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  1. In my opinion, it's a matter of "holding too tight, and you will lose them". I mean, I play more than Warframe, specificly Division 2 now that its released. But nightwave is made in a way that forces me to stay in warframe to benefit from the tier exclusive rewards. It's annoying.
  2. I don't think increasing quantity would be a bad idea. Forma and nitain both have other activities tied to them. Forma is very easy to get. If they added nitain, and made them actually drop from containers, the wolf creds would have a lot less value. So it's not that simple, to "just" add something new in them.
  3. That's kind of the way I feel. There's certain exclusivity attached to Nightwave. Missing out on missions, and therefor higher tier means you will miss out on certain rewards, such as the wolf armor. But Im also torn about it, since I do feel active players should be rewarded for their hard work. I don't know.
  4. What would you like them to drop? How about you explain what the problem with them is? Give some specifics.
  5. Hey everyone I've been thinking about how much content the game has now. I came back a little while back, and was pleasantly surprised how much there was to do. Not only that, more is coming rapidly. It's no longer about simply ranking up new frames and weapons. But with all of that, comes a potential issue. The new nightwave introduce new daily and weekly activities, that rewards you, not only wolf credits, but also a ton of exciting things from the tier list. I personally like this system, because it rewards being active on Warframe. Which is also something the developers wants. This also means, less activity, less rewards. To what extend should that be the case? That's what I want to know. I don't remember the details, but missing out on dailies and weeklies, will set you back. At one point you will be unable to reach certain tiers. Meaning, if you want to get a hold of certain tier items, you need to put a lot of focus into Nightwave. However, Warframe now has a ton of more activities in the game. Sorties, factions, leveling, farming, solarsystem completion, pvp, bounties (both plains and Orb), and the list goes on. With so much focus on Nightwave, do most people have the time to touch the other aspects of the game? I specificly wonder about casual players. I want to know what everyone thinks about Nightwave in that sense. How much time should you put aside for Nightwave everytime you login? Is it at an acceptable state now? Maybe its a matter of prioritizing your time in the game to be able to do it all? I personally don't know yet. It's just something that came to mind. I just want to know what everyone else thinks about it! Thanks for reading!
  6. The 1st ability is really only handy if you need to stop a stronger enemy right away. Even then, using it outside of close range is almost impossible. The 2nd ability, as you said yourself, really only works with the augment. Which shouldnt be the case. I disagree with it not having any real benefit though. The slow area is pretty large, and can sit around for a decent amount of time. I personally use it very often when I play frost. But again, thats only with augment.
  7. I disagree. Slower than before? I don't see how that's even possible? They almost completely removed the animation it seems. And you don't have to hold a button to switch now. This game is a very fast phased game, auto blocking isnt OP, and having it happen automaticly fits perfectly into the type of game Warframe is. To me, this whole melee change in general has been extremely comfortable, and made melee fit more into the game.
  8. No. No one wants to open 600 or 1000 lockers.
  9. You obtain the wolf currency by completing the daily and weekly missions. Then you purchase a nitain pack from Nora.
  10. Thanks for fixing that assassination bug, it made me skip out on Orb Vallis bounties in general. Now I can resume!
  11. Twice in a row, the assassination target at the reservoir has been unkillable, forcing me and my group to leave the map. He takes 0 damage.
  12. I was on one of the growing farms, where I had to kill 25 drones with my group. However, only 23 spawned in total, and the time ran out. We were all over the place. Looking high and low for those drones. So it seems to have been bugged.
  13. Barely any difference because this is only the 1st phase remember. I personally really like the changes. What they have changed so far, fits perfectly into the game, at least for me. Im looking forward to see whats to come.
  14. When Spinterstorm is active, activating a Mass Vitrify, no longer refreshed the "visual" timer on the ability icon. However, it seems it does refresh the skill itself. The effect lasts even after the timer expires. Started happening after the update for me.
  15. I'm holding the canister, but it's not letting me do anything with it on the white indicator. It's my 2nd coolant, the first one disappeared magicly. Looking forward to doing this 100 times.
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