12. Had similar thing. Restarted client multiple times, even rebooted computer once - but that didn't do anything. I also tried launching a mission in that flotilla and waiting if someone else joins - spent about 20 minutes on a mission - nobody joined flotilla. Had to abort, lost 20 intrinsic. =( Also, after some more attempts finally found a flotilla that has some people... joined a squad... and it wasn't receiving any kill codes from the ground(and it was showing plenty ground squads in relay)... lost another 82 intrinsic when host left and mission failed soon after host migration. =(
  13. I think there is a problem with "sending" side now. Also, just lost 82 intrinsic because mission failed (idk why) after host left while we were waiting for kill codes. 0 codes were received... also - there was about 14 ground squads and like 4 space squads but ground squad top score were kinda S#&$ty. I think if ground squads were sending x10 or x100 codes from what now - it could make things a little bit better. So space squads will be less dependent on ground squads.
  14. Try again in a few minutes. I was able to login after few attempts. I guess something is just overloaded a bit.
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