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  1. Tenno,

    As it is Wednesday, many of us are expecting an update, and we are working on it! We will not be able to release it tonight as we have a bit more to iron out, but we will have it ready for tomorrow.

    While working on the Update, we encountered some very, very troubling bio-signatures in a region of the Solar System.
    What has Alad done....

    Until tomorrow, Tenno.


    Here well cant even search forums so you make new topic

    1. PC News & Information
    2. News & Announcements
  2. Noted and dev is investigating right now!

    After i got  Pistol Pestilence from Vor  i lost my Pistol Pestilence from  cicero event it dont show in my Mods

  3. Nice hotfix and all, but it would be even better if the cicero mods actually appeared in your inventory after you get them as drops. Didn't really lose out on much since it was only Virulent Scourge, but still...

    Well the same here i was with nitro in party

  4. More clantech... joy. (And for the one lab that has enough already, too.)


    I'm getting sick of all the arbitrary timewalls. As others have said before, Tenno Reinforcements that add clantech are basically Friday/Saturday content updates, not Wednesday updates.


    Please, PLEASE start releasing more weapons as buyable BPs. The Angstrum was a step in the right direction.


    I REALLY hope Silva & Aegis won't be clantech (or alert only), especially considering how many really want them.


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