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  1. YEESSSSSSSS!!! So proud of both of them. Will totes be there!
  2. Gravalite

    Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.4

    So they're gonna fix the exploit involving keeping enemies dropped from the ships alive to make rounds last longer but reset any scores, sounds legit!
  3. Gravalite

    The Silver Grove: U3.1

    Awesome! Thanks a bunch! for the fixes I guess!
  4. Gravalite

    Coming Soon: Devstream #72!

    Once upon a time getting rid of mods that increase base damage had been talked about, and then later a possible change to multi shot mods was mentioned as well, but it's been a while since there was ever any talk about this subject. I am curious if you can tell us anything on the current state of this?
  5. Gravalite

    Hotfix 18.2.1

    Still no fix for Mag's Crush
  6. Gravalite

    Update 18.1.0 [Spoilers!]

    Still no fix for Mags crush.
  7. Gravalite

    Hotfix 18.0.6 + [Spoilers!]

    Latest Hotfix definitely broke something in the arsenal. Can't requip weapons without it locking the game up.
  8. Gravalite


    Might want to edit to remove the players name since naming and shaming is against the CoC. In any case tho, it's kind of lame someone would do that.
  9. Gravalite

    Hotfix 17.6.1

    Still no mention of the Gene Kit not coming with the Collar or Prime Accessories?
  10. Gravalite

    When Will Trinity Prime Come Out

    Lenny isn't a troll face DX Generally in the past when Prime gear gets rolled out the new gear rolls in to take its place. Also Prime Access updates are separate from main updates and hot fixes so it doesn't have to be a Wednesday to roll out.
  11. Gravalite

    When Will Trinity Prime Come Out

  12. Gravalite

    Hotfix 17.5.4

    So when you did the fix for the Sonicor you broke it in a different way. Now you can shoot through snow globes both friend and foe from the outside as well as nullifier bubbles.
  13. Only change g pull needed was one to make it less efficient. Maybe additional energy cost per piece of loot pulled which would be affected by efficiency. Also reading through this thread has me worried that people don't actually know what afk farming really is...