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  1. Keep in mind, even a single plat per player during nightwave will add up to a lot more plat being added to the economy. I don't think it's that simple.
  2. Hey. Twice now, Ive done the sortie with the defense. And twice at the same wave has 1 enemy been stuck underground, forcing everyone to leave. We tried waiting 5min to see if it would despawn, but no. The sortie defenses are already painfully long, but doing it twice and getting the same issue twice, forcing me to do it a third time, maybe more, is really uncomfortable.
  3. Keep up the good work! This event is a lot of fun !
  4. Everytime the host leaves and I stay behind, I get the host migration notification. Then after loading, I get a closeup on the terminal you throw the coins into, and it just stays there. Can't escape or do anything.
  5. Definately enjoying it! Its silly but entertaining 🙂
  6. Appreciate all the insight, thanks guys
  7. Yet you use rad instead of magnetic?And corrosive is still the better brute element?
  8. But you just said corrosive was the better choice? Also arent raknoids immune to status? I used a viral + hunter baza on one, it didnt get bleed.
  9. That does make sense. Thanks for the clarification!
  10. Greetings. Ive never been super interested in the corpus, and therefor to a certain extend, orb vallis. But I need to invest time in it, so I can reach max rank, and participate in certain nightwaves. So I read up on the elements, specificly for raknoids (since corpus in general are weak to magnetic). Raknoids has massive shields, so i figured it would be the same. According to the wiki, it damn sure it. But NOPE: Everywhere I read and ask, people use corrosive. No one is using magnetic. People say a lot of corpus has high armor. But corrosive is good against ferrite, not robotic which the Raknoids has. So I'm really fecking confused about this. Did elements and armor types change without the wiki being updated? Or am I missing some sort of hidden understanding?
  11. I use argon scope on a couple of weapons. Its a very powerful mod.
  12. The thing I'm most impressed with, is the running animation. Thats how it should look when we run with the volt buff too. Instead, our limbs vibrates and spasms while we violently move through the hallways like a comedy anime. Please for the love of god give that or similiar animation to the players when they reach certain sprint speed.
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