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  1. I got some feedback and people were saying the neck was too big so I fixed it. So enjoy some Kermerros Fanart! (again lol)
  2. I won't get the time to as I'm very busy these next few months but ty for the chance :)
  3. Having used the Pharaoh Predasite I'd like to address some bugs with the abilities as well as my thoughts on how to make the abilities more competitive over other companions such as the smeeta kavat. Endoparasitic Vector bugs: > does not show tentacles linking to other enemies only the host. > Isn't slowing enemies around the host. Endoparasitic Vector ability tweak suggestion: > increase the duration of the endoparasitic Vector on a host. The duration is less than 5 seconds, once this ability is functioning as intended on the card this less than 5 seconds i
  4. The drop rate for scintillant is incredibly rare, it's non-existent on tier one bounties it's definitely not a common drop and as for the vaults after about 20 maybe 30 runs in I've still yet to receive a drop which is a huge shame considering I've bought a resource booster. Please could you look into this?
  5. Fass residue is coming up as a token requirement to build parts for the infested kubrow/ kavat. This unfortunately makes it impossible to make the new infested companions. Please see the url link: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/kuva-queen/screenshot/19109399
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