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  1. At least they are trying though. From our point of view, nothing is happening, so it's good to know that they are working on it.
  2. I personally think that the quality of the cosmetics is increasing rapidly. The Harkonar really impressed me, so really good job. However, the syandana keeps bothering me, and I started thinking... (for once). The "over the top" flapping around", is at least in my opinion, the biggest problem with the syandanas. It almost feels like they are weightless, and running for 2 seconds makes them flap around like we are standing in a hurricane. This is the reason why I stopped using them. I just bought the Harkonar Syandana, and I didn't like using it. It's just too uncomfortable to watch it flap
  3. Theory for better Liset: REMOVE THE FREAKING HEAVY BREATHING IDIOT FROM THE RADIO, HE IS ANNOYING! Radio Idiot: next, HHFFFFFFFFFFF, neeext, HHHFFFFFFFFFFF, visa visa, HFFFFFFFFFFF, uuuh HFFFFFF, HFFFF For the love of God, that is the worst voice acting Ive ever heard in my ENTIRE life. I don't want to disable the radio entirely, it's nice with some background noise to make the game more immersive, but this is just.... obnoxious.
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