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    PC Login/Sever Issues [RESOLVED]

    same problem
  2. Dargon22wp

    Chimera: Hotfix 23.10.1

    Im at 226/227 nodes there is no blue node on any planet void and derelic cant find the last one
  3. Dargon22wp

    Mask of the Revenant: Hotfix 23.9.1

    Thanks DE
  4. Dargon22wp

    Lanka Redesign

    The last one is very nice good look
  5. Hi Ign: Dargon22wp MR - 22 Time played - 1101 hours on warframe profile 2100 hours on steam
  6. Dargon22wp

    Update 13.7.1

    After i got Pistol Pestilence from Vor i lost my Pistol Pestilence from event it dont show in my Mods And support is down now
  7. Dargon22wp

    Update 13.7.1

    Well the same here i was with nitro in party
  8. Dargon22wp

    13.4.0: Serro + Psa!

  9. Dargon22wp

    4/15/2014 Connectivity Issues

    Lets tear them apart
  10. Dargon22wp

    Gift From The Lotus!

    Thanks Warframe
  11. Dargon22wp

    Hotfix 12.6.1

    Tethra's Doom Quantum Badge dont show on EXCALIBUR PROTO-ARMOR SKIN wanted you to know De
  12. Dargon22wp

    Update 12.6.0: Dex Furis (Limited Time Gift!)

    Tethra's Doom Quantum Badge dont show on EXCALIBUR PROTO-ARMOR SKIN wanted you to know De
  13. Dargon22wp

    Hotfix 12.1.1

  14. Dargon22wp

    Update 12.1.0: Grinlok

    Another Clan tech wep that you can buy with plat bad bad
  15. Dargon22wp

    Update 12: Zephyr Rises

    NEW TENNO LAB - The new Tenno Research Lab allows you to construct Warframes in a new way - in your Dojo! So after we end the construct of the warframes we build them in dojo So now we dont need to replicate it after we build the parts in clan teach Or we still need to replicate then build in Foundry
  16. Dargon22wp

    Update 11.7.0 + 11.7.1

    My Eyes hurt from text in chat due this patch
  17. Dargon22wp

    Update 11.5.0: The Cicero Crisis.

    i love this but that is to fast i did not even get ember prime yet
  18. Dargon22wp

    [Allregion&casual] The Cutie Mark Crusaders!

    IGN: Dargon22wp Region: Europe Reason: from the start i was not in any clan and i think this clan will be fun
  19. Dargon22wp

    Gradivus Dilemma: Nodes Compromised

    yea after that new one come and Grineer got forma and Corpus got patato orokin catalist and corpus wining in in this one