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  1. That's a good idea, tho you need to use acronyms like cc+58, dmg+120, cd-30, because you can't look for a good riven when they'll be so many posted and every of them will have 12 tags with information.
  2. I played WoW (World of Warcraft) and PoE (Path of Exile). WoW's auction house is mandatory for making gold. You don't just have to price an item with 1 gold lower than the last guy who posted the same item. That's why there is an Add-on for statistics with profitable / non-profitable to invest, average sales in a week about every item, resetting the market risk etc... It's not simple, so the ones interested in marketing are doing LOTS of gold and the ones who still need the gold, but they don't have this financial spirit have to pay real money for lots of gold. Balanced for both type of players (except the poor one I guess... I was one of those who was permanently selling things). In PoE the AH system is not implemented in-game, but they made an official site for it. The PoE's economy was never destroyed, yet they used the AH system for a long time.
  3. An in-game riven trade system would be perfect. Anyway, it will be better than using third party (like riven.market or r/wartrade) or trade chat. For those who are thinking there will be Riven Mafia who will place rivens at an exorbitant amount of plat just to mess up the drive bot data, that is a marketing strategy used in other MMOs also. Like lifting or resetting the market.
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