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  1. This is Myself, Sgaterboy, and LordGeta and Eternal Guardian. Three Moustacheers.
  2. My suggestion is very similar to this scene: Except the setting is Xini, and instead of tribbles from a ceiling vent, Nano Spores are bursting out of a locker. Thousands upon thousands of Nano Spores. The player's last selected warframe will be standing with the Nano Spores spilling/piling up to the player's waist, while another warframe stands nearby, aghast. Two other warframes are seen in the background wisely making for the nearest exit, in vain attempt to escape the nano sp'losion. I didnt have time to get others to pose with me. . . but you get the idea.
  3. You lack continuity with your capitalization of "She"
  4. Everyone knew the rules going into this. It appears to me that the vast majority of the people commenting here got themselves up to 20 kills, and then quit. They are now complaining about everyone else not covering their portion of the kills for them. The designers have stated that they enjoy making spreadsheets. They can see how many people earned less than 30 kills during the event. If the community gets itself to 88% when the event ends, and DE sees that 95% of the community stopped after fewer than 30 kills, I think they would be fully justified in saying "look, instead of getting a few more kills you guys were wasting your time complaining on the forums. . . We're sorry, but the COMMUNITY did not meet the objective." Then maybe give everyone a Skana BP as a consolation prize/gag gift. I say, get cracking, team. We have 43% left to go. See you in Titania.
  5. Rebecca, did you mean +30% efficiency as a cap? I believe that +30% is what my mod is showing in game. . . Also, thank you very much for . . . well, everything!
  6. - Fix for Trinity’s Well of Life and Energy Vampire being considered “in use” even on dead targets. Oh wow. . . just, wow. Thank you sooo much! This made my day.
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