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  1. Fit or not that doesn't matter i could say the same 6-7 years ago talking about how things are now. The words ''This don't fit'' not fit in warframe since the ones who decide what works or not are the developers. PD: kitgun bow that too... i needed...
  2. I don't know if it has already been proposed or if it is even feasible and i think the zaw system should be updated more with the melee weapon types that are not craftable yet. Many of the saw combinations are pretty decent yeah i know but his shooting counterparts Kitgun has all kinds of weapons from explosives, shotguns, rifles, pistols and some specials that do not fall into any category and this is because recent content has been added for the kitgun's. The zaw are in oblivion being the oldest type of modular weapon and i believe from my humble opinion that it would not be wrong to add more types of weapons to their combinations. I would like to know what the developers or the community think about it. PD: No one get angry please PD2: Excuse my bad english i'm learning D:
  3. That it's ur problem not a problem of balance.
  4. tha easy... only use glave an explode one time and another time. With xoris it's ridicululous easy...
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