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  1. For some people it seemed to work. I did not for me. I just tried logging into my PS4 game and then back into my PS5 game. This did not help either.
  2. Just booted up the game after the update. The promised "All previously unlocked Trophies on PS4 will auto-unlock on your PS5 once Deimos Arcana has been downloaded." did not happen at all.
  3. This trophy is still obtainable. Remember you cant equip a companion either.
  4. I can confirm that several Trophies (at least six) are currently unobtainable if you already obtained them on PS4. The two Fortuna standing Trophies, the complete all K-drive races Trophy, the two explore all caves Trophies and the build a Railjack Trophy are currently all unobtainable if you already got them on PS4. Please fix this, DE.
  5. You can turn haptic feedback off. OT: Gimme that sweet PS5 Warframe. NOW!
  6. I’m already happy I did not stay up for a midnight release
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