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  1. Am I the only one that sees some kind of moth in the frontal shape of this helmet?
  2. I still like the new helmet design, it's incredibly striking. But the first design man, holy #*!%. It reminds me of Elesh Norn, the Grand Cenobite in all the right ways.
  3. No. YOU want to do something very specific eg. kill YOUR lich. That's all on YOU. Which means YOU get a squad together. I would rather not screw myself over so others can progress over my corpse. Because that is what you are asking of people. "Hi please kill yourself so I can benefit." And as a side note: It's not a Kuva Lich mission, it's a mission where Thralls a guaranteed to spawn and a Lich might spawn. That's like calling every random mission a "Stalker Mission".
  4. I am playing the lich missions because DE is forcing my hand. I like to collect things, which is why I play warframe. I want to collect the new weapons, because I want to keep my profile nice and complete. The only way for me to gather the new stuff is playing the Lich missions. Except DE designed the lich missions in a complete arse from elbow way. And I agree, even if I have all three mods, I still die a lot, because the system is a dumpsterfire. I have been asking for this 'feature' to be removed in other places. As for people who are on the final stretch of their lich? Get a dedicated squad. Just like Eidolon hunts. You wanna kill 5x3 Eidolons? Get a dedicated squad. You want to kill Liches? Get a dedicated squad. Stack the deck in your favour. And leave me to not die to a backwards game mechanic.
  5. How about you take up your grievances with DE and ask them to design a system that's actually entertaining to engage with? Because I don't find a roulette wheel that kills me if I don't hit the right number not very interesting. So yeah, I will ignore my lich if all I can gain from it is some progress, a death and a punishment in difficulty. Because the current iteration of the Lich system is arse. Literally "don't hate the player, hate the game".
  6. LMFTFY. Seriously, the Thralls directly dropping mods and even Kuva as a secondary reward was a great idea. Actually makes it worth my time a little more to hunt them, plus it gives me a secondary track to get the Requiem Mods without grinding my bollocks off to get the relics, the traces and the disappointment. Why do you insist on fixing something up in a worse way?
  7. Maybe it's just me, but the damage scaling in the Kuva Thrall missions seems completely out of order. Builds and weapons that I can take through a sortie no problem, give me damage numbers that are utterly pitiful. Meanwhile in some of the higher end missions I get so much as sneezed at by a Lancer, it almost feels like I spent two hours on Mot to get to this place. How come the scaling feels so much heavier in those missions in comparison to endurance/sorties of equivalent levels?
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